“Now that peace has come and all is right with the world…”

Short but accurate summaries of popular books/series
  • Red Rising: *George RR Martin approved*
  • Lux: Main love interest is the child of Jace Herondale and Number Four.
  • Raven Cycle: Fun with Dick and Jane. Except instead of fun there's dead people.
  • Ruby Red: Homework is a more appealing option than time travel.
  • Endgame: The 39 Clues, rated R. Also everything you know is wrong.
  • Shadowhunter Chronicles: Racist and oppressive society keeps blatantly ignoring that its racism and oppression is why the oppressed keep trying to kill them.
  • School For Good and Evil: Two girls are the first in +200 years to call BS on heavy prejudices that have made their school an incredibly toxic environment.
  • Vicious: If you relate/agree with either main character, PLEASE seek professional help.
  • The Young Elites: Kindly check your moral compass and whatever sense of morality you may have left at the door, thank you and try not to die.
  • Throne of Glass: Protagonist will love you if you give her a gorgeous dress, a puppy, chocolate cake, or an assortment of deadly weapons (and preferably a reason to use them).
  • Coldest Girl In Coldtown: Vampires go viral. This is basically a quote.
  • Steelheart: Nice try, Brandon Sanderson, I still want superpowers.
  • Gates of Thread and Stone: "ALL RIGHT, WHO STARTED THE APOCALYPSE?" *magic and science point at each other accusingly*
  • Red Queen: Superpowers+racism=a whole lot of dead people.
  • The Darkest Minds: Good news, you survived a deadly plague. Bad news, the government officials who now dictate your life REALLY wish you hadn't.
  • Penryn and the End of Days: Angels and Humans differ in every conceivable aspect...except sarcasm. That's universal.

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Winter is Coming!

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** For people asking, Yes, that is a tiny Frozone above Elsa.


So, I went out and bought myself some shiny book ends today! :D

A little conflicted on where to put them though….



favourite booksThis was a really hard one to pick because I have a ton of favourite books, but I have narrowed it down to about 8. The Raven Boys, Revolution, Angelfall, Code Name Verity, Throne of Glass, Rose Under Fire, Red Rising and The Book Thief.

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Ren covered his face and took a shuddering breath. When his eyes at last met Chaol’s, they were bright. Slowly, Ren held out a hand. “You and me, we’ll find a way to free them. Both Aedion and your prince.”

Chaol didn’t hesitate as he gripped the rebel’s outstretched hand.