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Frozen Love (Jack Frost x Reader) Part VII

“Wait!” Jack called out the moment he opened his eyes. Clutched tightly in his hands were (Y/N)’s tooth case. He looked around, trying to figure out where he was. He was no longer in a forest, nor was he in Burgess.

“Jack!” a voice called out to him.

He looked up, seeing Tooth flying towards him. He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion as he stood up.

“Tooth?" He still felt unsure what was happening.

"What took you so long?” Tooth asked, landing next to him. “Looks like Big Ben stopped glowing.”

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaand after a long time, I have finally completed the Whispmon evolution line! Have a bonus size comparison.

Species name: Whispmon
Evolved from: Bomon
Race/Family: Nightmare soldiers
Type/Attribute: Virus
Azure Shredder: From her oversized sleeves, blue flamed claws are summoned.

Will o the Whisps: Generates a circle of blue embers, which she can use to attack.

Spectral Whisperer: Uses her ghost-like abilities. Not really an attack. 

Species name: Adertamon
Evolved from: Whispmon
Race/Family: Nightmare soldiers/Wind Guardians
Type/Attribute: Virus
Hell’s Lament: With a flap of her wings, Adertamon summons a large wall of fire towards her opponents. Alternatively, if the environment around is already covered by her fire, she can make the flames even worse the more she flaps her wings.

Spectral Mesmerism: Those who stare into the eerie azure eyes of Adertamon, when the ability is activated, are bound to either fall asleep or swap allies and enemies. Works effectively on lower levels and/or those with weak minds. If it only partially works, then the enemy is either really drowsy or they sometimes lose control of a body part.

Searing Lapse: If her talons OR beak is covered in a strange purple flame, and it’s coming towards you, RUN. If hit, then whatever was hit will start deteriorating a for only a limited time. 

Species name: Lunumbramon
Evolved from: Adertamon
Race/Family: Nightmare soldiers/Wind Guardians
Type/Attribute: Virus
Midnight Dance: Performs a series of flame-covered kicks, finishing off with a powerful crescent kick.

Blood Moon Rising: Generates a scythe made entirely out of blue flames and attacks with it.

Forbidden Inferno: Summons flaming skulls that chases after the target(s)

Species name: Nyxmon
Evolved from: Lunumbramon
Race/Family: Nightmare soldiers
Type/Attribute: Virus
Rise of Night: Envelops her foes in a dark dome filled with stars that home in on the desired targets.

Lunar Eclipse: Hurls a large phantom moon at her foe.

Dawning Ray: From the large flame up above, she fires either a large beam or several smaller beams.

EXTRA: She has a joke move called “Good Night”, where Nyxmon, in her 30-ft glory and majesty, will try to squash her opponents with her heel if she’s pissed enough.

It seems like all headcanons about Pitch Black are mostly very sad, here’s another one.
Pitch doesn’t like to sleep, he prefers not to sleep at all until he can’t even stand from exhaustion. It never brings him peace, only disturbs the grief buried deep inside, because at nights his very own black magic turns against himself and causes the worst nightmares that no living being can endure.And usually when Pitch wakes up there’re claw marks everywhere around him and a thin layer of darkness, frosted by the freezing coldness of his heart, covering everything. Sometimes the shadows winds around his hands and binds him to something, because The nightmares are so torturous that Pitch attempts to tear out his heart. Once the Nightmare King woken up with a gaping bleeding hole in his chest, the rib cage was almost cracked open.
Ironical it is…

drgnsmile  asked:

Scried up some real pretty dragons, thought you might appreciate! Tundra/buttercup cherub/cinnamon bee/bronze glimmer/light eyes, Wildclaw F/thicket giraffe/radioactive bee/pear contour/wind eyes, Guardian M/abyss ripple/steel eye current/mint runes/lightning eyes, Spiral F/sky iridescent/mist shimmer/pearl runes/ice eyes

Silver: hmmm very interesting indeed! Scryed them for anyone else who’s curious-

you weren’t specific on the sex of the tundra’s, so i did both :D

I really like radio-bee, looks very cool!

i wasn’t sure if i read this one correctly, but you said “eye current-” sooo i did both

last but not least- a wonderful spiral! This has to be my fav of the bunch :D All nice dragons tho~


Credit goes to tumblr user derpfire

            “Pitch! I know you’re down here! Show yourself!” Jack shouted, his voice echoing off the walls of the shadowy lair. Silence was all that answered him, but the shadows shifted along the walls. He was definitely here. But where? Jack raised his staff, gripping it tightly. With every minuscule noise, his head jerked violently to find its origin. Every shadow that passed along the walls could be him. Any whisper of air could be his breath, hot against him from behind. The hairs on the back of Jack’s neck prickled and a shiver shot down his spine. The longer he stayed down here, the more his fear bubbled under the surface. He never used to be afraid of Pitch before, but he was careless and foolish back then. The other guardians would never blame him, he knew that, but deep down he always felt that he was the cause of childhood almost being lost forever. Jack had to be careful, cautious, and alert now. He knew Pitch’s strength.

            And if he really was back… he’d be even stronger.


            “Frost?” the familiar liquid voice rang out, slicing through the silence. Jack whirled around, staff raised to attack. Pitch stood before him, cloaked in shadows and darkness, yellow eyes ablaze. His low laugh echoed off every wall. A smile spread his thin lips, revealing a sharp wicked smile. Pitch stepped forward towards Jack, putting his long arms behind him where his slender fingers clasped together. In a few long strides, he was only feet away from the white haired guardian. As he approached, Jack clutched his staff tighter and an icy blue glow radiated off of it.

            “Still making a mess of things or have you changed your ways since joining with those weirdos?” He asked, staring Jack down. Another shiver ran down Jack’s spine, but he stood his ground and refused to give into his fear.

            “How did you come back?” Jack asked through gritted teeth, ignoring the question. He used his staff to keep a gap of distance between himself and Pitch. The Nightmare King’s laugh filled the air again.

            “I told you, Jack. You can’ get rid of me. There will always be fear. And you’re full to the brim with it.” Pitch purred and the blood drained from Jack’s face. He could see right through him. But how? Jack tried to recompose himself but it was already too late. He knew.

            A sudden force shoved Jack to the ground. Hard. His eyes widened as the wind was knocked out of him. One of Pitch’s NightMare’s held him down with a powerful hoof and let out a loud whinny. The staff slipped out of his grasp and hit the floor, just out of reach. The guardian grunted and struggled, but the NightMare was too strong. It reared up for a moment and stomped its powerful legs back down onto Jack’s back, pummeling him to the cold ground even more. He let out an agonized cry. Pitch tsked and shook his head as he closed the distance between himself and Jack. Panic now rising inside of him, Jack reached with all his might to get a hold of his staff. It was his only chance of fighting back.

            Almost… there… reach god dammit! Jack thought franticly. The pads of his fingers brushed the twisted bark but it was just out of reach. Pitch picked it up instead. It quickly lost its blue glow, enveloped in his darkness and black dream sand. This was getting worse by the second.

            “Pity.” Pitch remarked, actual disgust gleaming in his eyes, “I thought you’d be more of a fight, Jack.”

            And a painful history repeated itself.

            Pitch snapped the staff in half, enjoying every second of Jack’s agonized screaming with a twisted smile. But that wasn’t enough for him. This time he’d make sure if Jack was going to try and make a heroic come back, he’d have to suffer to do it.

            “You won’t get away with this.” Jack hissed through clenched teeth.

            “I’d say I already have, but cliché’s are so boring. There’s no fun in them.”

            The crazed look in Pitch’s eyes grew and Jack’s heart dropped. Pitch stooped down to his level, snatched both of Jack’s wrists and plunged the jagged edge of his staff through his overlapped hands till the wood hit the cold floor beneath them. Jack cried and wailed in excruciating pain as hot tears welled in his eyes. Pitch laughed and cackled, the guardian’s pain giving him pure bliss. Blood flowed bright red over Jack’s pale hands and pooled around them.

            “Now THAT was fun!” Pitch exclaimed, his booming voice echoing off the stone walls around them. Jack sobbed silently, tears rolling down his cheeks. The NightMare released the white haired teen from its crushing hoof and dissolved back into the shadows. Pitch followed with a wave of his hand and one last flash of his gleaming yellow eyes.

            “Till next time Frost. I have some dreams to go wreck.”

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you did a list of recommended manga and animated series, but did you do a list of animated movies ?

This is gonna be long. I recommend everything on the list (for different reasons: plot, characters, animation, nostalgia, etc) but I bolded my favourites. I’m probably missing some.

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My 10 Most Anticipated Films of 2014.

A new year, a new batch of films. Perhaps more so than previous years, 2014 sees a slew of increasingly interesting, distinctive and twisted films. The most significant ones comes from seasoned directors attempting, and if the trailers are any indication, upstaging themselves like never before. 2014 already feels like a more promising and exciting year for films, so let’s get right down to it:

10. The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Before you yell at me for placing Wes Anderson so low, let me say that I am not a fan of Wes Anderson. I’ve watched all of his films, but always come out of them severely underwhelmed. However, Fantastic Mr. Fox was so amazing that I’ll always give Anderson another chance. The Grand Budapest Hotel looks charming as hell showcasing a more than impressive cast, even more colourful aesthetic and a humour that’s more twisted than cutesy. Plus, this is the first time in a while where I see Ralph Fiennes is genuinely enjoying himself in a performance.

9. Beauty and The Beast.

Full disclosure: I primarily want to see this film because it looks like the epitome of guilty pleasure, of so bad it’s good. The first trailer was a weird mesh between Alice in Wonderland and Brotherhood of the Wolf, which let’s face it is on a new level of weird. Perhaps it will great or not, but either way I need to see it now.

8. The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Him & Her.

I’m on board with this film on concept alone. The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby is a two-part film where each part is told from a different perspective, hence the “Him” and “Her”. This is one of those films that is clearly attempting something different and challenging our narrative conventions. With an excellent cast like James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain, and a sea of praise from practically every critics, The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Him & Her sure promises to be oustanding.

7. Under The Skin.

This is the new film from the director of Sexy Beast and Birth: two unique, fucked up and exceedingly compelling films. Under The Skin stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien roaming Glasgow, and most of the reviews I’ve read hail Johansson’s performance as her best. Johansson’s is an actress whose recent choices have grown more and more interesting, and after blowing me away with Her I’m very excited and curious to see her here.

6. Enemy.

While director Denis Villeneuve has been quietly delivering great films, it wasn’t until last year’s excellent Prisoners that he became more renown. Enemy sees him pair once again with Prisoners’ standout Jake Gyllenhaal to deliver what critics are calling a brilliant thriller with Gyllenhaal’s career best performance. This is first of two films where the protagonists are playing opposite themselves.

5. Maleficent.

I don’t know about you, but it has been years since I’ve enjoyed an Angelina Jolie film. She has been pretty inactive for the couple of years in terms of starring roles, but Maleficent promises the Angelina Jolie we all love: the bitchy badass villainous type. Playing a character so suited for her she practically was born to play, the last trailer finally showed the goods and potential of this film. I’ll admit that it looks a bit like Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, but fuck it Angelina Jolie looks to be relishing the role and I for one cannot wait. 

4. Only Lovers Left Alive.

I’ve only seen one film by Jim Jarmusch and that is Broken Flowers. Now that film is easily one of the best films I have ever seen in my life. The direction is excellent, the performances are memorable and affecting, and the soundtrack is full of awesome goodness. It’s a very distinctive film that break conventions, and Only Lovers Left Alive seems to do the same but for vampires. Although if we are being honest, the main reason we all want to see this is because of the genius casting combination of Tilda Swinton with Tom Hiddleston. These two seemed destined to be in a film like this and I’m sure Only Lover Left Alive will be extraordinary.

3. Snowpiercer.

It feels like we’ve been waiting for this film for years now. With all the problems over the final cut Snowpiercer has had a troubled road towards premiering here in North America. Latest report state that the director’s cut will be utilized instead of the dumbed down version Weinstein wanted, but the catch is that it will now be on limited release. So if the film comes to a theatre near you, go watch the hell out of it. Directed by Bong Joon-Ho, Snowpiercer has a stellar cast and promises to be one of most memorable science fiction films in recent memory.

2. The Double.

As eager as I was to watch this film, it wasn’t until I saw the trailer that I felt genuine excitement. The Double is Richard Ayoade’s second film and it looks spectacular. Jesse Eisenberg plays two versions of himself and the film clearly sees Ayoade trying something new and even weirder. Seeing the trailer, made me feel like The Double was from a different era in cinema. Perhaps this is premature to say, but to me it already feels like a classic with its Starkovsky-esque visuals. Plus, the soundtrack sounds awesome.

1. Nymphomaniac.

Was there really any other choice? I’ve been a fan of Lars von Trier for a while now and with Melancholia being one of my favourite films in recent memory, I’ll gladly watch anything von Trier does. With Nymphomaniac, Lars von Trier has assembled his most epic, sprawling and ambitious film yet. A sex opus that apparently runs five hours long and starring a stellar cast from von Trier’s usual players to some new ones. This film further shows how unique, provocative and fucked up Lars von Trier is. Plus, who doesn’t love the sight of “naked” celebrities?

Honourable Mentions: Captain America: Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy, Bluebird, Night Moves, The Wind Rises.

What films are you looking forward the most?


how would you rate your pain?{LISTEN}

family reunion - big hero 6 / so long - toy story 3 / stoick’s ship - how to train your dragon 2 / married life - up / boo’s going home - monsters inc. / nemo egg - finding nemo / where’s hiccup? - how to train your dragon / the once and future king - the lion king / we were so close - frozen / silver leaves - treasure planet / sixth stop - spirited away / the doll survives - mulan / you can never belong - lilo & stitch / chorale for snow white - snow white and the seven dwarves / journey (dream of flight) - the wind rises / jack rejected - the rise of the guardians / maria is gone - the book of life / tara’s gift - epic / goob’s story - meet the robinsons / let me save him/the tear heals - tangled / broken-karted - wreck it ralph

a collection of those animated movie osts that totally made you tear up 

My Nemeton by Thalya©2014

My feet rest on carpets of emerald green

I am encircled by the oaken moss

There is all but silence here among the trees

I listen to their voices rustle

Like the wind whipping through their leaves

Reflecting on my inner visions

I draw in light and energy serene

Hail and Welcome to the Guardians!

Musky and damp the Earth before me

She builds herself up solid in strength

Fire rising higher surrounding

He warms the space and my heart

At my right hand the Air is breathing

He brings light and life all throughout

Then at my left the water is soothing

She washes away my seeds of doubt

Hail the four Guardians and Hail the Gods

For here is where I come to pray

Thalya /|\

Rise of the Guardians Rp

North watched the globe with pride as the winter winds blew outside and Christmas was slowly starting its usual hype. The globe was bright as always around this time and the guardians’ safely was still in green. The jolly man looked to the moon, MiM quiet as always. It seemed that the world was still filled with enough joy and belief that no immediate threat was detected. Going to his workshop, he decided to start another ice project when his belly-sense started acting up.

“What in the…” He looked outside. Nothing out of the ordinary. ‘Did the yeti mess up rotation again?’

However, a dark laugh filled his ears as the workshop was suddenly filled with frightfully familiar black sand. North’s face paled as the blood drained from his face. There was no way…

“Pitch!? That’s impossible!”

Somewhere else, icicles were forming on houses as a young spirit started her work. The Christmas cactus flower danced in her hair as the wind caught the blue white strands. As she worked, she could the children playing and stopped to watch. It was nice to see that all of the kids seemed to be having fun in the winter air again. And with Christmas around the corner, she could tell they were figuring out their wishes for North and figuring out if they were on the nice or naughty lists. She only giggled, flying down softly with her wings carrying her on the breeze. “If there’s this much fun going on, I only know of one spirit is around. ” She watched them from a distance, feeling better just observing.


Now that 2015 is almost over a revision of my 2014 Top 10.

Special Mention to: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Inherent Vice, Boyhood, Enemy, Nightcrawler, Citizenfour, Under the Skin, Locke, Coherence, Jodorowsky’s Dune, Snowpiercer, The Immigrant, Birdman, Finding Vivian Meier, Starred Up, The Wind Rises, Life Itself, Wild, Song of the Sea, Interstellar, Tim’s Vermeer, Camp X-ray, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Raid 2, The Trip to Italy, The One I Love, A Most Violent Man, 22 Jump Street, Blue Ruin, The Lego Movie, Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

Open Rp

(This is before the Rise of the Guardians Movie)

The white haired boy pulled up his hood, the frost etching over the fabric wherever he touched. A small sad smile slipped over his face. Tear were in his eyes as a child slipped over his face. Tears were in his eyes as a child through him yet again. His hand tightened around his staff. The wood almost pure white from his emotions pushing the frost out more. He felt short of breath as he looked up to the sky, directly at the moon.

“Why?” He asked quietly over and over again. “What did I do to deserve this?” He asked his voice soft. He pulled at his hair as the wind picked up around him. The wind carried him back to the lake, his lake.

Tears were trailing down his cheeks as he brushed them away roughly. “I’m Jack Frost, I’m Jack Frost…” He whispered to himself almost to reassure himself that he was, in fact, real. That was there. His breathing finally started to calm down. As he looked back up to see the moon was high in the sky. “Why can’t they see me?” He asked his voice breaking.