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Cyber-bullying is a real thing, guys, and it affects real people. Voice actors are not objects without feelings, nor are they unable to read their own tags on this site, or twitter, facebook, etc.
Vic has seen the rumors circulating - so have others (Eric Vale and Christopher Ayers have called the fans out, among others). These rumors are as unfounded as they were when first circulated years ago and do nothing but hurt the industry as a whole.
Let’s think logically for a moment. If there was any legitimate basis to these hateful stories, would Funimation employ someone like that, when the majority of their clientele is young people? (the answer is no, in case you’re wondering.)
Lastly, Vic has the right to refuse to sign something. He has never made one homophobic remark nor treated ANY fan poorly. The world is full of opinions that will differ from yours. Accepting that fact and being respectful of others’ right to have a different opinion is the best way to prove that you’re a quality individual. And in a fandom like anime where so many are bullied and outcast as being weird or strange, how such bullying can happen within it is a true mystery. -The Mod Squad
Reasons why I like Vic Mignogna as a person #6

#6: My own personal experience.

(Vic hugging me!  From Sakura Con 2012!!)

I was a shy person when I went to my first convention, around 2008, Sakura Con.  I was scared of meeting anybody, still I got the courage to wait in his autograph line.  When I approached him I was shaking terribly, Vic told me it was ok, and talked to me in a very relaxed manner.  I felt relaxed talking with him.  I thanked him and he gave me a big hug and made sure I was not freaked out anymore.  He is a very genuine person, I could tell, and everyone there I came across agreed with me.  Later, the 3rd day of the convention I walked up to him again and somehow, out of the thousands of people he met, he remembered me!  Even how to spell my name!

(Vic seeing the Ranger’s comic book gift!  From Sakura Con 2013!!)

That was my first time meeting him, I was very impressed.  I found a lot of respect for him upon meeting him.  Since then I have met him several times, and he has been unbelievably sweet to me each time.  Here are some videos of me meeting Vic.  I’ve had the absolute honor of presenting gifts to him from his Fan Club, and his reactions are priceless:




He also spun me after I gave him his gift, GUYS I WAS ACTUALLY TAMAKI-SPUN HOLY COW!

I’ve emailed him a few times, and he always writes back despite getting over 200 emails a day.  He is diligent replying to his fans and very kind.  At the conventions I’ve attended, I’ve even watched him sign autographs so long the convention is OVER and he was still signing.  He almost missed a flight on one occasion because he promised everybody that he would get to each and every one of them before leaving.  I’ve seen him comfort crying fans, talk to people having issues, answering questions in good humor, go out of his way to attend dinners with his Fan Club, do interviews with fans, compliment people, cosplayers, sing to fans, wish and sing Happy Birthday to people, joke around with fellow actors and actresses, interact with people regardless of scheduled and times, run up to people randomly to take a picture of their cosplays, live tweet fan’s names on his personal profile, call people’s moms and dad’s to assure them that anime is fun for their kids, prank call people for fun, light-saber duel with fans, play dodgeball, sing songs he wrote about his characters and his fans, walk through the audience of his panels instead of sitting and walk up to people asking questions, thank fans for gifts, give fans hugs, make sad people feel better, make happy people feel even happier, discuss real issues, be open with everyone like they were family, and glomp fans in the audience.

This is a kind person!  My experience has been overwhelmingly positive.  He is just a person, but I can objectively say, he is a very good person. =)


I forgot how much I love this man. Makes me want to get back into Anime. Or at the very least watch my Ouran Host Club dvds. Guess I’ve kind of been failing at my duties as a Riseebool ranger…


Here Vic talks about his reaction to the petition to Funimation about recasting for his role as Rin.

Ok so I want to talk a little bit of this man right here, for those who do not know about him, his name is Vic Mignogna and he’s a voice actor; his most known role is Edward Elric from the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. Why am I going to make a post about him? Well because I’ve seen people bashing on him by being a “homophobic bastard” and that he’s “overrated”.

First, I’m going to talk about the “overrated” part, why do people say that? Voicing anime characters is his JOB, if having a job and doing the most you can to be able to pay your rent and have money for your necessities is “overrated” then every single person who has a job is also “overrated”. Can you imagine yourself working on your dream job -or the job you’re currently working in- and a random person just straight up walks over to you and tells you: “You are so overrated in this job.” and then other people continue saying those types of things to you, what are you going to do? Quit your job and look for another or are you going to keep on working on what you know best? Vic decided to continue to work on his job he knows to do best, and don’t dare tell me that you wouldn’t do the same because if you quit your job because people say you’re overrated it’s simply ridiculous.

Second and last of all, this whole “homophobic bastard” thing makes no sense to me. I have seen some of his panels on YouTube and all I know is that he doesn’t like yaoi pairings, that’s all I’ve seen thus far. I saw something about KuroFai he commented once and I’ve seen people getting mad that he hasn’t read the manga and that he knows nothing about Fai, sure maybe he hasn’t read the manga or is a pro of knowing his character but what he said was his opinion and said that he contacted the company which created Tsubasa -maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, but what happened, happened- and they told him that Fai was not gay, so no one really knows if it’s true or not. The fandom will do whatever they desire but they should never expect that everyone will have their way of thinking as well (this goes for every single fandom that exists), even people in a fandom sometimes argue amongst themselves by not having the same opinion, just accept the fact that no one will think the same way you do in certain things. Also remember that he is a Christian, he has his beliefs and that might make him think differently from most people who watch anime. You might have a belief that’s different from his, have no belief at all or simply thinking about what exactly do you believe in -like myself-. If he really was “homophobic” he wouldn’t be going to as many anime cons as he can possibly be in -no matter if they pay him or not- because in anime cons there are all type of people: straight, bi, homosexual, pansexual, etc. If he disagreed on signing something of yaoi simply remember that he doesn’t like that anime genre (everyone must have a genre they don’t like, mine’s is mecha) but it doesn’t mean he’s homophobic.
Ok, I’m relaxed I got this out of my system… and just realized I have to wake up in a few hours for college…yay. Goodnight everyone.


Vic Mignogna opening his Birthday presents. 

A few Birthdays back Mandy, the leader of his Fan Club, compiled a huge book of personal letters to him.  Posting again because you have to watch this, his reaction is so touching.  What a sweet guy. ;___;

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