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I just want to say thank you. To William Joyce, Dreamworks, and of course the fandom, for changing my life completely. I have met some of the best people, and have some of the most wonderful friends that I’ve made along the way. Even though I didn’t leave the best impact with my old roleplay blog, even though some people have left, even though I don’t even watch the movie a whole lot like I used to when I first saw it, I still Believe wholeheartedly. Thank you everyone for keeping this movie and these characters alive in our hearts. Thank you all. <3


I just want to thank each and every single one of you for following me. The “Gravity Falls” fandom has been so sweet to me and have welcomed me with open arms. I am so happy to be a part of such a wonderful community and to get to roleplay with so many amazing hilarious people. I’m still surprised that I have this many cuties following me. Like seriously. I was completely new to tumblr and still am and do not know half of the words that my fellow roleplayers use such as “M!A” and things like that, I’m shy as fluff, was afraid no one would like me, and I was afraid someone would hate me if I made one grammar mistake and never speak to me again. Sobs. So I guess the reason I am so shocked that so many people have followed my blog is because I’ve honestly never roleplayed before. That’s right. Zero years of experience, folks. I just never understood how to roleplay on tumblr but then I got into “Gravity Falls” and decided to give it a chance. And I am so happy I did. I have had so much fun with everyone as Giffany! She’s such a fun character to play as. 

And to ship with Bill Cipher. 

So yeah~ (◕‿◕✿) Thank you and I will continue to work hard as Giffany and I will do my best to make all of my followers happy. I just want to bring love and happines to you all with my blog. (▰˘◡˘▰) Please stay with Giffany and I. F̧̜̥̪͎̰̥̭O̱͉R̩̭͈͓͍E͙̩̳̥̙̩͡V̠̩̦̙̳̘E̙̩̞̪͈̜̭R҉̣̳̹͇.̸͎̭ ͎̖̝̜ͅ

Best Friends 

  • bill-tg-cipher- This fucking bitch right here….is my motherfucking best friend. He is also a demonic loser triangular dildo. He is such a cutie and he is my closest friend on tumblr right now and I can basically tell him anything. <3 He’s a little lame. I have so much fun talking with him and he always knows how to cheer me up when I’m sad. Also we write the best Bilfany smut together which none of you will ever read. ;3 
  • ducaine-katastrofeas- This dude is a serious dork but he does know how to cheer a girl up when she’s sad. ;U; Thank you bby. 
  • wandawillkill312- She’s such an amazing girl! Roleplaying with her has given me so many laughs and she constantly checks up on me to see how I am. Darling, you’re a blessing to me and I love you. Also, I hope you kill a lot of fuckboys in the skeleton war for me, waifu~ DO IT FOR OUR LOVE! 
  • stalkerkyoko- I believe you were one of the first people to roleplay with me. I’m so happy you followed me and thank you for constantly sending me funny messages in my inbox. >U< 
  • mci-reloaded- Such a sweetheart and has such an amazing blog~ ;w; You blog always gives me a good laugh. 
  • gamer-giri- THIS LITTLE SLUT RIGHT HERE IS THE BEST CHIAKI NANAMI ROLEPLAYER I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE. Sweetie, I adore roleplaying with you and our little conversation in the tags makes me want to punch you, laugh, and then punch you again but honestly we both need to go to the Danganronpa creators and give them our ridiculous ideas so they can make them REAL. It will make them famous. Well more famous. But seriously, you’re so fun to be around and I love you~ 
  • kittymewmyu- You’re such a little cutie and you’re fun to talk to~ c: I am happy that you finally stopped being so shy and decided to roleplay with me. 
  • creativepaperandtimeyclocks- Such an amazing Paige roleplayer! I really wish I could meet you in real life and go on epic adventures with you. You just seem like someone who knows how to have a good TIME. GET IT? HAHA. GET IT? ….Anyway, I love you. >u> 
  • remmyx25- I hope this little cutie is getting better. <3 I love you so much and our skype conversations are hilarious! 
  • serpentine-rouge- Our roleplay is just too cute. We’re just too cute. BBY YOU SO CUTE! I love our muses relationship and I want to just continue to roleplay with you forever and ever in happiness. Q u Q We’re dorks together but we’re cute dorks. 

Close friends who I adore

People who are amazing Roleplayers and who I love to RP with

  • mindscapedipper- Such an amazing blog, friend and roleplayer~ You’re the first Dipper’s ghost blog to actually roleplay with me and so far, I think our roleplay is going pretty good and it’s really fun and cute. I hope you love roleplaying with me too and you continue to roleplay with me~ >u< 

  • summonatallcosts- WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WITH YOU?! You’re such an amazing Bill Cipher roleplayer and you constantly make me swoon and blush like crazy like the lame Bill Cipher fangirl I am. Bless you and thank you for roleplaying with me and becoming my husbando. <3 I JUST–DALHDIAWSFHLSH GIFFANY COMMANDS YOU TO STOP BEING SO KAWAII! Anyway, I hope you’re having as much fun roleplaying with me as I am with you. (︶▽︶)
  • dapperdippercipher- Yet another evil fluffin demonic triangle blog that has the magic ability to make me blush by the snap of his fingers. How dare you. How dare you be such a good Bill Cipher. I haven’t really roleplayed with you that much since I’ve been quite busy this week but so far, I’m having fun! P.S. Let the Bilfany ship sail. 
  • mischiefandnightmares- Such a wonderful Pitch roleplayer~ Pitch is actually my favorite character in “Rise of the guardians.” So when you followed me and started to roleplay with me, I literally started to cry happy tears and began to just roll around in my bed; screaming with happiness. It has been such a pleasure to roleplay with you and I hope there is more to come~ :3 

Senpais who I want to RP with but I’m too shy so instead I just stalk their blogs

People I miss roleplaying with

People who I love and admire

  • All 803 of you

                   Easter is new beginnings
                                         New life
                           Easter's about hope.