a gentleman’s guide to london les amis (2014-2015):
michael colbourne as enjolras, jonny purchase as combeferre, lee dillon-stuart as prouvaire, ashley stillburn as feuilly, james gant as courfeyrac, michael riseley as bahorel, jeremy batt as joly, bradley jaden as lesgles, christian edwards as grantaire

HD shot of One Day More in Les Mis London (x)

Les Miserables Audio gift 01.04.16

I also was in Les Miserables on Friday ( 01.04.16) and i made an Audio:)

Jean Valjean: Peter Lockyer                 Javert: Jeremy Secomb

Fantine: Jessamy Stoddart                    Madame Thenardier: Tamsin Dowsett

Thenardier: Phil Daniels                         Marius: Craig Mather

Enjolras: Bradley Jaden                         Cosette: Zoe Doano

Eponine: Danielle Hope                         Grantaire: Jo Parson

Jean Prouvaire: Edd Campbell Bird

Courfeyrac: Matthew Harvey                  Combeferre: Matthew Jeans

Feuilly: Luke McCall                               Joly: Jonny Purchase

Montparnasse: Michael Riseley            

Child Actors: Barcy Jacobs, Imogen Darwen, Toby Ungelson

Rest of the cast: Adam Bayjou, Josie Brightwell, Oliver Brenin, David Burnip, Jordan Lee Davies, Sanne den Besten, Katy Hanna, Charlotte Kennedy, Jo Loxton, Adam Pearce, Courtney Stapelton

Act 1   http://www.4shared.com/music/iZDJ2umWce/Act_1_Les_Miz.html

Act 2  http://www.4shared.com/music/d5Aw0bP_ba/Act_2_Les_Miz.html

The cast of Les Mis London singing “Let the Sunshine In” in their warm up (x)


As the official site’s been updated now, voila Les Amis in the 2014/2015 London cast :: Michael Colbourne (Enjolras); Jonny Purchase (Combeferre); James Gant (Courfeyrac); Jeremy Batt (Joly); Ashley Stillburn (Feuilly); Lee Dillon-Stuart (Prouvaire); Christian Edwards (Grantaire); Bradley Jaden (Lesgles); and Michael Riseley (Bahorel. For values of musical!Bahorel, meaning actually Montparnasse but dressed in an exciting outfit as a student).

To my surprise, Dougie Carter (13/14 Joly) is now listed as a Swing, along with Ethan Bradshaw and Jordan Lee Davies.

new cast for les mis london 2015/2016

There will be major cast changes in the West End production of “LES MISÉRABLES”at the Queen’s Theatre from 15 June 2015: Phil Daniels as ‘Thénardier’, Jeremy Secomb as ‘Javert’, Rachelle Ann Go as ‘Fantine’, Zoë Doano as ‘Cosette’ and Katy Secombe as ‘Madame Thénardier’.

Peter Lockyer will continue to star as ‘Jean Valjean’, Rob Houchen as ‘Marius’ and Carrie Hope Fletcher as ‘Eponine’.  Bradley Jaden, who is currently in the ensemble, will play ‘Enjolras’.

From 15 June the full company will be: Adam Bayjou; Sanne den Besten; Edd Campbell Bird; Oliver Brenin; David Burnip; Phil Daniels; Jordan Lee Davies; Zoë Doano; Tamsin Dowsett; Carrie Hope Fletcher; Rachelle Ann Go; Katy Hanna; Matthew Harvey; Rob Houchen; Bradley Jaden; Matt Jeans; Charlotte Kennedy; Emma Kingston; Peter Lockyer; Jo Loxton; Luke McCall; Ryan O’Gorman; Jo Parsons; Adam Pearce; Michael Riseley; Jeremy Secomb; Katy Secombe; Courney Stapleton; Jessamy Stoddart; Samantha Thomas; Lee Van Geleen; Helen Walsh and Paul Wilkins.

Muck up matinee round up: part 2

- “Dogs will bark WOOF”

- In the wedding Jeremy pirouetted and Tom kissed him

- Carrie was in Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

- Adam and Michael Colbourne did the dancing with the cane backwards at the end of the wedding

- Michael Riseley had a paper crown in the wedding

- Emilie Fleming was on the barricade

“Bye for now 2014/2015 cast! It’s been a complete dream! X “ (x)

celindeschoenmaker: WHAT A YEAR! Perfect ending to a perfect show. Thank you for your beautiful letters and messages. Big love ❤️ xx


One of the first new HD shots of the new cast (x)


Our Cosette, Zoe Doano, takes us backstage at Les Mis London