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Written for @spnpolybingo​. This fills the “vacation” square.

Summary:  Jess finds out about Sam and Dean and has a surprising reaction.

Word Count: 3650

Warnings: smut, Wincest, threesome, anal sex

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy this one! I’m only gonna tag @justanothersaltandburn because I don’t know who all is into the poly stuff, lol. XOXO

Jessica Moore is a goddamn gift.

Sam knows that from the second he’s introduced to her at that party. She rolls her eyes at Brady’s failed attempt at subtlety when they’re introduced, and smiles at Sam, sweet and sexy. Sam thinks he’s already a little in love.

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Petal up high: what an extreme surface. Cathedral of glass, surface of the surface, unreachable by voice. Through your stem two voices join a third and a fifth and a ninth—wise children open mouths in the morning and chant spirit, spirit, surface, spirit, untouchable surface of a rose.
I reach out my left hand which is the weaker, dark hand that I quickly withdraw smiling demurely. I cannot touch you. My crude thinking wants to sing your new understanding of ice and glory.
I try to recall the memory, to understand you as one sees the dawn, a chair, another flower. Have no fear, I do not wish to possess you. I rise toward your surface that now is perfume.
I rise until I reach my own appearance. I pale in that frightened and fragile region, I nearly reach your divine surface…
In the ridiculous fall I’ve broken the wings of an angel. I do not hang my head snarling: I want at least to suffer your victory with the angelic suffering of your harmony, of your joy. But my coarse heart aches as with love for a man.
And from such large hands emerges the embarrassed word.
—  Clarice Lispector

YOU WON (Ashley Purdy Imagine)
{Requested by the lovely sleepingwithsexicans03 :3}

A/N-How hot does Ash look in that pic? 😜

You were driving home from yet another stressfull and exhausting day from your job. Since you got a job at a very famous clothing store, it was always very busy.
The only thing that did put a huge smile on your face was fact that your boyfriend Ashley was comming home early today.
In fact, as you looked at the time in your car, he should be home right now. Usually he would come home very late because he was so busy with the guys on band things. So finally being able to see him was the happiest feeling to you.
You quickly pulled up to your driveway and rushed out of the car and locking it.
Your smile kept becomming bigger and bigger as you inserted your keys in the front doorknob.
You finally stepped inside and quietly closed the door behind you. You starting taking very tiny footsteps to your living room, when you got there you the back of your boyfriend’s head as he was sitting on the couch.

The glow of the t.v screen shaping him perfectly to you. His lucious hair waterfalling over the back of the sofa, and his muscular tatted arm resting on the edge, his fingers tapping it.
You bit your bottom lip and attempted to sneak up on him, but sadly it was not a success.
“(Y/N) sweetheart I know its you.” he says not even turning his head.
Your mouth dropped open and you frowned in defeat, “How the hell did you know it was me?”
you questioned, crossing your arms above your chest and pouting like a little five-year-old kid.
You heard him chuckle and saw him stand up from the sofa, he turned and walked over to you taking you into his strong arms.
He burried his face into your neck, the air comming out of his nostrils tickled you, you could even feel the goosebumps rise.
“Your sweet perfume gave it away.” he whispered in your ear, and to make your goosebumps rise even more, he took the liberty of nibbling at your ear. You giggled and leaned away smiling at him.
“Well you should know my scent its your favorite.”
“Mhmm and it believe me it makes you extra sexy.” he says biting his bottom lip

You blushed and looked down at his feet for a bit. Ash chuckled once more and tried to duck down a little to look straight at your face.
“What? What did I say?” he asked.
“You know I dont want you to look at me when I blush so hard.” You replied.
“Silly girl.” he says gently lifting your chin back up so you could look at him again, before you could even say anything else his lips beat you to it by pressing against yours and embracing them so sweetly and passionately.
You kissed him back and felt yourself blush even harder than before, you felt like your face was going to start smoking anytime now with the way it became all hot.
He carefully caressed your cheek, “cutie.” he softly muttered while gazing into your pretty eyes. he leaned in and kissed you once more, this time a little more seductively, he even sneaked his tounge in for a little bit.
It felt so good to you, you swore he could work magic with that thing.
Suddenly before you even realized it he had already leaned away, slowly you opened your eyes once more.
You gave him a “why did you stop?” expression.
Ash bit his bottom lip and smirked at you,
“What? hungry for more?” he asked.

You felt your cheeks and glared a little, “You make me blush any harder my face is gonna melt off.” you tell him.
Ashley laughed and pecked your cheek, he grabbed your hand and pulled you to the sofa with him.
You snuggled up against him and watched t.v with him for a bit.
“I didnt know you liked to watch wrestling.” you say keeping your eyes on the screen.
“Yeah, its pretty okay I guess.” he responds.
“Really? its a little stupid to me.”
“Why do you say that?”
“Oh please look at those guys, I can for sure take them down.” you striked.
Ash looked down at you surprised, “Is that so babe?”
“Mhmmmmm.” you hummed with a sassy attitude.
“Maybe those guys but for sure not me.” He challenged.
You sat up for a moment and looked straight at him, “Excuse you? and what makes you so sure?”
He smirked once again and lifted up his black shirt sleeve and flexed for you.
You bit your bottom lip a little, you could never resist his hot as hell muscles. It was pretty much the biggest turn on to you, but you shook your head and snapped out of the sexy fantasy you were about to have in your mind.
“Doesnt matter how nicely built you are I can still take you down.” You striked once again.

Ashley nodded, “Okay, then lets do it.”
“Lets wrestle, lets see who wins.” he challenged.
“You serious?” you asked a little stunned.
He nodded in response, “Why you scared?”
“Hell nah!”
“Then come on lets go (L/N)!”
“Oh its on Purdy!” you yelled tackling him, surprsingly you managed to tackle him down on the floor, you have been tiny compared to him but you sure as hell had some good body strength in you.
Ashley was completely shocked but he grabbed you and pinned you down on the floor.
“Thats the best you got?” he asked.
The match between the two of you guys was pretty intense, it was serious at first but then it just turned into play fighting and you even ended up laughing about the whole thing.
Ashley grabbed you making you laugh, especially because he was basically grabbing you by your breasts.
“Ash let go of my boobs!!” you yelled laughing harder.
“Nope theyre nice and squishy.” he says.
You laughed a little more and finally managed to push him away. “Doesnt matter what you grab of me I still won this little match.” you declared. You looked down at yourself and became wide eyed to see that your shirt was missing, you were only in your sexy black lace bra. Which was a little see through as well.

Your boyfriend turned his head and starting gazing at your body.
You looked around for your shirt, “Love? where did my shirt go?” you wondered as you were looking around.
He didnt even answer, he was too busy looking at your radiant body, he was starting to want you bad.
“Ash?” you asked, when you turned your head and saw the way he was staring at you, you giggled and shook your head.
“Dont even think about it Purdy.” you warned him.
His eyes looked from your boobs to your face, he crawled over to you and his hands started feeling your thighs. You felt them tingle in pleasure already.
“Ashley…” you said in a warning tone.
“Oh I love it when you say my name, now Im gonna make you scream it.”
“Wha..aaahh!!” you screamed when he pulled your legs against him. they were now opened and around his waist, you became shocked but you loved it when he tamed you like that. He grabbed your wrists and pinned them down to the floor like before.
“Im guessing you want me..” you said.
His hand started to trace your right boob and squeezing it a little, you became turned on by his sexual touch, He leaned in closer to your lips and whispered, “Oh I want you badly baby…”
He deeply kissed you, both of your breathing becomming hot and heavy, your tempurature rising very quickly.

His lips then proceeded down to your neck, his tounge substituting for his lips at moments making you moan quietly, then loudly when you felt his teeth pull down your bra exposing your full globes.
Your body became even more heated when you felt his lips sucking on your nipples.
You moaned even more, the volume of it getting louder the more he touched you.
He unhooked your bra and took off the rest of your clothes leaving you completely nude, he took a moment to stare at your gorgeous body,
“You are beautiful..” you breathlessly whispered.
You took off his clothes as well, your hands feeling the hardness of his chest then going down to his abs tracing his outlaw tattoo.
“So are you Ashley..” you also whispered.
Ashley continued to get you heated, his hand tracing your inner thighs, your hands gently grasping and scratching his smooth back.
You felt his area getting hard as his hand was feeling yours, “aaahh.” you moaned as you felt yourself getting wet. His touch was like heaven to you.
This moment was truly beautiful, there was no one else you would radther give your body to than Ashley.
He opened up your legs a little wider, and without a second thought he connecting himself with you. Thrusting his hips and his length went deeper and deeper inside of you.
The deeper he went the more beautiful your orgasm sounded to his ears.
He started to pick up the pace and sure enough you screamed his name once or twice or maybe even three times, your hot and sweat dripping bodies rubbing against each other, no space in between you whats so ever.

He kept going inside of you until you reached your climax and he as well.
Gently and ever so carefully he pulled himself out of you,
You took a deep breath and you both were finally able to catch your breath.
He gazed at your beauty and swept away your sweaty hair from your face.
He tried to breath a little more before speaking,
“Did I hurt you honey? I felt like I went too hard on you.” he asks concerned stroking your cheek.
You just smiled and shook your head, “Im okay love.” you softly replied.
“Good I was worried.” he tells you.
“Come here.” you say pulling him down, laying his head on your bare chest and running your fingers through his sweaty long locks of lucious hair.
“That was intense. How did it go from wrestling to this?” you comment causing the both of you to laugh.
“Well next time keep your shirt on.” he tells you.
“Will do. I still won though.”
Ash lifted up his head, looking at you and raising his eyebrows. “Excuse you?”
You rolled your eyes, “Okay! fine..you won.”
He smiled in victory and laid back down on your chest, and his last words before drifting off to sleep were..
“Dam Straight.”

(Sorry for being so late on this but I really hoped you like :3 ❤️)

When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d

by Walt Whitman


When lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d,
And the great star early droop’d in the western sky in the night,
I mourn’d, and yet shall mourn with ever-returning spring.

Ever-returning spring, trinity sure to me you bring,
Lilac blooming perennial and drooping star in the west,
And thought of him I love.


O powerful western fallen star!
O shades of night – O moody, tearful night!
O great star disappear’d – O the black murk that hides the star!
O cruel hands that hold me powerless – O helpless soul of me!
O harsh surrounding cloud that will not free my soul.


In the dooryard fronting an old farm-house near the white-wash’d palings,
Stands the lilac-bush tall-growing with heart-shaped leaves of rich green,
With many a pointed blossom rising delicate, with the perfume strong I love,
With every leaf a miracle – and from this bush in the dooryard,
With delicate-color’d blossoms and heart-shaped leaves of rich green,
A sprig with its flower I break.


In the swamp in secluded recesses,
A shy and hidden bird is warbling a song.
Solitary the thrush,
The hermit withdrawn to himself, avoiding the settlements,
Sings by himself a song.

Song of the bleeding throat,
Death’s outlet song of life, (for well dear brother I know,
If thou wast not granted to sing, thou would'st surely die.)


Over the breast of the spring, the land, amid cities,
Amid lanes and through old woods, where lately the violets peep’d from the ground, spotting the gray debris,
Amid the grass in the fields each side of the lanes, passing the endless grass,
Passing the yellow-spear’d wheat, every grain from its shroud in the dark-brown fields uprisen,
Passing the apple-tree blows of white and pink in the orchards,
Carrying a corpse to where it shall rest in the grave,
Night and day journeys a coffin.


Coffin that passes through lanes and streets,
Through day and night with the great cloud darkening the land,
With the pomp of the inloop’d flags with the cities draped in black,
With the show of the States themselves as of crepe-veil’d women standing,
With processions long and winding and the flambeaus of the night,
With the countless torches lit, with the silent sea of faces and the unbared heads,
With the waiting depot, the arriving coffin, and the sombre faces,
With dirges through the night, with the thousand voices rising strong and solemn,
With all the mournful voices of the dirges pour’d around the coffin,
The dim-lit churches and the shuddering organs – where amid these you journey,
With the tolling bells’ perpetual clang,
Here, coffin that slowly passes,
I give you a sprig of lilac.


(Nor for you, for one alone,
Blossoms and branches green to coffins all I bring,
For fresh as the morning, thus would I chant a song for you O sane and sacred death.

All over bouquets of roses,
O death, I cover you with roses and early lilies,
But mostly and now the lilac that blooms the first,
Copious I break, I break the sprigs from the bushes,
With loaded arms I come, pouring for you,
For you and the coffins all of you, O death.)


O western orb sailing the heaven,
Now I know what you must have meant as a month since I walk’d,
As I walk’d in silence the transparent shadowy night,
As I saw you had something to tell as you bent to me night after night,
As you droop’d from the sky low down as if to my side, (while the other stars all look’d on,)
As we wander’d together the solemn night, (for something I know not what kept me from sleep,)
As the night advanced, and I saw on the rim of the west how full you were of woe,
As I stood on the rising ground in the breeze in the cool transparent night,
As I watch’d where you pass’d and was lost in the netherward black of the night,
As my soul in its trouble dissatisfied sank, as where you sad orb,
Concluded, dropt in the night, and was gone.


Sing on there in the swamp,
O singer bashful and tender, I hear your notes, I hear your call,
I hear, I come presently, I understand you,
But a moment I linger, for the lustrous star has detain’d me,
The star my departing comrade holds and detains me.


O how shall I warble myself for the dead one there I loved?
And how shall I deck my soul for the large sweet soul that has gone?
And what shall my perfume be for the grave of him I love?

Sea-winds blown from the east and west,
Blown from the Eastern sea and blown from the Western sea, till there on the prairies meeting,
These and with these and the breath of my chant,
I’ll perfume the grave of him I love.


O what shall I hang on the chamber walls?
And what shall the pictures be that I hang on the walls,
To adorn the burial-house of him I love?

Pictures of growing spring and farms and homes,
With the Fourth-month eve at sundown, and the gray smoke lucid and bright,
With floods of the yellow gold of the gorgeous, indolent, sinking sun, burning, expanding the air,
With the fresh sweet herbage under foot, and the pale green leaves of the trees prolific,
In the distance of the flowing glaze, the breast of the river, with a wind-dapple here and there,
With ranging hills on the banks, with many a line against the sky, and shadows,
And the city at hand with dwellings so dense, and stacks of chimneys,
And all the scenes of life and the workshops, and the workmen homeward returning.


Lo, body and soul – this land,
My own Manhattan with spires, and the sparkling and hurrying tides, and the ships,
The varied and ample land, the South and the North in the light, Ohio’s shores and flashing Missouri,
And ever the far-spreading prairies cover’d with grass and corn.

Lo, the most excellent sun so calm and haughty,
The violet and purple morn with just-felt breezes,
The gentle soft-born measureless light,
The miracle spreading bathing all, the fulfill’d noon,
The coming eve delicious, the welcome night and the stars,
Over my cities shining all, enveloping man and land.


Sing on, sing on, you gray-brown bird,
Sing from the swamps, the recesses, pour your chant from the bushes,
Limitless out of the dusk, out of the cedars and pines.

Sing on dearest brother, warble your reedy song,
Loud human song, with voice of uttermost woe.

O liquid and free and tender!
O wild and loose to my soul – O wondrous singer!
You only I hear – yet the star holds me, (but will soon depart,)
Yet the lilac with mastering odor holds me.


Now while I sat in the day and look’d forth,
In the close of the day with its light and the fields of spring, and the farmers preparing their crops,
In the large unconscious scenery of my land with its lakes and forests,
In the heavenly aerial beauty, (after the perturb’d winds and storms,)
Under the arching heavens of the afternoon swift passing, and the voices of children and women,
The many-moving sea-tides, and I saw the ships how they sail’d,
And the summer approaching with richness, and the fields all busy with labor,
And the infinite separate houses, how they all went on, each with its meals and minutia of daily usages,
And the streets how their throbbings throbb’d, and the cities pent – lo, then and there,
Falling upon them all and among them all, enveloping me with the rest,
Appear’d the cloud, appear’d the long black trail,
And I knew death, its thought, and the sacred knowledge of death.

Then with the knowledge of death as walking one side of me,
And the thought of death close-walking the other side of me,
And I in the middle as with companions, and as holding the hands of companions,
I fled forth to the hiding receiving night that talks not,
Down to the shores of the water, the path by the swamp in the dimness,
To the solemn shadowy cedars and the ghostly pines so still.

And the singer so shy to the rest receiv’d me,
The gray-brown bird I know received us comrades three,
And he sang the carol of death, and a verse for him I love.

>From deep secluded recesses,
>From the fragrant cedars and the ghostly pines so still,
Came the carol of the bird.

And the charm of the carol rapt me,
As I held as if by their hands my comrades in the night,
And the voice of my spirit tallied the song of the bird.

Come lovely and soothing death,
Undulate round the world, serenely arriving, arriving,
In the day, in the night, to all, to each,
Sooner or later delicate death.

Prais’d be the fathomless universe,
For life and joy, and for objects and knowledge curious,
And for love, sweet love – but praise! praise! praise!
For the sure-enwinding arms of cool-enfolding death.

Dark mother always gliding near with soft feet,
Have none chanted for thee a chant of fullest welcome?
Then I chant it for thee, I glorify thee above all,
I bring thee a song that when thou must indeed come, come unfalteringly.

Approach strong deliveress,
When it is so, when you have taken them I joyously sing the dead,
Lost in the loving floating ocean of thee,
Laved in the flood of thy bliss, O death.

From me to thee glad serenades,
Dances for thee I propose saluting thee, adornments and feastings for thee,
And the sights of the open landscape and the high-spread sky are fitting,
And life and the fields, and the huge and thoughtful night.

The night in silence under many a star,
The ocean shore and the husky whispering wave whose voice I know,
And the soul turning to thee O vast and well-veil’d death,
And the body gratefully nestling close to thee.

Over the treetops I float thee a song,
Over the rising and sinking waves, over the myriad fields and the prairies wide,
Over the dense-packed cities and all the teeming wharves and ways,
I float this carol with joy, with joy to thee O death.


To the tally of my soul,
Loud and strong kept up the gray-brown bird,
With pure deliberate notes spreading filling the night.

Loud in the pines and cedars dim,
Clear in the freshness moist and the swamp-perfume,
And I with my comrades there in the night.

While my sight that was bound in my eyes unclosed,
As to long panoramas of visions.

And I saw askant the armies,
I saw as in noiseless dreams hundreds of battle-flags,
Borne through the smoke of the battles and pierced with missiles I saw them,
And carried hither and yon through the smoke and torn and bloody,
And at last but a few shreds left on the staffs, (all in silence,)
And the staffs all splinter’d and broken.

I saw battle-corpses, myriads of them,
And the white skeletons of young men, I saw them,
I saw the debris and debris of all the dead soldiers of the war,
But I saw they were not as was thought,
They themselves were fully at rest, they suffer’d not,
The living remain’d and suffer’d, the mother suffer’d,
And the wife and the child and the musing comrade suffer’d,
And the armies that remain’d suffer’d.


Passing the visions, passing the night,
Passing, unloosing the hold of my comrades’ hands,
Passing the song of the hermit bird and the tallying song of my soul,
Victorious song, death’s outlet song, yet varying ever-altering song,
As low and wailing, yet clear the notes, rising and falling, flooding the night,
Sadly sinking and fainting, as warning and warning, and yet again bursting with joy,
Covering the earth and filling the spread of the heaven,
As that powerful psalm in the night I heard from recesses,
Passing, I leave thee lilac with heart-shaped leaves,
I leave thee there in the door-yard, blooming, returning with spring.

I cease from my song for thee,
From my gaze on thee in the west, fronting the west, communing with thee,
O comrade lustrous with silver face in the night.

Yet each to keep and all, retrievements out of the night,
The song, the wondrous chant of the gray-brown bird,
And the tallying chant, the echo arous’d in my soul,
With the lustrous and drooping star with the countenance full of woe,
With the holders holding my hand nearing the call of the bird,
Comrades mine and I in the midst, and their memory ever to keep for the dead I loved so well,
For the sweetest, wisest soul of all my days and lands – and this for his dear sake,
Lilac and star and bird twined with the chant of my soul,
There in the fragrant pines and the cedars dusk and dim.                        

anonymous asked:

Could you write a prompt where beth and Daryl are at Maggie and Glenn's wedding and beth drags Daryl in for a dance and he sees how beautiful she is and realizing he's slowly falling in love with her

sure thing, thanks love! x

The wedding was definitely not traditional, but really, how traditional could you get these days? They’d decorated the forest clearing to the best of their ability, placing mats on the grass to serve as an adequate floor, and candles rivaled the star sprinkled sky. 

Much to everyone’s delight, someone had located a radio a few days back that still had some battery life in it, and a Beatles mix, dusty yet workable, rotated inside. Although the songs weren’t traditionally wedding-oriented, the life of music brought tears to everyone’s eyes. It had been a while since anyone had heard a song that wasn’t sung in the moment.

As people began to move on the “dance floor”, Daryl found himself watching. He hung at the outskirts of the makeshift wedding, observing as Glenn danced with Maggie and whispered something in her ear. He shifted a bit, his hands clasped respectfully in front of him, and was overall contented with the atmosphere despite the nagging ache of loneliness. 

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If only you knew...

Sheo. That’s all I need to say.

I bite my lip as I watch him, cracking his jokes, smiling at all those around him. He has no idea. Not one. I rest my head on the beam next to me. He glances at me, grins.

I glance at her, she’s grinning at me. I feel a flush of heat, a mellowing inside me. I want to hold her in my arms.

“Theo, what most attracted you to the role of Four?”

I stumble back into real life, I look at the interviewer before me and start to ramble into some long-winded answer…

He’s being interviewed again. My chest feels a little hollow all of a sudden. When we look at each other, there’s something, like a spark. It’s like a sunrise, it’s like looking at the night sky. There’s a surreal nature to it. As if it’s just me and him, just the two of us in the whole world. Everything else shuts out. Nothing else matters.

“Theo, what is Shailene Woodley like to work with?”

I blink.

“Shai, she’s great…”

She’s more than great. I look at her again. I smile. I can’t help but smile when I look at her, when I take her in. Her eyes. Her nose. Her smile. I have her face memorised.

Is he talking about me? My cheeks burn but I can’t help but smile. He wriggles his hand at me, summoning me to him. I walk over, I slide my hand into his, his arm wraps around me and pulls me close to him.

I feel warmth. I feel safe.

“And here’s the woman herself!” The interviewer says enthusiastically.

“What’s Theo like to work with?” Says another.

I feel complete when she’s in my arms. I just want to kiss her lips, I want to look into her eyes, I want to say all in my mind, all I’ve wanted to say since the moment I met her.

I look at him, the question bumbling around my brain, demanding me for an answer.

“He’s fantastic.” I smile, wanting to say so much more.

The urge inside me rises, the urge to kiss her. Even just her forehead. Even just the top of her head. Why is something so simple, so complex? 

“I need to talk to you later…” I whisper in her ear.

I feel shivers all over me as he whispers in my ear. All of a sudden I’m frozen, like I’m unable to move.

I squeeze his hand tighter.

Am I going to tell her? Am I? But, what if she doesn’t feel the same way? But, what if I spook her? What do I do? What do I do…?

My heart is starting to race. What is it he wants to talk to me about? My mouth runs dry. I move closer to Theo, closer into his embrace, closer to his chest, closer to his sanctuary. 

“We’ll see you inside!” I tell the interviewers, desperate to break away.

I can smell her perfume, rising inside me, like ribbons, they wrap around me and demand I act. I need to kiss her. I need to tell her. I need to. I’ve got to. I find somewhere inside, somewhere quiet, somewhere… Perfect.

I sit her down on a bench and smile at her.

Everywhere feels hot when he smiles, like this drug thriving inside me. This little moment of quiet perfection, one I will always savour, one I will never tire off - no matter how many times he smiles.

“Shai…” I start, stuttering.

My heart starts to race. What’s he going to say? I dig my fingers into my palms, all the while gluing a smile to my face. He can’t know. He can’t know how I feel. I can’t do that to him, can I?

“Shai.” I say, a little more certain of myself. I lift my hand, like I want to brush it against her cheek. But I don’t. 

I watch his hand as he puts it back on his leg. I wish he’d press it to my cheek, I wish he’d hold it there and let me shut my eyes, let me pretend it’s just us. 

It’s moments like this I ache for, moments where it’s just me and her. Where it’s just us, it’s just perfect.

I love you Theo. I say it in my head. I love you Theo, I really love you. I say it again. Why can’t my lips say it? Why can’t I tell him?

I love you Shai. You are beautiful. You are kind. You are sweet. You are adorable. You are all sorts of good. You are perfection. I demand to say it. I have to say it.

But I can’t. Oh Shai, if only you knew.

I keep smiling at him. I don’t know what else to do. Oh Theo, if only you knew. I get up, I should get outside, I need to answer questions, I need to do all that. My head starts to blur, starts to ache.

“I better go back outside.” I say, quietly.

I clamber to my feet but he grabs my wrist, not hard, it’s as if it were my hand, he slides his fingers around it effortlessly.

“There’s something I really need to tell you.”

To be continued~~

this week in the stars
  • Scorpio: You sit at the center of this season of change; take ownership of what is falling apart.
  • Sagittarius: Punishment is progress.
  • Capricorn: A city in the distance: unreachable and beautiful.
  • Aquarius: The Assumption of YOU!
  • Pisces: Life is worth living and you are indeed alive.
  • Aries: For some, the earth shifts as they think of you.
  • Taurus: Dreams are the only thing not up for public interpretation; they are yours and you are the only one who can understand and act on them.
  • Gemini: You can never know someone. There is no one in the world you can know.
  • Cancer: If you shut your eyes, can’t you hear the river of life rushing by and past, its water rising in a heady perfume, blue fish and other beasts gliding along with winking eyes.
  • Leo: Don’t wait for tomorrow or next week; it’s critically important that you start today and do it today.
  • Virgo: Believe in the power of a briefcase this week.
  • Libra: The imaginary you is more you than the transient you of right now. Think big!