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(part one of this story was sadly lost by me accidentally deleting it because TUMBLR MOBILE but you can read what’s left of it here. See the contest info for winning the Guardian baby here!)

The Brothers Starwood made their visit to the Gladeveins with the punctuality they were well known for. Their cart was laden with the usual treasures: potions, scrolls, magical artifacts, and expensive curiosities from every corner of Sornieth. They set up their wares with world-class pomp and ceremony, all grins and showmanship, and collected payment with a humble wink and handshake.

Pod and Homily had been extremely nervous as the crowd grew in size. They held their two hatchlings close and wondered if maybe their idea hadn’t been so great after all. But the Brothers were so jovial, so knowledgeable in the history and use of their fantastical products, that they were put at ease. When the main show was over, the two hermits approached the Brothers, and pushed forward their shy hatchlings.

“Certainly!” the Fae brother, Twotwo, exclaimed with a twinkling grin after hearing their proposal. “We’ll take your handsome progeny as far as they’d like to go!” The Tundra brother, Threethree, slowly lost his showman’s smile and stayed silent. Pod and Homily did not notice.

Twotwo continued unabashed, “Yes, it’s quite common, you know! Sending children out into the world to learn and make their fortune.” He turned his grin to the two children. “Why, there’s just the small matter of price!”

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