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Nothing’s perfect. The world’s not perfect, but it’s there for us, trying the best it can. That’s what makes it so damn beautiful.

Roy Mustang,  Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


Vic Mignogna opening his Birthday presents. 

A few Birthdays back Mandy, the leader of his Fan Club, compiled a huge book of personal letters to him.  Posting again because you have to watch this, his reaction is so touching.  What a sweet guy. ;___;


Here you are!!! The moment you guys have been waiting for!!! Vic’s reaction to the Art Book Project: Phase 2!!!

Thank you to all of you that made this Project possible and for the care and sweetness that you all put into it. Vic really appreciated it as you can see!!! You guys really are amazingly talented and kind. ^___^

Ranger Of The Month (Nov 2013)
This is the Matriarch, she is a beautiful woman inside and out. Don’t let her small stature fool you! She may be only 5-foot-nothing, but she has the attitude of a Steeler Linebacker! We owe much to this lovely soul, not only did she raise Vic by herself - and did a wonderful job too! - but she also gave us the website and our chatroom so that we wouldn’t be homeless. I only wish all Rangers had an opportunity to meet this awesome lady in person!

Vic is a sweetie.

“Hello there my Dear Rangers, and a Happy, Happy New Year to you.  I hope you all have had a wonderful 2012.  I can’t believe its 2013!  I, I, where did the year go? But, I just wanted to send you guys a little message, and say, thank you.  Thank you doesn’t even BEGIN to cover what I feel, for you, all of you and the joy that you’ve brought to my life.  Coming to conventions, and letters that you’ve written, and amazing Art Books and videos and songs and, I could have never imagined, even 20 years ago that I would be so blessed, as to have so many wonderful things and people in my life.  So, thank you, thank you for just being awesome, thank you for being part of this amazing group, you guys are just, the best!  And I’m so very grateful for each of you!” - Vic Mignogna, Voice Actor, addressing his Fan Club and wishing them a Happy New Year.

How can anybody think this guy is anything but a sweet, genuine human being. ^_^


This is funny, A few Fans got together and made a Movie about four Fans of Vic Mignogna’s quest to meet him. XD

There are three other parts to it. (Vic even shows up in the last Part!) It pokes at the Fans and is quite amusing. Watch all four parts!

External image
Fan Girls Part 1
External image
Fan Girls Part 2
External image
Fan Girls Part 3
External image
Fan Girls Part 4


The winner of the DA Ranger’s Song Writing Contest. Really lovely too~

W E L C O M E!

Hello, and welcome to the first official day of The DeviantART Risembool Ranger Tumblr’s existence! (But honestly, isn’t that the longest title ever!?) I’m Admin Sarah, otherwise known as broadway-luv over on deviantART, and I’ll be your main go-to girl for our tumblr account, too! Make sure you know that this account is specifically for the DeviantART group only- you can find the main branch of the Risembool Rangers over on their site, risemboolrangers.com. (One of these days they’re bound to make a tumblr, right? Figured I might as well get that disclaimer out of the way! ;) Well, if you’d like to wing it, and follow along for our 24/7 gallery show, you’re free to do so- if you’d like to know how things will work on this blog (we actually have a calendar! A CALENDAR!), click ‘Read More!’ I’m so excited to be here to share all of your amazing artwork— it’s great to have you!!

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Gifts for Vic on his birthday in 2005. This guy is so sweet. <D