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Hogwarts Houses as Starset Songs

for @yellowmagicalgirl

Gryffindor: Halo- offering to help someone who is in need, regardless of the cost to themself, honest when describing their feelings toward the person

Slytherin: Carnivore- wanting to rise above people’s expectations of them, angry that people do not think they can accomplish anything

Ravenclaw: Telescope- full of metaphorical language and symbolism, in a literal context expresses curiosity about the potential of learning what’s out there

Hufflepuff: Telepathic- refusal to give up and determination, patience in waiting for someone to clarify their feelings toward them

It’s interesting to me though how the critical/fan response to Hell Bent is like PEAK 2015. Literally any other decade, and Hell Bent would be considered a modern classic. It’s objectively a gorgeously structured, gorgeously written, gorgeously directed character piece full of hope and optimism and joy and pay-off. The only reason it has the backlash it does is because of when it aired, slap bang in the middle of the populist rise of the post-HBO Game-of-Thrones-style gritty fatalism phenomenon. People are obsessed with seeing characters die, (for the same tragedy porn-eque reason people watch opportunistic crime documentaries on youtube), with seeing horrible things happen. Audiences are so used to ‘gruesome death = shock value = satisying payoff’ thanks to Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead that they can’t accept anything else as thematically legitimate. And so Hell Bent airs, directly rejects and subverts the concept of a shock-value plot twist death, and is met with “DW has no consequences” and “DW has been ruined” and “Death means nothing in DW”.  It’s frustrating, but once people grow tired of the HBO doom-and-gloom TV trend, as they inevitably will, and we see the decline of social media capitalising, shock-value ‘plot twist’ TV in about five years time, Hell Bent, (and indeed the subversive optimism of Moffat era Doctor Who in general), will be looked back on as the timeless, sweeping, romantic, thematic classic that it is.

people suddenly rise from the dead whenever I do matchups, hey I also do hc’s babes you should stick around and read them sometimes I’d love to see your lovely faces pop up in my notifications more often ;)

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Placements more likely to be misjudged when first met, for example people tend to dislike them before they know them🌸

All Rising signs can be misjudged! But in a negative way, it’s usually these signs:

Aries - Virgo - Scorpio - Sagittarius - Capricorn rising

I put in Aries and Sagittarius rising because since they are pretty bold and blunt upon first meeting, people may not like that. They would think Aries and Sagittarius rising are too overbearing and brutal.

I put Virgo rising because they can come across as know it alls to other people and others don’t like a “know it all”. 🙇🏻‍♀️

It’s my FR anniversary!

Which means it’s time to draw the winners of my giveaway to celebrate the end of my first year on flight rising and the start of my second! I had a lot less people join than I expected, which is fine. It just means everyone will have the chance to win at least 1 thing! Next year, (or next giveaway, depending on if I do another one before) I’ll do my best to have better prizes, and I’ll probably make a proper forum thread for this!

The winners were drawn using a random number generator.

Thundercrack Skin Winners: (once Thundercrack starts, message me either here or on FR with the skin/accent you want and I’ll get it to you as soon as I can!)

Baldwin Mats: (I’ll get these out to you all immediately through a CR!)

Hatchlings: (The eggs hatch tomorrow, but since I’m getting my wisdom teeth out, it may take some time to be in a state where my mind is able to brainstorm and write lore, so you can expect these to be sent out anywhere between tomorrow evening and Tuesday)


  • Since there are so few of you who joined, everyone will be getting a familiar! I may not be able to line it up exactly with your requests from the survey, but I can check your bestiary to ensure it’s something you don’t yet have!

Thank you all for a wonderful year, and I am looking forward to my future on flight rising!

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rules: answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people

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the last:

1. drink: water
2. phone call: dad
3. text message: dad
4. song you listened to: sober (lorde)
5. time you cried: before china
6. dated someone twice: lmao no
7. kissed someone and regretted it: never
8. been cheated on: nopedy nope
9. lost someone special: yeah
10. been depressed: yep
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: i dont drink

3 favorite colors:

12. turquoise/green/blue
13. silver
14. golden orange like the sun and my hair tbh

in the last year have you:

15. made new friends: yes
16. fallen out of love: not romantic love
17. laughed until you cried: yes
18. found out someone was talking about you: yep yikes
19. met someone who changed you: yes
20. found out who your friends are: more like who my friends arent again yikes
21. kissed someone on your facebook list: LOL no.


22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them
23. do you have any pets: 2 dogs and lots of fish
24. do you want to change your name: no
25. what did you do for your last birthday: an attempt at a surprise party thing but like half the people ditched after surprising me so yeah it was a nice thought but idk not really what i wanted but yeah still a nice thought
26. what time did you wake up: idk after 10
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: probably on tumblr
28. name something you can’t wait for: ts6
29. when was the last time you saw your mom: like an hour ago
30. what are you listening to right now: nothing im about to sleep
31. have you ever talked to a person named tom: my uncle
32. something that is getting on your nerves: fake friends
33. most visited website: tumblr
34. hair color: strawberry blonde
35. long or short hair: long
36. do you have a crush on someone: does emilia clarke count
37. what do you like about yourself: im my own person
38. piercings: no
39. blood type: idk
40. nickname: kris
41. relationship: single
42. zodiac: scorpio, but no im not scary or sexual lmfao
43. pronouns: she/her
44. favorite tv show: i have a lot of favorites
45. tattoos: no
46. right or left handed: right
47. surgery: none
48. sport: i played soccer up until a year ago, i rode/trained horses until the barn i worked at changed hands and got complicated, i currently do krav maga
49. vacation: anywhere with snow, i really wanna see the northern lights, i love hawaii (not touristy hawaii though you gotta go to local places), i would love to see italy and greece
50. pair of trainers: converse

more general:

51. eating: nothing but now you made me hungry
52. drinking: nothing rn but now im thirsty omg
53. i’m about to: wash my face
54. waiting for: ts6
55. want: for taylor swift to drop album 6 and murder me
56. get married: i want a really sweet romantic simple relationship but idk
57. career: working in the un would be really cool

which is better:

58. hugs or kisses: both?!?!
59. lips or eyes: eyes
60. shorter or taller: im short so most people are taller
61. older or younger: uh same age ish
62. nice arms or nice stomach: i mean both tbh
63. hookup or relationship: relationship
64. troublemaker or hesitant: this is a very vague question

have you ever:

65. kissed a stranger: no
66. drank hard liquor: lolololol no
67. lost glasses/contact lenses: i dont wear either
68. turned someone down: not directly
69. sex on the first date: ahaha who do you think i am
70. had your heart broken: i mean not romantically but yeah
71. been arrested: no
72. cried when someone died: yes
73. fallen for a friend: no

do you believe in:

74. yourself: yeah
75. miracles: not really
76. love at first sight: not particularly 
77. santa claus: aha no
78. kiss on the first date: idk
79. angels: no


80. eye color: brown
81. movie: avatar (james cameron not the goddamn cartoon)

the other 4 questions fell into the void apparently


The Native Nations March is currently taking place through D.C. and at the White House, capping off a four-day protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. As indigenous groups from all over the country continue to call for a meeting with Donald Trump, news outlets need make sure the voices of water protectors and environmental activists are heard.

American propaganda works so well that we still have people out here thinking it was totally fine and justified that the United States dropped two atomic bombs on Japanese civilians, killing well over 100,000 innocent people. It works so well that, even though the United States is the only country to ever use a nuclear bomb in warfare, people think that the United States is still the only qualified entity to invade other countries in order to stop them from having nuclear weapons. It works so well that you can read all about every war crime committed by the United States all around the world, with little to no government censorship, and that STILL doesn’t make people rise up in anger. It works so well that you can read accounts of the CIA or FBI literally trying to brainwash Americans into total subservience and people STILL won’t resist.

Americans put the Soviets to shame in how effective their propaganda is. It’s not even close.



No.1: GOE +2.71 (*)
No.2: GOE +2.00 (**)
No.3: GOE +2.14 (**)
No.4: Single is the new quad
No.5: “Sure I messed up but it doesn’t matter because I’m Yuzuru Hanyu”
No.6: “I did a #yoloaxel out of an Ina Bauer the other week, how hard can it be to do one out of a hydroblade? ‘kay, turned out it’s pretty hard”
No.7: “Watch me do this impossible thing and watch me sulk when it fails”

(*) Judges were drunk
(**) Judges were hungover from fundraising parties for new prescription glasses

like not to be dramatic

but When We Rise is lifechanging

people are talking about how it feels outdated, how it’s getting low ratings, etc

but like

these new tv shows that they’re comparing it to aren’t changing lives

I’m learning things about the history of the lgbtq+ community that I had no idea about

I don’t know that this can be judged by the regular metrics because I think that it’s more than just a show

It feels like a story being told to me about where we’ve come from, and I think it’s changing the way that I see the world that we live in now


So I was re-reading the chapter in Rise of the Ogre that talks about the first time Murdoc ran his car over 2D’s face when I noticed… the title for this part of the story

August 15th, 1997. That’s the date Murdoc and 2D ‘met’.

In a few weeks, 20 years will have passed since it.

20 years since they know each other. 20 years since the day their lives changed forever.

Shadow agitation
  • Aries rising: Can be agitated by people who lack self assertion, who seem to be naturally well liked, those who won't stand their ground
  • Taurus rising: Can be agitated by secretive people, can be agitated by those who say they have satisfaction with 'less'
  • Gemini rising: Can be agitated by more cultivated points of view, by the demand for truthfulness, by a broader perspective
  • Cancer rising: Can be agitated by people with the confidence to go after their dreams, by those who push them into the world
  • Leo rising: Can be agitated by those who have won over ego, who are 'recognised without trying'
  • Virgo rising: Can be agitated by inconsistency or vagueness, by those who embrace the immaterial experience
  • Libra rising: Can be agitated by intimidating, confronting, confident, and phlegmatic types, types who show them the courage of self belief
  • Scorpio rising: Can be agitated by grounded and simple types, those who are satisfied to dwell in the world and deep inside it
  • Sagittarius rising: Can be agitated by frivolity surrounding information and facts, can be agitated by free and wandering minds who refuse to bind to truth
  • Capricorn rising: Can be agitated by emotional or sentimental types, those who remind them of their childhood or mother
  • Aquarius rising: Can be agitated by self assured and over confident types, those who are overly histrionic
  • Pisces rising: Can be agitated by overly critical or logical types, those who confine themselves by pure statistic and not experience
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  • #projections
Aquarius Debunked: Myth #2

People keep calling Aquarians “humanitarian.”

It’s true, in a way. 

Aquarians do charity work. They’ll feed the poor, help build shelters, and give a homeless person a dollar.

But they’ll make sure someone’s taking pictures, put it on their resume, casually mention how they helped make the world a better place, in every single conversation with everyone they meet. 

If you ask what they’d do if they won the lottery, they’ll say, “I’ll use the money to make the world a better place” (build a hospital, donate to PETA, whatever). They’ll say it while they watch you carry an armload groceries into your house, without offering to help. 

There’s no glory in helping with the little things. You can’t put small acts of genuine kindness on a resume. Where are the cameras? Pfft.

They’ll offer to travel the world with you- because they need someone to take pictures of them to put on Instagram. They need to appear popular and well-traveled, but they have no genuine interest in taking in the sights, making connections, or having fun. 

It’s always about appearances.

An Aquarius would rather project an image of being happy and fulfilled via their facebook profile, than experience actual happiness and fulfilment. They’d rather appear to be humanitarian than actually help people from the heart. They’d rather appear popular than have any real friends. They’d rather appear to have a perfect relationship than find true love. 

It takes less time and effort to construct a pretty lie than to build something beautiful and true. So, I get it. (I don’t respect it.) But I get it.

We are currently in the age of Aquarius. One glance around shows that everyone displays the behavior described here to some extent. People are allies because it’s the cool thing to do, not because they care. People stay in friend groups just to fit in and appear well-adjusted, not because they’re actually friends. Etc.

Those with prominent Aquarius in their birth chart (esp. rising) just do this more than the rest of us.

The evolved Aquarius is a true rebel and revolutionary. The evolved Aquarius does things for only one reason: because they want to. Not to help others, and not to help themselves, but from pure, genuine, internal motivation. This form of Aquarius is exceptionally rare. You’re more likely to come across the sheep than the lone wolf manifestation of this sign.

So… For the love of god, stop calling Aquarians ‘humanitarian’ when they honestly couldn’t give a fuck, unless it makes them look good.

[Myth #1]

Damianos of Akielos Headcanon:

he has the exact same body type as Jason Momoa, and if he could, he would wear nothing but Cargo pants at all times and hang out at a skate park:



The signs should know...
  • Aries: it's okay to not be okay. Let yourself break down. Cry. Let someone hug you while you do it. Remember I'll still look at you like you're standing in the top of a mountain even with red stained cheeks.
  • Taurus: you don't have to be there for everyone all the time. You are and it's noticed, trust me, but the second you let someone be there for you it'll be a gift you gave yourself. You have a golden soul and it'd be a shame if you didn't get a little of it for yourself.
  • Gemini: you made the right choice(s). I trust your decisions. You are smart. And you're in too deep to go back so live your goddamn life.this is what you have TAKE IT.
  • Cancer: you're the strongest person alive. You have mountains on your back and roses in your hair and I don't know how you do it. You're amazing. Don't let the mountains get too heavy.
  • Leo: it's okay to be frustrated. Remember why you are and don't get off track when expressing those feelings. Nobody is mad at you it's okay. I love you.
  • Virgo: you've been strong for a while now (your whole life) so go ahead and rest your beautiful brain. Be weak but only for enough time to realize that being strong is something you are, it's in you, it won't change.
  • Libra: feeling uncertain is okay!!!! If you feel it in your heart, go for it. If you feel it in your gut, turn the other way.
  • Scorpio: you're not mean, and you're not difficult. You're who you were made to be and that's nothing less than the the stars in the sky.
  • Sagittarius: every word that comes out of your mouth is heard and it is so nice to hear let me tell you. You're not annoying, and you make so many people so happy.
  • Capricorn: you don't have to be the same person that everyone always thought you were so you kinda just stuck with it. Change the way you need to for yourself and everyone else will just have to adapt. But remember that whichever "you" you choose is still 100% you.
  • Aquarius: you're understood. I get you. Keep talking. Say whatever it is you'd like. It'll be absorbed and remembered and stored in hearts and minds and souls into old age. Your words will be remembered in rocking chairs on old creaky porches at 7am when I'm old.
  • Pisces: oh you are so loved. And at every moment of every day you are on someone's mind. The smell of your hair and the sparkle in your eye and the words from your mouth scar the passerby's in shapes of stars on their mind in colors we've never seen before.

Transiting Venus in Gemini
July 4, 2017 - July 31, 2017

From the clouds dozens of butterflies are released from Venus clams as Venus enters Gemini. A light airy planet in a light airy sign makes for a playful combination as the breeze blows in dazzling flittering socialites full of conversation and captivation. Venus in Gemini is a favourable time for parties, pizzaz, pizza and beer, because talking and deep conversation becomes evocative and most importantly, easy! But Venus in Gemini is not all superficial social encounters, the mind develops a love for learning, literature, and language. We love to read, we may even do our yearly book binge during this time. We love to write and share what’s on our romantic mind, ‘tis the season of love letters and constant flirty texting, it’s innocent and exciting. Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini so now they become sisters of love

Aries rising The blessing of friendships and connecting with other people becomes the sparkle of life, enjoying recreational pursuits and social organisations, appreciating the joy that friends bring into their life, it’s a time for shared pleasure. There is a genuine recognition for friends and associates and the generation of love for everybody in their life 

Taurus rising Solitary nights of satiating study, reading, thinking, and delighting in personal research. The individual may become more isolated now, but not lonely, oh no, because this alone time is generating inspiring, creative ideas. They may enjoy those deep 3am conversations more than ever. There may be the development of a secret romance

Gemini rising Transforming into a mirror of beauty, the individual introduces pleasure and personal amusement into life. There is a real appreciation for beauty and a strong identification with relationships. This may be a more self indulgent time for the person, its beneficial for them to indulge, eat, laze, and love. There should be no guilt associated with their extravagance

Cancer rising Creative inspiration requires a material outlet, the individual may be especially stimulated by the muse and delight through creative expression - painting, drawing, designing, writing, even experimenting with personal style. There may be a lot of spending and focus on satisfying sensual desires. Favourable time for making money doing something they love

Leo rising The mind is alive and stimulated during this time, absolutely relishing in its thoughts, talents, and abilities. The individual can really indulge in conversation right now and be inspired by learning. There is freedom in the mind that may be rare, a certain flightiness and lack of rigidity. The individual communicates well with lovers, often resolving long term difficulties or feeling capable of expressing feelings.

Virgo rising Nothing is more pleasurable, comfortable, and indulging than the safety and warmth of home, lovers, and family. The individual enjoys the closeness and bonds of family and may spend a lot of time decorating and re designing the home. It can be especially fun to daydream and imagine right now. Spending time lost in memories can generate a kind of bliss

Libra rising Romances are abundant and captivating at present. The individual’s sexual nature can be disinhibited and lavish, there may be a real interest in following romantic flings and indulging in fairy tale ideals. The pursuit of personal pleasures can become controlling, the individual may find it difficult to control their lust, consumptions, eating habits, substances, and desires. Sexually experimental

Scorpio rising This is a favourable time for exploring talents in the workplace and developing relationships with colleagues. The individual may especially enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasure of work and employment. If this is not occurring, there may be a basic re-alignment with the natural simplicity and serenity of life. Routine and taking care of themselves seems more important. Health issues may be resolved

Sagittarius rising Relationships become the art of life during this time, the individual desires nothing more than romance, connections, and shared experiences. They manage to find beauty in everything and everyone, and as it reflects through them, they attract what their heart’s desire. And this isn’t just romantic relationships. They can generate tremendous bonds with friends or family, colleagues and children

Capricorn rising Late nights indulging in secret studies, exploring the invisible down intricate thoughts, following seducing subjects that are riddled with mystery and obscurity. There may be a great love of relishing in deep research, alone and disinhibited, searching for truth. The sexual appetite can be particularly devouring, the thought of finding a soul mate especially satiating

Aquarius rising The pangs of wanderlust become consuming, the individual longs to travel far and wide. There is great delight in exploring the deep meanings of life, symbolism, astrology, myth, and God. The individual may plan the destinations they will travel to. Studying becomes especially inspiring. If they are studying, the learning is rousing. The individual may enrol in a course

Pisces rising Venus is the historical lesser benefic so she brings fortune, this may occur in the individual’s professional life during this period. They may be recognised at work or heralded for an original idea. Focusing on personal goals and achievements is rewarding and elevating. It’s a time to be proud. If there has been conflict with the father, it may be resolved or alleviated somewhat. This is a favourable time for networking, talking the ‘right talk’ and meeting the right people such as connecting with mentors or superiors