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Sometimes I wonder how different the Rise of the Guardians movie would have been if Jack had accepted Pitch Blacks offer. It’s crazy I know, but, I really would have liked to see Jack Frost turn dark. The transition of his personality would have been very interesting to watch. And who knows. Maybe we would of had a sequel by now.

Okay but imagine a Rise of the Guardians sequel, in which for some reason, Jack has to go find Pitch, and talk to him…

Since the old entrance we saw in the first movie has been closed up, Jack finds an another way; a cave, with a big, majestic door covering the opening. Jack walks up to it, and knocks on the door.

“Pitch…?” Jack asks, a little unsure if it is the right thing to do. “Pitch… I need to talk to you.”

No answer. Jack begins to knock harder. “Hey! Pitch! Listen! It’s important!” 

The silence is getting frustrating, till Jack has enough, and gives the door a hard punch and yells: “Pitch! OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR!”

And the door swings open with with full force, knocking Jack off the ground, and out comes Pitch, the majestic asshole, while SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME- bursts out in full volume.

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any news on anything considering rise of the guardians?

There sure is news!
A sequel is planned to be released in 2017, and a third movie is hoped to be released in 2022 to complete the trilogy.


There is like a sequel for every animated movie that came out in America in 2010/2011


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Rise of the Guardians sequel anyone? X) 

William Joyce’s Q&A

Check out some of William Joyce’s answers about Rise of the Guardians, The Guardians of Childhood and… the ROTG SEQUEL?!?!

thatbrat: Dear Mr. Joyce, I know many people don’t give him much thought when talking about the movie, Rise of the Guardians, but for me, the character I was able to relate to the most was young Jamie Bennett. I saw so much of myself in him from when I was a child, and can still relate to his wanting to believe in fantastical beings and pursuit for the truth of the supernatural. I also thought his relationship with Jack was especially endearing and significant. So, getting down to it, my question is: can we expect to see more of him, specifically in Guardians of Childhood? Also, if you’ve given any thought to it, what would he be like as a teenager? What would his aspirations be?

WJ: Jamie was our way of giving the audience a sort of identifiable every kid. So as his character took shape we just thought of the things we wanted him to embody that we all had felt about belief and imagination and that sort of fall from grace when you have to accept the fact that a lot of these things aren’t real. But the belief in them is really the most awesome part of the experience, and in the way it makes these characters real. I want to leave Jamie exactly as he is and let people like yourself imagine his further adventures.

KSClaw: Dear Mr. Joyce, where did you get your initial ideas for Nicholas St. North from your Guardian of Childhood series? How did you come up with that he started out as a Bandit King?

WJ: 1. I came up with the idea when i was in the 3rd grade when I saw my first James Bond move with Sean Connery and I thought Santa Claus must be as cool as Sean Connery and I came up with an early idea of what his life must be like: a super cool spy bandit from bandit from long ago.
2. Sort of the same thing it seemed more interesting that he started out as not a totally good guy, but became a good guy because of what happened to him. It was sort of merging Robin Hood and James Bond because Robin Hood was a normal guy and became a hero because of what was going on around him. He became a hero for the underprivileged, and kids are always treated as second class citizens and Santa Claus’ mission was to make their lives easier and inventive and full of imagination.

rareapplepie: Hello! I have a couple of questions of you! 

1. Is there going to be a book for Pitch in the Guardians of Childhood series?
2. Are we going to get a Rise of the Guardians sequel? I’ve heard whispers and rumors, but I wanted to ask you guys~
3. Will there ever be any hope of actually getting good, quality merchandise for Rise of the Guardians? Things like…Jack’s Hoodie, maybe a toy Ruby Memory box, stuffed plushie Nightmares, maybe even something cute like a Sandman Nightight? All of your fans would -love- to have stuff like that!

WJ: Maybe. I’m thinking about. I just finished the Jack Frost book. Everyone who wants a sequel to happen to call Jeffrey Katzenberg at Dreamworks studio, and not to hang up until you talk to him. Tell them how essential it is that another Rise of the Guardians film be made. As for the merchandise, call Jeffrey Katzenberg [laughs] send him telegrams, letters, fruitcakes, pints of blood, anything that’ll get them to do this very simple, profitable, and necessary extension of our global culture. And bless you all.

KSCLaw: What was the inspiration for Bunnymund from Guardians of Childhood, and how chocolate affects him (such as the transformations)?

WJ: The inspiration for Bunnymund was a play from the 1950s – and a movie – called Harvey starting Jimmy Stewart. In which Jimmy Stewart’s best friend is a six foot all knowing all powerful invisible rabbit named Harvey. Harvey is described as a Pooka a creature of Celtic mythology. I loved that play and movie as a kid and I still love it. So I made Bunnymund the last of the Pooka’s and gave them a history that amused and delighted me and I tried to do honor to the original concept of Harvey. The chocolate thing, it just made narrative sense.

JokulFrosti1: William when you were making Rise Of The Guardians do you ever planned on naming Jack’s sister? And if so what would be her name?

WJ: That’s a closely guarded secret, but if you contact Jeffrey Katzenberg at Dreamworks Studios to know the answer in a sequel to Rise of the Guardians I think that’s the best shot you have to knowing the answer.

JokulFrosti1: Did Jack meet his “family” (the one we see in flashbacks in ROTG) between his (as Nightlight) battle with Pitch but before he officially became Jack Frost?

WJ: Yes, but they couldn’t see him.

So people spent actual money making a Sony rip-off of Wreck-it Ralph but we don’t get 145 million to get a Rise of the Guardians sequel

That’s 25 million less than How to Train Your Dragon and exactly how much HTTYD 2 cost 

They’re doing Shrek 5 and a film adaptation on a short horror film but can’t do a sequel to ROTG because people didn’t like the idea of Santa having tattoos. (Which, btw, his character design is based on the more popular known “Father Christmas” and not the Americanized Santa)

There should be a Rise of the Guardians sequel where the Guardians have to find and rescue Pitch or else Mother Nature will brew a shitstorm big enough to end the world because they lost her father to fear-eating nightmares

And they have to find answers so they go to the one girl/woman who records people’s stories in her book, stories relevant to the children and their safety–namely Katherine, friend to the Guardians…. aka Mother Goose