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 #HB2: Final Vote, Arrest Footage & Jail Support

A brief video report back from the last two days. This footage mainly focuses on the arrests and Jail Support from after HB2 was passed. Courtesy of media team w/ Rise Up Texas.

Most of this is stuff that isn’t being reported, including the fact that DPS began arresting and tazing people without warning. They have a funny way of hiding things, kind of like how they made up finding jars of urine, feces, and paint to explain why they were confiscating tampons and peoples’ diabetes medication. The level of unprofessionalism is astounding, but makes sense when you look at how women’s and other marginalized voices were being suppressed throughout this entire process because they were being heard.

This was the statement once the sit-in began:

“We are here to announce that the State of Texas, with the passage of HB2, is a now a danger zone for women, the poor, the working class, people of color, immigrants, queer and trans communities, women with disabilities, rural and border communities and those most impacted by lack of access to safe, affordable reproductive healthcare.

We are here to defend human rights and the democratic process, all of which have been demolished by woman-hating, conservative ideologues led by Governor Rick Perry, Lt. Gov David Dewhurst and Bill Sponsors Bob Deuell, Glenn Hegar and Jodie Laubenberg.

We are blockading the entrance to the Senate chambers to disrupt business as usual and to declare that the attack on women ends now!

We will not be moved!”


My boyfriend has been working hard organizing with Rise Up Texas, as well as Levanta Tejas (its Latin@ sister org). He’s carried out around 15:30, and talks about his experience at 23:00. While I wasn’t able to risk arrest (new job, ha) and put my body on the line, he did. I’ve never been more proud. And I’m glad that he didn’t receive any bad treatment, but this wasn’t the case for everyone. One man had to receive staples in his head, and a friend of mine was sexually assaulted. 


What needs to be emphasized here is that this was peaceful and nonviolent action. The DPS officers gave no notice before they started manhandling people. These people decided to stay and fight as the vote was taken. Stand up to a government that has done all it could to break rules, overlook laws, and suppress the people who understands things differently.


I stood behind them because going quietly means showing the opposition they’ve won. They were scared by the masses of people that came against this bill, which is why conservatives have been doing all they can to position themselves. We need to constantly be reminding Texas government and its leaders that we are watching. And sorry, despite what Democrats say, I don’t think just saying “wait until 2014” or “we’re voting you out” does the trick, because that hasn’t scared them yet. Now that this bill has passed, we are risking the lives of thousands of women. We need to think of them.


The only way we’re going to get anywhere is through fearless solidarity, working to reveal the truth, putting away petty politics within our own movement, and using all of our strengths to fight together.

Unfortunately, from what I have seen, I don’t think this will happen. I really don’t.