rise of the guardians jack frost brown hair

Jack the Snow Fox

The mischievous troublemaker of the winter forest, bringing havoc to you but winning your forgiveness and your heart with just one smile. 

Something started from a random doodle while procrastinating to a coloured gif. I miss drawing this little shit so much and I’ve almost forget how to draw his hair (the pain when struggling is too fresh.) 

Thanks starmageasuka for motivating me with Fox Elsa and wickedgreenphantom’s motivating YESSS!! Let this baby show you my love~


Animated movies are absolute works of art. Look at the depth! Look at the detail! Look at the frost on Jack’s cloak! And the moonlight on the trees! Look at the sand, look at that shit break apart like actual real sand! Look at Merida’s hair! Look at her arrows rattling around! Look at her wet hair!!! LOOK AT THE WATER!!! THE STONES UNDER THE WATER! WATER! cLEAR WATER! THE WATER OMG! Look at Elsa’s hair! Look at the jewels on her dress! Look at the detail! Look at the change in her complexion from the yellow ice! Look at her expression change omg! Look at Anna’s mittens! Look at the frost on those suckers! Look at her braids acting like real actual hair in the wind! loOK AT THE WATER AGAIN OMG! tHE WAY IT MOVES BEACAUSE OF HOW LOW TOOTHLESS FLIES OVER IT! PHYSICS! OMG! LOOK AT THAT FUCKING WATER RIPPLE! LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL! waTER OMg!!! Now I dare you to look at the one of Toothless’s eye and tell me that’s not the most beautiful, breathtaking, absolute work of art you’ve ever scene in your entire existence. I am dead serious. Look at that fucking beauty. The detail in the scales. The detail in the iris. The pupils contracting omg The REFLECTION  IN THE PUPILS OMG! ABSOLUTE WORK OF ART OMG!But look at Rapunzel’s hair! Look at her dress flapping in the wind! Look at the lighting change in that whole shot omg so pretty! Look at her freckles! Look at those luscious lips! Those green eyes! Look at the brown ring around the pupil! Look at the eyelashes! I am going to cry.

In The Kane Chronicles, Sadie describes Anubis as “about sixteen and possesses a pale complexion, tousled black hair, and warm, melting brown eyes. He is described as being very good-looking and tall.”

And with trying hard to find what I imagined in my head, when I saw Rise Of The Guardians, and saw Jack Frost, this was him! Just change his hair and eye colour, and BAM you have Anubis! I wish I could draw, so I could draw an epic portrait of Jack Frost, but in what I see Anubis as.