<p>Okay, story time! I met Tom at comic con just this past Sunday, and he was an absolute darling! He smelled great, gave me the nicest hug, accepted the drawing I posted above, and took this amazing photo with me and my sisters (I’m on the far left.). This isn’t even the coolest part, though! He was such a gentleman, when he went to take a break from signing autographs he came to the back of the line to shake everyone’s hand and thank us for being so patient and kind to him. He signed a notebook for me when I finally got up farther in the line to properly meet him, and I was able to have a nice conversation with him. Now, since I’m deaf I explained to him that I will be getting a hearing aid this summer and that I’m currently reading lips to understand people better. I asked if he would mind recording a message into my phone so that when I get my hearing aid I will be able to play it and his voice will be the first I hear properly. He told me “technically I’m not allowed to do that, but I’ll make an exception for you, dear.” And so he asked me to put my phone onto the table and recorded 22 seconds of audio with me so I can play back our conversation when I can hear it completely. He was so sweet and I loved meeting him, what made it really special was that I saw him again after his second break from autographs, and I asked for a photo with him. He didn’t have time to do that, as he was running late to get back, but he said “I can give you a high five, though.” And so I accepted that and he said as he walked away, “You’re Madison, right?” I died right there. I had met him like 20 minutes before and he had already seen other people since then, but he remembered my name and I sort of just nodded and he smiled and said, “It was nice running into you again, good luck with everything!” Such a great guy and a truly amazing experience. @tom-22-felton I thought you might like this story of my experience to go along with the others you posted about 😊 @tomfeltonxoxo