Short but accurate summaries of popular books/series
  • Red Rising: *George RR Martin approved*
  • Lux: Main love interest is the child of Jace Herondale and Number Four.
  • Raven Cycle: Fun with Dick and Jane. Except instead of fun there's dead people.
  • Ruby Red: Homework is a more appealing option than time travel.
  • Endgame: The 39 Clues, rated R. Also everything you know is wrong.
  • Shadowhunter Chronicles: Racist and oppressive society keeps blatantly ignoring that its racism and oppression is why the oppressed keep trying to kill them.
  • School For Good and Evil: Two girls are the first in +200 years to call BS on heavy prejudices that have made their school an incredibly toxic environment.
  • Vicious: If you relate/agree with either main character, PLEASE seek professional help.
  • The Young Elites: Kindly check your moral compass and whatever sense of morality you may have left at the door, thank you and try not to die.
  • Throne of Glass: Protagonist will love you if you give her a gorgeous dress, a puppy, chocolate cake, or an assortment of deadly weapons (and preferably a reason to use them).
  • Coldest Girl In Coldtown: Vampires go viral. This is basically a quote.
  • Steelheart: Nice try, Brandon Sanderson, I still want superpowers.
  • Gates of Thread and Stone: "ALL RIGHT, WHO STARTED THE APOCALYPSE?" *magic and science point at each other accusingly*
  • Red Queen: Superpowers+racism=a whole lot of dead people.
  • The Darkest Minds: Good news, you survived a deadly plague. Bad news, the government officials who now dictate your life REALLY wish you hadn't.
  • Penryn and the End of Days: Angels and Humans differ in every conceivable aspect...except sarcasm. That's universal.

aesthetic posters: J A I M E  L A N N I S T E R

↳  “Burn them all,” he kept saying. “Burn them all.” I don’t think he expected to die. He meant to burn with the rest of us and rise again reborn as a dragon and turn his enemies to ash. I slit his throat to make sure that didn’t happen.

The Emperor Sits Upon His Golden Throne, by John Blanche

“We failed, father. You failed your sons, and we, in our turn, failed you. And now, to compound our arrogance and vainglory, we have failed all of them, too. Did Horus not say that you sought godhood? He built a rebellion upon that claim. How he would gloat, to see the Imperium now.”

- Roboute Guilliman

… Ancient One is no longer seen. He sinks to the depth of the ocean of life; he descends into hell, but the gates of hell hold him not. He, the new and living One leaves below that which has held him down throughout the ages and rises from the depths unto the heights, close to the throne of God


(EA p. 209-17)

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Any thoughts on the songs and epics that will be written about the kings' rise to their thrones? Preposterous fabrications, campy retellings and romantic operetta..? There ought to be legendary verses dedicated to Laurent's hair..

If Damen wrote it, there would definitely be whole verses on Laurent’s hair. 

However, I suspect Laurent is far more likely to write his version of their history and seed it in various court performances or maybe just insert it into the official records.

Damen: I did not say–

Laurent: It’s in the official record.


So, I went out and bought myself some shiny book ends today! :D

A little conflicted on where to put them though….


Me, to all my OTPs & returning favourite characters 

(credit to one of my bffs)

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Please elaborate on the high school hamlet wolf 359 headcanons this is all I need in life

one time eiffel went into the prop storage room to find something and found a box that said EIFFEL on it and now he won’t go back in despite the fact that he’s the stage manager


“Alright,” Minkowski said, frowning up at the stage from the front row. “Time for notes.”

“Excellent,” Kepler said, uncrossing his legs and rising up from Claudius’ throne. “I have a few thoughts - “

“Jacobi,” Minkowski interrupted pointedly, “I’m not sure about the direction you’re taking your scenes with Claudius. It’s not… bad, but it’s not in line with the way you play him the rest of the time.”

Jacobi frowned. “What does that mean?”

“It means that just because you want into Warren’s pants doesn’t mean Laertes does,” Lovelace said lazily from where she was perched on the edge of the stage.

As Eiffel audibly dropped something in a fit of laughter backstage and Jacobi started yelling something about harassment, Minkowski leaned back in her seat, placed her script over her face, and wondered how many years she’d get as a juvenile for murdering her entire cast.


Ren covered his face and took a shuddering breath. When his eyes at last met Chaol’s, they were bright. Slowly, Ren held out a hand. “You and me, we’ll find a way to free them. Both Aedion and your prince.”

Chaol didn’t hesitate as he gripped the rebel’s outstretched hand.