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do you have any advice for a young virgo rising trying to come to terms with so many rising sign posts stating that virgo rising people are invisible/difficult to notice? i don't know if i'm reading these wrong, but it seems to equate to having no presence (more or less, since natal charts are infinitely complex)...? i really want to like my rising sign but find it challenging, if you would be down to give any advice

Well, the first thing to do is realize that those posts aren’t wrong per se, they’re just basic af. Think a few steps further than what you’re given (you’re in the unique position of living with the placement so you can do it more justice than others… this is why I can speak so clearly and in depth about cancer ascendants), why do you think that ascending Virgo is quiet/unassuming? It’s not that they inherently desire to stay out of the limelight, but rather that they need that distance in order to observe others. 

Gemini (the other sign ruled by Mercury) is apt to dive in and and seek to manipulate the atmosphere of a given situation because they are positive/masculine polarity. They need to shake things up in order to learn more about them. In contrast Virgo is a negative/feminine sign, they still have the innate curiosity and desire to learn because of Mercury, but they aren’t as active/disruptive in the way they go about it. Instead they would rather sit back and observe. Then they can get a better objective picture of what’s going on and make sharper decisions. Virgo on the ascendant denotes a person that is careful, observant, intelligent, insightful, a great problem solver, and someone who has the ability and desire to help others (Virgo is a sign of service after all). 

Furthermore, because it’s an earth sign their sensuality is increased ten-fold. They take things in with their sight, their sense of smell, their sense of touch, they listen carefully…. This is all data to them, but secretly they revel in such delights. Getting up-close and personal wouldn’t allow them the same amount of time to savor these things. Virgo is clandestine in that way. They give so much to others, and so they need something small and secret that they can keep just to themselves.

I love how so many sag risings have this out-of-the-blue humour that tends to leave most people startled while being absolutely hilarious to other sag risings. it’s so hard to describe but it’s just this one specific type of humour that’s a mix of suggestive, unfunny, over-the-top, extra, often badly timed and kind of unrelated to whatever’s going on at the time and you can literally SEE when a bunch of us sits together because we all find each other hilarious even though what we say is so… stupid

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I know “they” say a lot of water risings have noticeable eyes. And a guy I like just has these big dark deep piercing brown eyes. Not to sound cheesy but when I first met him/ started hanging he always gave off this mysterious and intense vibe like I never could tell what he’s thinking or feeling until we got closer. I’m thinking Scorpio .. maybe cancer. Not Pisces bc that’s what I am. Any other things to look for?

Yeah, it could definitely be either one of those two. Cancer Rising and Scorpio Rising are different in their own ways but I think there are still some similarities between them.

I think Cancer Risings keep to themselves and may appear as though they’re a little angry or annoyed (in my experience) but once they talk, their eyes almost literally sparkle and they have some big smiles, like their whole face scrunches up and it makes you smile too because it’s contagious. Cancer Risings are also those people who allow their moods to dictate what they want to do.

Scorpio Risings are a bit more mysterious and honestly bashful when they speak. So many of them are on the shy side. But they don’t reveal much about themselves or how they spend their time, you might know practically nothing about their life, and they have a magnetic appeal.


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Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son

I was so impressed at how Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle did an amazing job with the two female characters? Like, we know from the trailers that one is a quieter “nerdier” socially inept stereotype and the other is a more self-absorbed “popular” outgoing confident stereotype and they could have easily pit them against each other or mocked them for those traits but, they didn’t? 

Instead they had the two discussing their points of view to each other and coming to a deeper understanding of themselves and the other person without any judgement? In fact Bethany was super positive and supportive about Martha and Martha didn’t hate Bethany for being popular or outgoing, just critiqued the isolating nature of that bubble. And they helped each other? Repeatedly? Those very stereotypes were used to build the other up instead of take down. 

What a pleasant surprise of legit character growth and relationship whereas the boys actually got no resolution about their friendship and it was magic wanded into improving when there was no real development or explanation for that

anyway it was really funny and great and realistic girl representation 


Dean Winchester | 13x02 The Rising Son



No.1: GOE +2.71 (*)
No.2: GOE +2.00 (**)
No.3: GOE +2.14 (**)
No.4: Single is the new quad
No.5: “Sure I messed up but it doesn’t matter because I’m Yuzuru Hanyu”
No.6: “I did a #yoloaxel out of an Ina Bauer the other week, how hard can it be to do one out of a hydroblade? ‘kay, turned out it’s pretty hard”
No.7: “Watch me do this impossible thing and watch me sulk when it fails”

(*) Judges were drunk
(**) Judges were hungover from fundraising parties for new prescription glasses