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Word Count: 1972

Request: Hi dear! I was hoping I could request a Peter Parker imagine where the Reader is super shy and is Tony’s niece and they are up late studying together at Peter and May’s apartment (the Reader and Peter are together) and she misses her curfew and May insists that she stays over since it’s late and Tony gets mad and protective when he finds out the next morning? It would just be really cute and Peter would worry about the Reader and make sure she is okay and feels safe with him? Made by @thecoffeestudyblr

A/N: Here you go! Sorry, Danielle and I haven’t posted in a while. We weren’t writing anything good, so we made the mutual decision to post when we can write something good, so we won’t post as often as we started. Please please PLEASE let us know if you have any criticism. We would love feedback, positive or negative. 

“Peter, I’m telling you, the answer is 2x,” you said, resisting the urge to throw your calculus book at the boy sprawled on the floor across from you. Peter sighed and shook his head, his eyes closed.

“(Y/N), I’m telling you, the answer is 3,” Peter answered, his tone calm and even. There was a hint of sympathy in his eyes as he finally opened them, glancing at you. He seemed saddened by the fact that the two of you were disagreeing. You turned your gaze from Peter and his big doe brown eyes and stared at the pile of papers in front of your crossed legs.

“I did the thing minus the thingy over ‘h’,” You answered, staring at your paper, your insecurity over your math-solving skills creeping up. You buried your hands in your hair, refusing to look at Peter, knowing you were going to get that look; the look that made you weak at the knees and you completely melt inside. You felt Peter shift across the floor, careful not to touch your papers and crinkle them as he scooted over to sit next to you. You caught a whiff of his cologne; faint, but enough for you to notice. You savored the smell as Peter leaned over, planting his hand on the floor, behind your back, and tilted his head to look at your paper. You stiffened slightly at how close he was, but you knew he didn’t mean anything by it, so you tried to hide your thumping heart and trembly fingers as best you could.

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TItled: Pitchy Black Background Story

So here is some more background information on Pitchy Black.
(sorry for the small print)
I had a lot of fun with this and I can’t wait to do more art in the future involving this character, especially interacting with Pitch and the other cousins.
(I can imagine some shenanigans with Proto and some other fun scenarios.)

Pitchy Black is my OC~<3
Pitch Black belongs to William Joyce and Dreamworks~<3
PLEASE do not repost/claim credit or steal this image. If reblogging, do not remove my username and sight source. Thank you so very much!~<3

Here is a bit more additional information on Pitchy if you’re interested:

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All This Time - An Elriel Fic - Chapter 1

Well. This story poured out of me today once I realized how many people were on board the Elriel ship (post here). 

Keep in mind this is a slow burn and will be approximately 8 chapters. Please let me know if you like it so that I know to continue.


He was death and darkness and shadows. She was life and light and fresh air. They were both quiet and gentle and caring. She grew flowers while he grew shadows. 


Two years after the defeat of Hybern

Elain stood in the foyer of the townhouse, waiting for Feyre to appear. Her sisters were always fluttering in and out, doing a million different things at once, and it was never easy to track them down. She figured the townhouse was a good starting place, as someone was bound to show up eventually.

Since no one had dared to make an appearance yet, she figured it was as good a time as any to check the garden out back. In the two years since the defeat of the King, Elain had taken up her own residence a few streets away. She had her own sprawling garden there, but still tended to Feyre and Rhys’ in her spare time. Theirs was mostly devoted to various herbs and spices, while hers had beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs.

As she stepped outside, the sunlight hit her and she couldn’t help but raise her face and arms to the sky. She was lucky to be alive, and thankful for it, most days. There were days when it still didn’t seem real, when she couldn’t believe this was her life. That she not only had years ahead of her, but centuries.

As she bent down to check the thyme, with her fae hearing, she heard the crack of someone winnowing into the house. Knowing it was always best to announce your presence in Rhys and Feyre’s house, lest they immediately started doing things best left for the bedroom (and she had walked in on them more times she cared to admit), she called out, “I’m in the backyard!”

Rhys appeared in the doorway of the garden, leaning, as he always did, against the threshold.

“Looking for Feyre?” He’d been flying at some point during the day since he smelled of the wind. A few specks of darkness leaked from him, but nothing out of the ordinary. These days, their lives were “downright boring” - Mor’s words, not her own.

She didn’t mind the boring.

She nodded at him.

He gave her a soft smile in return, and she knew he was using the bond to tell Feyre she was looking for him. “She’ll be over when she’s done dealing with Cassian.”

Elain nodded. She thought about asking what Cassian had done to incur the wrath of her sister and his High Lady, but it was such a common occurrence that she didn’t bother. She turned back to the garden.

“Can I get you anything, Elain?” Rhys asked, pushing himself off the doorway.

“I’m all set, thank you.”

Rhys left her to the thyme.


A short time later, Feyre winnowed straight into the garden and immediately mumbled, “I swear on Amren’s favorite ruby necklace that the next time that asshole decides to borrow one of the paintings for his house without paying the artist for it, I will make sure him and Nesta don’t have any privacy for a month.”

“It’s nice to see you too, Feyre.” Rhys chuckled from inside the house.

“Go make yourself useful, elsewhere,” Feyre replied, before giving him a vulgar gesture. Elain immediately worried that maybe this wasn’t the best time to have the conversation she needed to have with her sister. But the second Feyre turned to look at her, it was as if all of the anger evaporated. As if she couldn’t bare to frown or yell or be angry with Elain.

Feyre strolled over to her sister, the day’s stress flowing out of her like string. “It’s good to see you, Elain,” she said, taking a seat on the iron bench. “Need a break from the morons who make up my court.”

Elain gave her a weak smile.

“What is it? Rhys said you were waiting here for a while. Is everything okay?”

No. Everything was not okay. But she didn’t know where to begin.

“Is it Lucien?” Feyre prodded. These days, it was always about Lucien. “Did something happen?”

Sometimes, Elain thought her sister was also a seer. She nodded.

“Did he come back early?” Feyre asked. Silence. “Elain, whatever it is, you can tell me. I promise I won’t say anything to anyone.”

And Elain, sweet, gentle Elain, who never said more than a few sentences at a time, started talking. And what she had been holding in for months poured out of her.

“No, he didn’t come back early. He’s at the Day Court with Helion for the rest of the month and….does it make a horrible person if I don’t want him to come back? If I realized this is the happiest I’ve been in a year? When he’s gone? He’s my mate, Feyre, and I know he is. I feel the bond, I feel the pull, but when he’s away….that feels right, too. It feels doable. It feels liveable.”

Feyre nodded, urging her on.

“I see you and Rhys, and…I want that. I want what you two have. But that’s not me and Lucien. We don’t match. He needs fire and wind and destruction. And I need calm and quiet and….”


“I was going to say sunshine. But Feyre, I can’t remember the last time I truly smiled.”

Feyre did know. Since the death of the King, it was always calm, weak smiles from Elain. She’d forgotten what her sister’s real smile looked like. Feyre grasped Elain’s hands in her own as Elain continued, “Right before Lucien left, we decided that when he came back we’d make a decision. Together. But I know what my answer is. I don’t want it. Maybe it’s because I’m still healing, maybe it’s because I’m not ready for it…but I -”

“You want to reject the bond?” Feyre whispered, a tinge of fear to her voice.

“I want to reject the bond.” There. She’d said it. And it was like a weight she’d been carrying since the moment she’d tumbled out of the cauldron was lifted.

Feyre wrapped her arms around her, Elain resting her head on his sister’s shoulder. “Okay. I’ll talk to Rhys tonight. We need to…figure out a few things.”

“In case he goes crazy when I reject it?”

“Yes.” She sounded afraid.

“You’ve always taken care of me.”

“And I always will.”


Feyre had insisted Elain stay for dinner, not wanting her to go back to her house to sit by herself now that she’d told her the news. She could tell her sister felt lighter than she had in years, and had even come close to cracking a smile a few times during the dinner as Mor and Rhys bickered back and forth.

Nesta was off visiting the Winter Court and Feyre was glad for it - she wasn’t sure how Nesta was going to handle the news. Her and Rhys needed to have a plan in place before she returned.

“Stop frowning at me,” Elain said from across the table. “Didn’t anyone tell you that it’ll give you wrinkles?”

“We don’t get wrinkles,” Feyre responded with a wink.

Rhys waved his hand to clear the dishes, leaving the wine glasses. “One more round?” he asked.

“I’ll grab one of the special bottles,” Mor said, rising from the table.

At that moment, Azriel breezed into the room, wrapped in shadows.

“Nice of you to join us,” Rhys said, barely turning his head to look at the shadowsinger. “I invited you three hours ago. Where have you been?”

“Not everything in my life is about you, Rhys,” Azriel replied, jokingly. He didn’t offer any more of an explanation. He sat down in one of the empty chairs at the table, pulling a glass of wine towards himself. He nodded to Mor, things still a little awkward between them, before turning towards Elain and giving her a smile. His shadows curled slightly. 

Feyre was so busy trying to analyze if things between Mor and Azriel were back to normal, that she almost missed it. But it was there. A genuine smile had crossed her sister’s lips.


Chapter 2 here.

Southwestern Gothic

- you’re on a lonely stretch of the freeway and running out of gas. you come up on a small town and exit. you spend an hour looking for a gas station. there are homes, a grocery store, a dentist, but no gas station.

- you’re ten miles out of a sizable town. you drive around a bend in the mountain and come upon a row of stalls. you walk up to one. behind a table covered in intricate beaded jewelry and beautiful stones sits a smiling Navajo woman. you comment on her work. she nods but doesn’t speak.

- you’re hiking. the sun is baking the back of your neck, and the ground beneath your feet slowly changes from brown to yellow to red and back again. you feel thirsty constantly, and every thirty or so feet a tower of perfectly stacked sandstone rocks tells you you’re going in the right direction.

- it’s night, and you’ve been dragged by your friends to a place the locals call “the narrows”, a slit in a canyon barely wide enough to walk through, horizontally. there’s a rock wall pressed to your back, sandstone beneath your cheek, and air leaving your lungs.
you look up at the sliver of black speckled sky and breath.

- you’ve been driving for three hours and have three to go. you don’t expect to see anything for miles, but you come up over a hill and out of nowhere a town appears. you pass old rusty trucks, a church with a crumbling marque, stores with broken windows, and houses with doors that move with the wind. a ghost town is being born.

- the air is hot, the skies are a stormy gray, and rain would feel cleansing to the dry ground beneath your feet. but it’s not going to rain. you know it’s not. To your west the mountain flickers red and orange, clouds rising from the wreckage into the swirling sky.

- you’re standing just in the shadow of a cliff, eyes glued to the structure in front of you. it’s a building, moulded like pottery from clay clinging to the cliff face. they’ve been her for centuries, weathering the desert, abandoned, and they still don’t know why.

- someone needs to pee. you all pile out of the car, and move the the edge of the road. you stare nervously at the sparse but paradoxically thick grass. Anything could be in there. gophers, lizards, crickets, rattlesnakes… you watch your friend anxiously as they step into the brush, then glance at your feet, praying you don’t learn what’s out there.

- it’s late, you’ve got fast food wrappers in your lap and the air outside is finally cooling. you’re driving out of the city, prepared for the next leg of your journey. you see a motel, the vacancy sign flickering, the song hotel california playing on the radio. you speed away.

- the air is different. you can feel the change in pressure. you watch the skies anxious, ready to smell the rain, and the desert when it rains. clouds roll in. the sky is black. but something is wrong. the air is too tense, charged, not rain you realize. lightning crashes on the mountains, thunder seconds behind, and the around you crackles.

- they call it goblin valley. hundreds of “hoodoos” cover the valley floor in different shapes and sizes. during the day it’s like a playground. but you came at night. it has one of the darkest night skies in the world. you stare up at hundreds of thousands of stars, but it always feels like there is someone watching you.


THANK YOU SUNSHINES…..For the luv…. Q//w//Q <3 <3 <3 I can’t tell you all how grateful and blessed I am….to have wonderful people like you….No words can ever describe the care you all give not only me, but to other people who feels down. We always know we can count on each other to brighten up our days…..That is why you are all….Sunshines! <3 You’re all the reason why we are able to rise from the shadows and come into the sun….To prove that even in dark days, there is a ray of light….Even the smallest…is enough to make us smile…..enough to give us hope….Thank you….

I’ve been working on a longer Fanfic piece and finally posted the first chapters on Archive of Our Own! It’s a longer work, so I will be adding a new Chapter every Friday, but the first four are up.

Rise from the Ashes


With Livvy gone and the Clave’s future uncertain, the Blackthorns struggle to survive the aftermath of the Accords Hall.

I would love for you to read it, and leave kudos or comments. If you think others might like it, please reblog. And I’ll post a moodboard for each new chapter after I post it. With two years to go until Queen of Air and Darkness, it’s a long time to make up stories to fill the gap of ‘What happened next?’

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This life, part 5

Pairing: Reader x Eventually Loki

Work Count: 3262

Warning: mild language

Part 1  part 2  part 3 part 4  

Your conversation with Loki left your body shaking by the time you closed the doors to Sif’s chambers.  Giving yourself only a moment, you allowed a quick breath before you began to remove your armor and leathers.  The Queen had laid out a gown, the color of the sky, for you after washing up.  It was not what the typical victor wore but you were not typical in any form.  Once you had cleansed the filth away and redressed you felt almost ready to meet with the court once more.  In the past, the victor had not had time to breathe let alone meet with everyone who had wanted to wish them well after their win.  The thought was daunting but you refused to let your fear consume you. Sif met you as you made your way towards the feasting hall; a smile lit her features.

“Are you prepared for what is to come?  I believe the whole realm has come to celebrate this eve for you.”  Slipping your arm through hers you returned the grin.

“No, but I do not believe I have any choice.  I won the Last Battle.  Now it is my duty to celebrate it.  Just promise me I will have an ale in hand at all times.  Without it I do not believe I will last the hour.”  The pair of you laughed as you came upon the feasting hall. There were so many people crowded into the room it astounded you.  It was little time before everyone had turned towards you, allowing you passage through the crowd.  A loud voice boomed over those gathered freezing everyone from word or movement.

“Asgard, I give you, Lady [Y/N].  Your victor!  This eve we revel for her!”  Odin’s deep voice echoed throughout the hall.  The cheers that followed were nearly deafening.  However, you could not deny the thrill that they sent up your spine knowing that they were celebrating for you.  A mug of dark ale was thrust into your hand.  Thor had moved close with his own mug and a hopeful smile upon his face.

“I was told you had better have a mug in hand at all times” You drank long enough that you had to catch your breath before you answered.  He was trying to make amends but you knew he had difficulty verbalizing it aloud.

“By the Gods that is good.  Thank you, my friend.”  Thor dipped his head towards you.

“Do I truly remain your friend or is it meant as a pleasantry?”  You stepped close hugged him tightly.  It took him only a moment for him to return the effort.

“You are my friend and always have been.  Without you and your support, I would not be here.  Not just here as a victor but here in Asgard.  You have been one of my only family for these years.  While I wish we had not argued over your brother and what had to be done, I would not sever you from my life.  But I beg you never to ask me again.  It takes too much to see the memories that are not mine.”  He nodded slowly finishing his own mug.

“I promise you, [Y/N] I will never ask it again.”  With that vow, you let the anger towards him dissolve.  There was already so many dark feelings within you, you did not wish to harbor more.  The two of you spoke for a few moments longer before you were pulled away to speak with the Queen and King.  Odin, too, has apologized for his past failings and treatment of you.  The king admitting his mistakes nearly forced you to drop your drink.  

“I ask for your forgiveness.  You have shown me how very wrong I was, about many things.”  You were starting to believe you were in a dream realm, perhaps you died during the battle and were currently in Valhalla.  Not only had you won today but now the king stood before you asking you to forgive all of the awful things he had said and done over the years.

“My Lord… I…  I could do nothing else but forgive.  I thank you for the words.  I needed to hear them.”  Both he and Frigga smiled at you before he moved to embrace you.  It felt like when you were young and caused a lump to form in your throat.

“Thank you, child. Enjoy your celebration tonight. For with the dawn I expect an answer to my question.”  You bowed your head in respect as they parted, the question heavy on your mind.  It stayed there for the remainder of the evening as you drank and danced.  Your friends made the evening tolerable.  They kept you laughing and smiling when the troubling thoughts would rise.  

Loki watched you from the shadows throughout the evening.  Not once did you sit and rest.  Everyone had wanted their time with you, the victor.  Whether they knew you or not.  As he watched you, he noted all of the changes that had taken place. The way you carried yourself was different, while you still walked as a lady, now there was far more confidence. Your hair was longer than before and now you let it hang down your back.  Before it was always tied back or up upon your head.  It was rare for someone to see you with it down.  He thought it added years to your face, no longer the girl but the beautiful woman.

While there were many differences what he noticed more now were the things that remained.  The way you could not turn from anyone who greeted you this night.  You would smile and speak to anyone, though he could see at this moment you were exhausted and using the false smile when you wished to be anywhere else.  The way you held the stein in both hands as though you would perish if you let go.  So many things he had memorized ages ago, that still made up who you are.  

“Your eyes could always find her in the masses before anyone else.”  Thor’s deep voice came from behind him.  Loki narrowed his gaze looking back to his brother.

“I know not what you are speaking of, brother.  I merely watching the crowd that would not welcome the Trickster back within their embrace.”  Thor smirked finishing off the drink in his hand, knowing his brother lied.

“Your heart has not changed, Loki.  It is her, and always will be her.  I never understood until… well I never understood until recently.”  Loki’s anger grew as he pushed past his brother.

“You think you know my heart?  There is no heart there according to many.  She is merely a girl who the misfortune of being promised to you once.” Clenching a fist for a moment, Thor let it relax as he turned back to his brother.

“[Y/N] is far more than a ‘girl’.  Never insult her again if you wish to continue to breathe.”  The comment surprised Loki as he smirked looking to Thor.

“Did I hit a nerve brother?  Could it be after the years, is it she who has captured your heart?  Oh how poetic.  The prince and the victor.  Think of the tales that will be told.”  His laugh was cold and lacked any amusement.

“I love [Y/N] as a sister, nothing more.  I never have. I refuse to let any insult her, especially you, who knows her as well as I do.  Do you think I enjoyed watching your pain as we grew, loving her?  Every time father and mother spoke of the betrothal, you would grow angry and run.  I was not blind, Loki.  As I am not now.”  Loki moved to speak, to deny every word, but Thor stopped him.  “Look me in the eye, and tell me I am wrong.  Look at her and deny your heart and I will never speak of it again.”  

Loki looked towards the hall, finding you amidst a large group, including Sif and the Warriors Three.  Fandral had taken your hand and kissed it, causing Loki’s blood to boil within his veins. He could not deny it; as much as he wished to, he had been lost to you as far as he could remember.  “It matters not.  I am the cause of so much of her pain and loss.  [Y/N] deserves everything pure and good.  I am neither.”

“Brother there is far more to you than you will ever admit.  In time you will see it, as will she.”  Leaving Loki confused, he walked back to the festivities.  His steps echoing down the hall.  Loki thought his brother had lost much of his sense in battle. He returned to torturing himself, watching you from afar.


Your feet hurt and your head was pounding as you stumbled down the corridor towards one of the empty chambers to sleep.  Far too much ale and not having a moment to sit down were the causes.  It had taken well over an hour to pry yourself from the revelry, as it seemed no one wanted to let you leave.  It was nearly dawn and you had been awake too long.  A wrong step on sore feet and you started to fall. Even in your drunken state, you were prepared to connect with the flooring but a pair of strong arms caught you first.

“I doubt it would be fitting for the victor to wake in the morning with bruises from falling instead of the fight.”  In your shock, you allowed him to ease you to standing once more.  “Does ale also lessen your temper as it does your faculties?”  Loki smirked at you as he stepped back.

“Do you wish to see my temper again, Loki?  For I would be quite willing to share it once more.”  He laughed, this time sincerely.  

“No my Lady.  I still bear the marks of your temper.  Was merely questioning what else in you had changed.”  You picked up your skirts in a huff and stomped further down the corridor.  He was close behind to ensure you did not harm yourself.  “Your cheeks still flame when you have too much drink.  You could light the torches this eve, with them.”  With a quick turn, you came face to face with the man.  Loki nearly walked into you.

“Why are you following, Loki?  Do you wish to torture me further?”

“Torture you?! [Y/N] you have no notion of true torture.”  For the moment, his own temper reared its head.

“I have no notion? None?  I saw what was done to you.  I felt it all.  Heard every one of your screams.  Now, I hear them in the quiet of the night.  I hear them in my dreams…  I know torture.  The torture that you ensured and the torture knowing there was nothing in my power to stop it.”  In your drunken condition, you thought it was wise to leave him standing there after your dramatic admission.  However, your body paid little mind to what your intentions were.  Your feet only made it a few steps before you fell truly. There you lay face down on the soft red rug for several moments contemplating what you would do.  It was all too much and something broke.  You began to laugh.  Quietly at first but as the moments passed it grew louder and deeper. Your body shook with it as you rolled over to stare at the ceiling above you.  Loki looked down at you with a raised brow.

“Have you gone mad?” His question only fueled your laughter.

“Possibly…  This life…  Oh, this life has so much darkness.  Yet here I lay on the ground of the palace of Asgard, drunk and laughing.” He stared at you, unsure of what he should do.

“Do you wish to lay upon the ground or would you allow me to help you to stand?”

“Oh how upset your mother would be if she found me sleeping here at dawn.  Perhaps…  No, help me up.  I cannot do it on my own.  I believe your brother was too good in keeping my drink full.”  You held both your hands up for him to hold.  Loki grabbed them both lifting you quickly, which only caused you to fall into his arms.  With a sharp intake of breath at the contact, he steadied you before stepping back.

“You need get to your bed before you force every grain of control I have to take leave.” Noticing the frustration in his words, you looked up to him.

“What is that to mean?”  Shaking his head, he took your arm and all but dragged you towards your chambers.

“Nothing you need to think of, [Y/N].”  Without another word, he deposited you in the room, closing the door behind him as he left.  As soon as you saw the large bed, everything else in the realm was forgotten.  You removed the shoes and dress, leaving them in a pile on the floor.  As you climbed up, your body relaxed and you slept as though you had not in years.

The pain in your head woke you in the morning.  Though perhaps not morning.  The sun was on the wrong side of the windows to be morning.  The looks of it more like mid-afternoon.  By the Gods, your head hurt and your mouth tasted as death.  “Damn ale… never again.”

Crawling out of the bed, you had to bathe completely to feel any semblance of your former self.  There were clean garments as well, the Queen had prepared everything.  As you entered the feasting hall searching for food to settle your stomach, the previous day’s event ran through your mind.  Your win and the party, with the crowd of far too many people.  One of the servants of the palace sought you out, bowing deeply before you.

“My Lady, the King asks you join him and the Queen for a late meal.”  Canting your head, you sighed.

“Lead on then.” You followed him slowly to the separate hall where the King and Queen waited.  Thor walked in as you took a seat with Loki following closely behind. The older brother set a large stein in front of you with a smirk.

“Volstagg sent a gift.”  Odin and Frigga looked confused as you eyed the stein warily.  

“If that it ale… I will castrate that fat bastard with a dull blade.”  The whole of the room laughed loudly, even Loki, causing a great deal more pain in your head.  Thor took a seat beside you, slapping your shoulder as he did.  Loki sat closer to his mother.

“While that would be entertaining, he sent his remedy.  Drink that and you will be as you were before the ale.  I warn you, it burns like the fires of Hel as it goes down.”  It took not a moment for you to open the stein and swallow half the contents.  Your body shivering hard when you took a breath.  Much effort was needed to keep the contents in your belly.

“Valhalla, that is awful.”  Thor smiled once more.

“Yes, but it works.”  Odin interrupted then, not wanting to delay further.  

“[Y/N], Frigga has made me wait since dawn to ask your answer.  I was told you needed rest.  Now I grow an impatient man.  What have you decided?”  The air within the room suddenly grew very thick.  You licked your lips as you glanced about the room quickly.

“May I request one thing if I do agree my Lord?”  Odin laughed quietly looking to his wife then back to you.

“Already making demands?”  Shaking your head, you finished the rest of the stein.  It was awful but it helped the pain in your head and the sour feeling in your belly.

“Allfather, it is not a demand.  I merely ask that if I become Captain of the Defenders that I be allowed to continue fighting alongside of Thor.  When he is called to the other realms I would still wish to go, my Lord.”  Thor stopped shoving food into his mouth long enough to look at you in surprise.  Odin’s face was difficult to read.

“You are asking me to allow you as a Defender to continue defending the other realms when they need you?”  Your gaze did not waiver as you nodded to him.

“Yes, my Lord.” Frigga beside him beamed at you over her wine glass.  Odin laughed again this time he shook his head.

“I hardly know the woman who sits in front of me.  No longer are you the girl who would have just been the pretty Queen on the throne of Asgard.  You may continue your journeys with my son if you wish.  I would pick a Second that you trust in your absence.  Tomorrow you will meet the Defenders as their Captain.”  

“Thank you, my Lord.” You smiled down at your plate though there was no desire to eat it.  The “remedy” had settled your stomach but you were in no fashion, able to eat at this moment.  Thor nudged your shoulder with his, as a sign of his congratulations.  Loki had been watching you closely from his seat across the room, but he looked away now in the instant that you caught him doing so. It was still an odd thing seeing him here, with his family.  

“[Y/N] if you are finished I will escort you to your chambers.”  Frigga wiped her mouth as she finished her meal.  As you glanced over at her, she could see the confusion on your face.

“I am finished, my Lady but I am able to return to the chambers, myself.”  Both Odin and Frigga smiled knowingly at one another.

“No my dear.  I will show you your chambers as Captain.”

She had slipped her arms through yours as she led you down the hallways.  As you stopped in front of a familiar door, you could feel your heart beating erratically in your chest.  It was the door to your family chambers.  The chambers where you were born and grew from infant to woman.  They were given to your father when he had earned his position just before your birth.  There were several rooms, a sitting area, a bathing room and a terrace looking over the palace courtyards.  Frigga opened the door letting the familiar scent hit you.  “No one has been here since you, my girl.  I would not allow it.  Your belongings will arrive in the morn.  Tomorrow starts a new day and life [Y/N].  Do not let it waste away.”  

She kissed your cheek before letting you have the time you needed, to let the old memories soak in.  The beating of your heart did not slow as you walked quietly through every bit of those chambers.  As much as they tried, the old memories would not bring you down this day.  Only the light was allowed into your heart. Everything else could wait or burn.

When Frigga left, she had shut the door to the chambers, allowing you your time.  As she left the chambers, she could sense her son close but chose to feign ignorance.  She had always known of his love for you.  Many times over the years, she tried to convince Odin to dissolve the arrangement so Loki could have the chance to show you.  Odin, of course refused, saying it would go against tradition and damage his friendship with your father.  Now that Loki had returned, perhaps you would truly be her daughter someday as she had always hoped.

Part 6

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It’s late at night now,

And my brain continues its daily attack.

The shadows rise up from the floor,

And I must watch my back.

A thousand reminders of what I haven’t done right,

It’s exhuasting: this nightly fight.

I clench my fists and close my eyes,

Waiting for the hope at sunrise.

Until then, this music is all that feels real,

Tonight I won’t pull the metaphorical steering wheel.

I Do Get Jealous Too (Request: Aigonorus’s Smut)

Anonymous said: can you write a aigonorus smut when he gets jeaulos thank you!           

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Fandom: Star Crossed Myth
Category: Smut
Character: Aigonorus
Notes: Been too long since I write about the Gods, hopefully you’d enjoy this

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

One night, I stop by the mansion to see Aigonorus. “______? It’s unusual to see you here.” Karno greets me along with Teorus and Huedhaut who’ve been sitting on the sofas around their table for drinks.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have just dropped by unannounced but I …”

“Miss your boyfriend?” Teorus teases while the mellow scent of wine wafts towards me from all the glasses and bottles on the table. Dating a god isn’t exactly something you’d normally do, let alone how to make it work. We barely see each other and I only have Sundays off so I eventually decide to visit the mansion after spending my day offs alone for weeks.  Sadly, none of the gods have seen Aigonorus since early afternoon.

Karno joins me as I stare aimlessly at the balcony, waiting for my boyfriend. “I’m here if you’d like to talk about it.” I hesitate for a few seconds before telling him all my concerns and how we don’t feel or act like a couple at all. I am not entirely sure if Karno understands since none of them actually date any human but he’s easy to talk to and somehow he just always seems to say the “right” thing to cheer me up. “Aigo is always thinking about you, _______ even when the two of you are apart.” See, he’s doing it again.

Losing track of time and as I feel a strong arm around my shoulder and only manage to open my eyelids halfway to hear a familiar voice from behind. “What are you doing?” Then I doze off again, I must have waited for a long time to feel this tired. By the time I wake again to find myself on a fluffy bed in an unfamiliar bedroom. A shadow slowly rises from a corner afar and soon I see the face I’ve been waiting all night. “Aigonorus!”

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