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Hope is Everywhere.

Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 6. Man, what a great episode. So many cameos. So many emotions. I particularly liked how Jack’s depression was manifested in the ghost samurai and that Ashi fought with him just as much with words as with action. Thank goodness he took up the fight against himself again. Rise Jack, go and find your sword and hold on to hope.

I just watched the new Samurai Jack trailer, and when I saw blood, ACTUAL BLOOD, I realized there was something… kinda low-key surreal about it. On one hand, due to modern cartoons that push the edge and the fandoms of such that push the edge over the cliff, I’m kinda unfazed. On the other hand, watching the original Samurai Jack, it’s like they go out of their way to censor the bloodshed, by using robots and oil instead. Seeing Jack get stabbed is something to be expected in angsty fanart, but for it to be actually canon??? Holy frick.

This is gonna be a fricking experience man.


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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This is late, but hey, here it is! I’ve been marathon-ing kakasaku fics recently since i NEEDED to satisfy my shipper heart before i drop everything and become serious for school next year.

Includes (*=contains some nsfw elements):

  • (20) (High) School AU
  • (25) Modern day AU (general)
  • (13) Fantasy/Sci-Fi AU (with sub-AUs indicated)
  • (04) Historical Romance AU
  • (19) Specific-book/movie AU/Crossover
  • (11) Time Travel AU
  • (11) Generation/Age Swap AU
  • (08) Co-Habitation AU
  • (07) Trapped in a Jutsu AU
  • (03) One of them is not Konoha Shinobi AU
  • (13+01) One of them has kids/Sakura gets pregnant AU
  • (18) One of them is Hokage AU
  • (07) Ghost and Living Person AU
  • (05) Amnesia Fics
  • (08) My Favorite kind of Sakura (where Sakura is a step ahead of Kakashi)
  • (22) In-Narutoverse, Mission Plots
  • (65) In-Narutoverse, Relationship-driven Multi-chapters
  • (46) NSFW (a large portion of the fic is NSFW)
  • (04) OT3
  • (93) Various Oneshots (Happy, Sad, Crack, etc.)
  • (27) Drabble and Oneshot Collections
  • (07) Unclassified Fics (I dont want to spoil them by classifying/i can’t classify them)
  • (04+(01)) NON-KAKASAKU FICS with platonicKakasaku <3
  • (11) Notable Naruto Fanfics


  1. I can’t guarantee consistent quality, characterizations and moral inclinations in all fanfics since i ’collect’ fics according to a mental checklist i have. For example, even if I do hold a Sakura as someone who can only have intimate relations with someone she’s emotionally invested in as my headcanonHarunoSakura, i can still cherish a Sakura who does one night stands (but not so much a Sakura that is reduced to an absolute mess just because a man is shirtless or someone says the word “penis.” she IS a medic, guys. she can’t possibly be THAT shy about it).
  2. There’s a LOT of NSFW fics floating around, which means there’s a lot of Fics that have made me go “NOPE! 8D” but i decided to include them since i liked some specific thing in it (plot, fluffy moment, characterization, etc) and i float different boats depending on the day. what i could probably HATE WITH A BURNING PASSION TODAY, i might be able to forgive tomorrow.
  3. I included the dates when it was last updated so that you can decide for yourself whether or not you’re going to be emotionally invested in something that was left hanging or was deliberately discontinued.

With that in mind, please enjoy!



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Still waiting so I decided to do a little comic on my own personal ideas on the origins of Aku based off of The Origins of Evil episode and combining with the backstory of the Nightmare King in Guardians of Childhood books (Rise of the Guardians movie is based off on)

So here we have Katsuo waking up from another nightmare when he notices a unannounced visitor in his room. The thing is, they both seem oddly familiar with each other and Katsuo knows things he shouldn’t know about on some vague sense. Bits and pieces of memory that were retained in a subconscious level.

Samurai Jack idea

50,000 years have passed and I still do not age. My exposure to time portals has forever bound me to agelessness. I wander the world, striking down the corruption of Aku wherever the black trees grow, and hoping to find the friends I lost to the future. The essence of Aku has spread far, and the only thing that brings me hope is the idea that one day my Ashi will rise from it.

Top 10 anime of 2014

As before, this includes shows which ENDED in 2014 (that’s why Shirobako isn’t here)

This was still a bit hard. Summer kinda fucked shit up.

I mean, other than Jojo, every show from Summer season had something really wrong with it.  …REALLY wrong. That’s especially apparent when Fall season was so good.

Even so, it is done.

MASSIVE EDIT: Garo is STILL GOING! Garo is NOT SPLIT COUR! so, really, it’s a 2014/15 show…so it doesn’t count. It could be in the 2015 list… unless all the stuff coming out this year totally delivers.

 so #10 is… . . 

10. Sekai Seifuku AKA Jormungand First Order

So weird and so good. Take what is for all intents and purposes a pint sized Koko Hekmatyar from another planet, add a crew of odd and insanely likable characters, and a world that seems like some kind of surreal Rugrats episode and you have this crazy ass show.

9. Zankyou no Terror (AKA The Plot to Blow Up Everything)

Of the generally flawed Summer season, this was the show that offset it’s flaws the most with a great memorable beginning and ending, excellent soundtrack by everyones favorite Yoko Kanno, and a story that even with it all it’s flaws was still quite interesting. 

8. Hajime no Ippo Rising (still doesn’t need a nickname)

First of all, the Kamogawa gym gang are as lovable as the Silver Spoon gang are as lovable as the Shirobako gang. I could watch these people forever. Second of all, fucking INTENSE fights. I can’t even really pick which one was the best off the top of my head, they were all really good.

7. Psycho Pass 2 (AKA CSI Japan 2050)

A show that overcame a fatal flaw like having a complete overhaul of the staff responsible for the fucking BEAST that the first Psycho Pass was. This mainly had to do with whoever wrote this season still managing to come up with something both interesting and fitting for Psycho-Pass. It was never gonna be as good as the original (we knew at least a month before the premiere Production IG was not involved), but it was fucing awesome for what it was.

6. Knights of Sidonia (AKA Attack on Titan… .IN SPACE)

No, seriously. I love this. It’s the best full CGI anime I have seen (granted, I still have to see Expelled From Paradise, but we’ll cross that bridge when it becomes available for overseas viewers to watch). Much is made of cheesy romantic aspects, but it’s not that prevalent. People who cannot get past the CG are really missing out. 

5. Kill La Kill (AKA Project R-ko)

Trigger’s first TV series is a total success. With it’s over the top action and gags often combined with intensity of the characters, it’s a show that maybe sometimes doesn’t have a handle on whether it wants to be taken seriously or not, but in the end is always entertaining.

4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders (pt 1) (AKA Polnareff’s Bogus Bathroom Journey)

We waited and waited and waited and holy fuck did it deliver!!! Everyone’s favorite chapter (though, seeing it animated, I dunno, I think I might like Battle Tendency a little better) finally gets the correct treatment. 

3. Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (AKA Record of Heavy Metal Demon Girl War)

Ladies and gentlemen, the biggest surprise of 2014 (that isn’t continuing into 2015), and the 3rd MAPPA show on this list. This ran at the same time as Garo, and they quite obviously put a shit ton of effort into this show in comparison. The entire thing looks amazing, but the first 3 or 4 episodes take the cake. Lets talk about why it’s such a surprise though… .this is based on a video game. Not just a video game…a video game MADE TO PLAY ON MOBILE PHONES… which had no story. They took that and turned it into this show with these super likable characters in a fantasy world with a well told story IN ONLY 12 EPISODES. How long has it been since you’ve seen a show that short that didn’t have a rushed ending?

2. Samurai Flamenco (AKA Let’s Go Discount Rider Kick)

This show was a journey. A journey from the realistic to the surrealistic and back. It was all at once fun ride, a sad ride and an intense ride. To think many of us went into it expecting anime tokusatsu (of course, we got that later didn’t we?) 

1. Space Dandy (AKA Dandy Bebop)

There’s just no contest, this was most entertaining show of 2014. Subbed or dubbed. Rewatch value is off the charts, because every episode is different. Some episodes are sad, some episodes are funny. There’s NOTHING Space Dandy can’t do … .except boring.

runners-up: Re:Hamatora, Silver Spoon 2, Fate/Stay Night UBW pt 1, Tokyo Ghoul and Aldnoah Zero

kissesonly2  asked:

What would lords reacted if mc was crying secretly? Also in include Ieyasu cox he's my favorite!!!

This isn’t really “crying secretly,” per se– but, to be fair, at least one of them doesn’t know about the crying, right? hehehe

Tokugawa Ieyasu came to with a muted groan, eyes bleary and chasing after the restful slumber that slowly slipped away from him. A glance to the window gave him only a sprinkling of stars, without even a whisper of the indigo that heralded dawn’s arrival. It must, then, have still been late in the night– he had retired unusually early that evening, and with every intent to have you keep him company for quite a while.

Surely your presence was an intrusion, you had almost protested– all he would do, most evenings you attended him, was read. You would write in your diary and recipe book or mend some clothing, and return to your room when Ieyasu was ready to turn in for the night. Somehow, it was frustrating. It baffled you as to why he even bothered to call for your service when he clearly didn’t need your assistance with anything. Once, you had asked him why, and all he gave in reply was a grin, taunting, as if to say, “Why not? Were you expecting more?”

So, knowing from experience you would get no straight answer, you had resigned yourself to your routine, following your lord to his chambers with the latest piece of clothing for the needle and thread. When it became time for bed, however, he had requested you stay with him, and sleep by his side tonight. 

You, all a-fluster, had made to slip away with polite deflection, a deep pink blooming on your cheeks, but the look he had given you– oh, that look that caught not just in your throat but settled in your heart, that made you crave his embrace, to take him into your own– had stopped you before you could utter a word and charmed you into staying.

Now, in the dead of the night, Ieyasu found himself gazing at your sleeping face. How remarkable, he thought to himself, that this girl is, to me…

His thoughts trailed off when he heard a whimper escape your lips, followed by a hitched breath.His eyebrows furrowed. Were you… crying? He brought his hand up to brush the corner of your eye, only for it to come away wet. You were definitely crying, and still deeply asleep, a helpless thrall to whatever dreams plagued you in your slumber.

“Troublesome wench…” he murmured, and though his words expressed annoyance, his actions were another thing entirely, even for himself. Carefully, he put his arms about you, wary of waking you up. Once you were secured in his arms, he gently manoeuvred you to rest on his chest, and simply held you while you slept, occasionally accenting the silence with small sobs and hiccups. Soon, your breathing evened out, and Ieyasu felt sleep coming back to him. 

With the last of his awareness, he felt about for your hand, entwining it with his– how strange, how comforting, how warm– and closed his eyes, waiting for a wonderful morning with you.

Samurai Jack Epilogue

Major Spoilers Ahead

Centuries have passed, but the Samurai still has not aged. 

Empires rise and fall; allies are born and enemies die. The samurai even meets a few familiar faces; strangers the Samurai had met in a previous life, who accept the Samurai in open arms as if he were an old friend from a faint memory of a time that doesn’t exist.

He spends his life travelling the globe helping those in need as the world around him continues to shrink. The shape shifting master of darkness might be gone, but evil continues to exist. The Samurai’s immortality- the last remnant of his former mortal enemy- has become a force for good.

The Samurai will one day find himself on a path both familiar and unfamiliar; in a robot graveyard never touched by his sandals, despite the fact that he had been there twice before. 

By this time, the Samurai mind will have aged gracefully with wisdom, though his body remains young. By all means, the Samurai had lived far more than a full life; he had saved the world multiple times and continues to inspire new heroes everyday. By all accounts, he should be satisfied. And yet the silken black maine growing out of his face serves as a reminder of a time that only exists as a memory. The Samurai is on this path for a reason.

He will be approached a large blue man in sunglasses; a guardian who protects a magical time portal where all realities exist simultaneously. This will not be the first time the two have met.

The man will challenge the Samurai to a duel, and the two will fight… not as enemies, but as allies well aware of what the outcome will be. But before the fight begins, the samurai will ask the man a question.

“Where is Ashi”