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Home. Whatever race you are, it is a word, a concept, that makes the heart swell with longing. Home can be ancient ancestral lands, or a new place that one has made one’s own. Home can even be found in the eyes of the beloved. But we all need it, yearn for it, know that without a home of some sort we are incomplete.
—  World of Warcraft: Rise of the Horde by Christie Golden
Rise of the Horde

Rise of the Horde ~ by Christie Golden

As an on and off WoW player since release, I recently decided to delve a bit deeper into the lore aspect of Warcraft by reading some of the fantasy books created on the subject. I already own several of these books, having had this idea for years but never really making the time to fit them in. Well, I finally did and I found the experience to be quite an enlightening one.

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inkytomes asked:

In that timeline though the orcs had already stomped Karabor and they haven't done that yet. So When does Garrosh show up in the Iron Horde timeline and why are all the orcs (sans Frostwolves) 100% onboard with being racist omnicidal maniacs?

Well, we don’t know exactly when in the timeline it falls, other than ‘before critical events in Rise of the Horde.’  It was not a quick process, whipping the orcs into an anti-draenei frenzy.  It was slow, because while they were not friends they had traded with each other and left each other alone.  The tendency of the draenei to keep to themselves was manipulated to make them appear secretive, their appearance was used to make them seem Other, and bit by bit they were…well…I wish I had a better term, but they were dehumanized in the eyes of the orcs—and made to appear actively malicious.

I finished reading rise of the horde last night and now I don’t know what to do with all this anger. This will most def change how I play my pally.

Finally got around to doing some rp too, even got involved with some stranger on the street. It was fun! 

But now I just want to rant a bit about the book. Spoilers under the cut and so on.

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