rise of the guardians soundtrack

So, I kinda know I have a problem when I, being on the top floor of a three storey house, race down two flights of stairs at breakneck speed with no thought for my own safety, because I heard the distinctly beautiful sound of the Rise of the Guardians soundtrack emanating from the front room through not one, but two floors.

Cue me air punching when I am indeed right, and my father has to sit through the last half hour of the movie and has to listen to me waxing poetic about my ickle baby Boogeyman because he knows that if he so much as even glances at the remote control, he will not hear the end of it for some time…

T'is the season, bitches!


Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons

Suite of themes from the big four animation soundtracks of recent years.


Still Dream - Piano Cover 

The music choices was amazing throughout the entire film! …but I was kind of caught off guard when the ending credit song was more like a traditional holiday song rather than some up-beat, fun song to parallel with Jack’s personality and character. That was probably the only problem I had with the movie, but in all honesty that can be easily overshadowed my how amazing the rest of it was!

Rise of the Guardians soundtrack is beautiful

I’ve been listening to it whilst working on my sewing all week.

I am pretty much in love with it.
The subtle change of keys in certain pieces, the col legno of the strings when Pitch reveals himself at the Tooth Palace.

I think Sleigh Launch and Pitch on the Globe are my favourite tracks, and Still Dream the closing song, of course :)

Sorry I’m like, 6 months late with ROTG shizzle..

But yeah, you’ve gained a new fan, so congratulations XD