rise og

  • Angelica: Are you familiar with the story of Icarus? He flew to close to the sun, his wax wings melted off and he died!
  • Hamilton: Are you familiar with the story of Money Ball, the man who used stastictical analysis to win a baseball game? My office is a powerhouse house of paper work! I’m on a high and I am never coming down!
The House Metaphor

Picture a house, as grand and beautiful or as quaint and cute as you’d like. You live in this house, and all of its windows are stained glass. Your Rising Sign is the stained glass windows of the house. It alters the way others see you, and the way you see the world. Your Sun Sign is the house itself. It is everything you love, everything you identify with and consider important to you. Your Moon Sign is you, the person living inside of the house. Your wants and needs; what is required to be happy. The most important part of a house is the people living inside of it. Take care of yourself.