Hunting for Faith by perunamuusa, riseofthefallenone

Word Count: 270,952

Summary: It starts a few days earlier.

Castiel first notices it in the middle of the night when the dreams of fire and screams have kept him awake. He’s kneeling before the altar, praying, when the glass in the windows start to shake, the very air vibrating around him. Castiel is on his feet and reaching for the gun tucked into the back of his pants as the shutters over the windows start to rattle.

Comments: 10/10. This is a monster with 18 very long chapters, but it’s so good. The plot is amazing, reverse verse but with a twist. Castiel is a priest/hunter with a tragic past involving demons and seals, Dean and Sam are angels working against heaven to stop the apocalypse. There’s so much plot and action, but there’s also incredibly slow burn and fluff and domestic bliss. It’s amazing and action-driven and I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s so exciting and full of plot and you can’t put it down. Again, riseofthefallen one is amazing and everything he/she/they write is an instant classic.