The cast of Les Mis London singing “Let the Sunshine In” in their warm up (x)

Looks like a fun Les Mis warm up! (x)

Muck up matinee round up: part 2

- “Dogs will bark WOOF”

- In the wedding Jeremy pirouetted and Tom kissed him

- Carrie was in Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

- Adam and Michael Colbourne did the dancing with the cane backwards at the end of the wedding

- Michael Riseley had a paper crown in the wedding

- Emilie Fleming was on the barricade

Muck up Matinee 2016 Round Up

- Courtney Stapleton (Ensemble) came on as a convict
- Jordan Lee Davies (Swing) came on as a Lovely Lady
- Matt Harvey and Luke McCall sang the same line twice as the Sailors in Lovely Ladies
- Adam Pearce (Brujon) spat out a Malteaser during Master of the House which made its rounds during the song
- both Ryan o'Gorman and Adam Pearce came on as Brujon in Paris - leading to Phil’s line change to “Brujon, Brujon, Baboo”
- Michael Riseley was convinced he was prisoner 24601 in the convict scene
- Matthew Harvey and Lee van Geleen swapped lines at the guards in the Bishop sequence
- Katy Secombe flipped the bird at Matthew Harvey (and nearly caught Ryan in the face) after he cheered during her part in Master of the House
- Chocolate coins were given out in the Factory scene to all the boys
- After Lamarque is Dead there was no cheering, just silence, and Lee delayed throwing the papers in the air
- Courtney Stapleton grabbed Phil Daniel’s bum in Master of the House
- Matthew Harvey wore glasses as Courfeyrac
- Ryan O'Gorman ran off during The Robbery
- Bradley Jaden (Enjolras) flirted with Katy Secombe (Mme T) in Paris
- instead of “They’re retreating” Matthew Harvey (Courfeyrac) said “They’re retweeting”
- Matt Jeans (Combeferre) put on a fake moustache that made Jeremy Secomb (Javert) corpse in the middle of his line
- a spoon accidentally flew across the stage and hit the conductor in the Wedding
- Lee van Geleen as the Drunk at the wedding cut in on Matthew Harvey and his partner then promptly passed out
- Michael Riseley (Montparnasse) kissed Eva (Eponine) in Paris
- in the Empty Chairs line up all the boys sat and stood around Marius
- Emma Kingston (Ensemble) came on as an urchin on the barricade
- Josie Brightwell was a granny in Turning


Our Cosette, Zoe Doano, takes us backstage at Les Mis London

One of the first new HD shots of the new cast (x)

So, West End Grantaire is amazing

EDIT: Realised I forgot to mention, the Grantaire I saw was Matthew Harvey

I saw it at Queen’s Theatre, on 25/07/15 (matinee performance) and oh my goodness the whole thing was amazing but Grantaire was especially amazing. Anyway, I’ve only watched bootlegs and the movie/anniversary concerts before so my point of view is probably biased by how amazing it is to see it live, but I still think he’s brilliant.

Best e/R bits included:

  • R smiling and shushing Enjolras when he sings “don’t let the wine go to your brain”
  • R stealing Joly’s seat so he can sit closer to Enjolras
  • I’m pretty sure he calls Enjolras princess at some point??? Like around the part where he sings “do we fight for the right to a night at the opera now”.
  • R playing around a bit with Gavroche after Javert is caught out, pretending to be hurt when Gav fake punches him was adorable.
  • R trying to pat Enjolras on the back and getting pushed away :(
  • R stopping Enjolras from trying to comfort Marius after Little Fall of Rain, then doing it himself
  • Drink With Me was sung so perfectly, the after Enjolras sits R down and takes away the bottle he’s holding, and they talk, and then have a little forehead-press thing. And then after Enjolras leaves, R goes over to the table and picks the bottle back up :(
  • Pretty sure he yells something like “come back here and fight me” after Gav’s death.
  • e/R hug during the final battle
  • And then, when Enjolras gets shot and falls down off the barricade, R goes up to the top of the barricade without a gun and just stands there with his arms spread, which completely broke my heart.
  • In Empty Chairs, e/R are standing next to eachother (and so are Joly and Bossuet I think, so double the pain!)

General Stuff

  • Adam Bayjou and Adam Pearce were understudying for Valjean and Javert and they were absolutely amazing.
  • Carrie Hope Fletcher pretty much stole the show whenever she was in the scene, I’ve seen videos of her singing and seeing her live was a hundred time better.
  • Michael Riseley (Montparnasse) was really good too.
  • Gavroche was especially perfect, not sure which actor I had for him though.
  • Oh, and during Do You Hear the People Sing, Joly was pulling the cart that Enjolras stood on, which I found pretty funny.

And that’s all, I desperately need to see this again at some point. Also, shout out to the girl two rows in front of me wearing the Team Grantaire shirt!

“Bye for now 2014/2015 cast! It’s been a complete dream! X “ (x)

new cast for les mis london 2015/2016

There will be major cast changes in the West End production of “LES MISÉRABLES”at the Queen’s Theatre from 15 June 2015: Phil Daniels as ‘Thénardier’, Jeremy Secomb as ‘Javert’, Rachelle Ann Go as ‘Fantine’, Zoë Doano as ‘Cosette’ and Katy Secombe as ‘Madame Thénardier’.

Peter Lockyer will continue to star as ‘Jean Valjean’, Rob Houchen as ‘Marius’ and Carrie Hope Fletcher as ‘Eponine’.  Bradley Jaden, who is currently in the ensemble, will play ‘Enjolras’.

From 15 June the full company will be: Adam Bayjou; Sanne den Besten; Edd Campbell Bird; Oliver Brenin; David Burnip; Phil Daniels; Jordan Lee Davies; Zoë Doano; Tamsin Dowsett; Carrie Hope Fletcher; Rachelle Ann Go; Katy Hanna; Matthew Harvey; Rob Houchen; Bradley Jaden; Matt Jeans; Charlotte Kennedy; Emma Kingston; Peter Lockyer; Jo Loxton; Luke McCall; Ryan O’Gorman; Jo Parsons; Adam Pearce; Michael Riseley; Jeremy Secomb; Katy Secombe; Courney Stapleton; Jessamy Stoddart; Samantha Thomas; Lee Van Geleen; Helen Walsh and Paul Wilkins.

celindeschoenmaker: WHAT A YEAR! Perfect ending to a perfect show. Thank you for your beautiful letters and messages. Big love ❤️ xx