Whatever happened to crossover ships?

Seriously, who out there still ships crossover ships raise your hand or reblog with your favorite in the tags. I haven’t seen any big crossover ships since riseofthebravetangleddragons was a thing.


“Who’s the fool daring to face me?”

“Me, my lord, the soon-to-be queen of DunBroch!”

Post 20 × December 8th, 2016 ~ I felt in love with Ardra, a fanmade OC made by the incredible @briannathestrange, promising to be the love child of Merida and Hiccup. In this AU, the King and Queen were captured and Ardra convinces herself to save them - it is a simple story, however, it intrigues me. Should I draw her more? ​(I miss drawing mericcup and navigate through all the RotBTD fandom)

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