rise of the guardians concept art


| the aesthetic from video games concept arts part 3|
| i very love the concept arts from video games!|
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(( OOC: I feel obnoxious about posting my silly face on here but I am so excited!

So I was one of the winners for the Rise of the Guardians fanart contest and my prize just came yesterday! Look I got an adorable little elf plush and the Rise of the Guardians art book! I am drooling just looking at it! The art is so amazing gahhh! <3

And it is signed! By Peter Ramsey!… I think, the signature is kinda hard to read ahaaaa

Anyway sorry about that off to school to animate! Have a fantastic day everyone! Love you all! ))

In some of my favorite Star Wars fics (such as Allegiance by @kaelinaloveslomaris or Where Our Intrepid Hero Doesn’t Get Away by @littlesparklight ), sometimes Vader and Luke communicate via a telepathic Force bond thingamajig.

Considering the way Vader’s Force presence is often described as being almost alive (and exceedingly protective/possessive of family), I always end up picturing something like DreamWorks’ concept art for Pitch the Nightmare King from Rise of the Guardians.

So by contrast, I wondered whether Luke’s Force presence might look young and bright and a little vulnerable in comparison. And the background is what I tend to imagine the inside of at least one of their minds to look like. I don’t really know why.

so guess who basically got to draw rise of the guardians fanart for concept art homework?! (THIS SOBBING NERD

RotG has been on my to-watch list for some time now, and i’m so glad i finally got around to seeing it (for actual school purposes, no less)! here is real bb jack frost hanging out in my version of bunnymund’s gorgeous easter warren. 

Rise of the Guardians interior: North is always demanding that his elves bring him more cookies as he works, but where do they all get made? Welcome to North’s Christmas kitchen! North rarely sets foot in here himself since he’s so busy, but the elves are always hard at work making enough cookies to satiate his sweet tooth… or else just making a mess! 

Okay I don’t think this topic is discussed enough. Big Hero 6 is a brilliant movie because it touches on abstract concepts and goes into no further detail and focuses on the important story at hand. However, it left me baffled: Hiro and Baymax had touched on something that no one else had ever seen before. The portal led to this place, this mystical place that looks as if it is a part of space just full of matter. Hero is dumbfounded but focuses his energy in saving people. Just imagine, The World Between Worlds is a passageway to other worlds or maybe even other times. As this movie are the heroes origin story I can see where a sequel would be made in which we discover the true deaths of Hiro’s parents and the killer still being at large, harnessing this portal through some other means. (Note how Hero reminds Tadashi that their parents both died when he was 3. BOTH DIED. The odds of that being a coincidence is very low –could there be something else gruesome involved in the deaths of Hiro’s parents?) 

This seen with what I consider the world between worlds is one of the most mystifying scenes in animated history for me and that’s because we literally know nothing about it and I feel this otherworldly tingle run down my spine as I consider the tantamount of possibilities this place could go! 

I absolutely LOVE the concept art for ROTG. We may not get a prequel or short about the guardians and their stories, but we can speculate from the stories told within the concept art murals. I think that’s the best part of being in a fandom. WE get to make up their stories. Sometimes its more interesting that way.