rise of the guardians fan art

A good vs. evil holiday smackdown for the ages!! Santa Claus vs. Krampus (the yuletide demon who drags the naughty to Hell on Christmas Eve). Here’ a version of that fight I’ve been waiting all year to draw, Rise of the Guardian’s Russian Santa: Nicholas St. North versus Michael Dougherty’s Krampus!

“Do you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up…?”

My favorite animated movie character.  Out of all the characters I draw, my friends tend to like my Jack Frosts the best.  Stupid me realized that I’ve had my tumblr for a month and I still hadn’t posted anything Rise of the Guardians yet.  So now I did.  Plus, the LONG (3 Years, Mr. Joyce!) awaited last book of the series was released over Easter.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious what other fandoms you're in, I mean obviously Fantastic Beasts. And Gravity Falls. Any others?

quite a few actually :’)


Okay, so, first off: I do NOT paint on a regular basis. Well, paint as in traditional painting. Secondly, I suck so fricken bad at acrylics like T_T gosh I kept messing up (I usually use watercolours because it’s a really nice stress reliever ♡ but that basically meant that what I normally did to drag out colour only served to take it away jriwneieo ;-; so I kept destroying any progress that I made >_>) With that being said, I am really happy with how this turned out :000 ♡ It’s messy and not what I was originally going for, but omg I actually painted something cognizant *0* AND the REEEEALY cool part about this: the words glow in the dark! >:D It’s so damn spooky! (But my camera won’t pick it up ;-;) I’m glad glow in the dark acrylic paint exists cuz it always adds cool detail :D (like that one time I painted this Doctor Who tardis xbox holder that my sister’s boyfriend made and used it on the windows >:D *cuz It’s pretty much transparent*) anyway I need to shut up now. ;-;