Beauty isn't Paint At All

“Beauty is Pain. It is worth much suffering.”

It REALLY is worth suffering. Or should we say, IT WAS. Today, there are alternative solutions to that. With the evolving technology of today’s generation, mankind has been continuously developing technologies that would make lives efficient – Simpler and easier solutions that eliminates the pain and achieve better results. 

When it comes to beauty, women have several routines. Not all are the same, but there are some things that for sure everyone does. That is removing unwanted hair in the body. Women find different solutions with this single objective - to remove hair. Either by ages of plucking, by painful waxing or by using razors every day. WIZZIT TWEEZERS offers a new solution for every woman out there.

The Product

WIZZIT TWEEZERS is an electric tweezer hair removal epilator that gently and thoroughly removes hair from the roots, preventing it to grow back for 6 weeks. 

WIZZIT acts like a magnet that uproots the hair from the skin without the pain, red spots and chicken skin consequences women get from plucking. It’s 50x faster than tweezer and offers a more efficient solution perfect for women of today’s generation who are always on the go. 


WIZZIT Tweezers do not have any blades that cuts the skin, thus, it is guaranteed to be used safely in any part of the body: Face, side burns, armpits, arms, legs, chest and even in the most delicate body parts.

The technology uses two AAA batteries. Simply turn on the product and gently glide it to the skin in a brushing motion. 

Risenn.com offers this product especially for every woman out there. In today generation, suffering is no longer part of your beauty routine. Switch to a more efficient, pain-free solution today!

Puppy Potty

Pets enrich the environment inside our very homes and bring family members closer together. However, when they aren’t trained properly, their bad behaviour will make our smooth sailing day-to-day lives a bit rough.

It is important to train them as early as possible to synchronise their actions with our daily busy schedule. Eliminate the hassle of repeatedly cleaning your wooden floor or your freshly cleaned carpet at home by potty training your pet wisely.

The Product

Risenn offers an indoor Puppy Potty Pad that lets you easily train your pet to relieve themselves by providing them their own toilet indoor. Its strategically designed technology allows your pets to have the outdoor feeling when they needed to go out.


The Puppy Potty Pad is comprised of an easy-to-clean ingenious mat and a tray that can hold up to a gallon of liquid. With its antimicrobial and odour resistant material, the pad will never be the source of foul odour in your lovely homes. Its surface is artificial turf which gives the organic scent, grassy texture and outdoor environment that easily attracts your pets to relieve themselves. 

This technology also allows you to easily potty train your pets even if they are already considered adults. It’s never too late to train your pets.


To clean your pad, just easily remove the mat on top of the plastic insert and clean up the locking tray where the liquid is drained at the bottom. Simply wash it with water and soap, and let dry. To preserve the scent on to the mat, avoid using soap that contains harsh chemicals and bleaches.


As one of the famous sigils n the popular HBO series Game of Thrones says - WINTER IS COMING - Australia has officially welcomed the winter season!

Tank tops are out and leggings are definitely in!

Let’s take a deeper understanding on the origin and evolution of leggings.


Did you know that these skin-tight clothing have been a staple to fashion for centuries? And that doesn’t only mean 20th to 21st century! As early as 1200, both men and women have been using leggings and its various forms for warmth and protection. 

Leggings were first made as two separate leggings. Hoses and trews are a few of its kind. Throughout time, every culture has its own name and form until it evolved into the modern structure that became one piece known as – leggings.


The material used in leggings varied from time to time depending on its main purpose. The native americans and cowboys wore buckskin leather to protect their leggings from hunting and riding. Wool leggings were worn by cold countries such as Russia and Korea for warmth.

In the mid-19th century, leggings have become a fashionable garment worn by men and women. Often seen as thighs or thick white stockings made of linen, called Plantalettes.

Leggings do not only serve for fashion, warmth and protection, but its evolution has also been adopted for military and sport use to provide ankle support until World War II. After the war, several high boots were designed for better knee, leg and ankle protection.

Modern Leggings

Several people have been reluctant on wearing leggings because of its skin-tight feature, especially those from conventional culture and particular religious backgrounds. The conventional and doctrinal people are worried that leggings are revealing and vulgar that sometimes creates the “camel toe” appearance popular in women. Today, people are adapting and become innovative in mixing and matching leggings in different fashion styles. Leggings have become wholesome yet stylish, neat and chic.

A lot of designers have also included leggings in their collections, varying its forms, designs and fabrics, that created new trends for the garment.

Fashionistas, stylists and bloggers have also supported these trends that even popularised the use of leggings. 


In countries with four seasons such as Australia, leggings have been a staple piece of garment all year long, especially during winter season. It gives warmth to those who still want to keep their own styles, whether its basic or trendy. 

Plain, imprinted or laced leggings are worn under little black dresses or chic skirts, paired with flats or sky high heels. 

What are you waiting for? Rock your leggings this winter season!

You can purchase your pair of basic leggings at www.risenn.com

Materials: spandex, polyester and cotton

Size: one size fits all

Colours: black and grey

Learn how to wear leggings as pants: From casual to office attire to rocking your party night outfit.