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Jackrabbit week - Day 6: Marriage

And thus, E.Aster Bunnymund and Jack Frost exchanged their vows on February 29th, the enchanted day when winter marries spring.

Weddings are awful and wonderful. Magical weddings twice as much.

North and Tooth are happy to provide their special brand of encouragement. Sandy does the honors, because no words are necessary. Bunny and Jack are fools in love and only have eyes for each other. Pitch is hissing in the background at not being invited. :^)


I am SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN! It’s my favorite holiday! :D And what better way to celebrate it then to make some NBC!AU! I even redesigned my whole tumblr page for the occasion! :3 So please do check it out everyone! I worked hard on it, and personally, I’m in love with it! x3 Special thanks to @arcanabreak (with some help of some brushes she gave me) and sassy-frost-lord for encouraging me in making this happen, and to @cainballad and @lastaim especially as well for making me feel proud in making this! I hope everyone loves the new theme! Happy Halloween! ;w;

Guardians and Spirits

This imagine from thefandomimagine

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A tiny pudgy arm reached towards the golden sand which is forming adorable shapes in front her. It was the middle of the night and the baby woke up crying, not until the golden sand suddenly went out of nowhere which made her stop and stare. She was giggling after a few minutes and then her head turned to the golden man waving at her from the side of her crib. She giggled again, now reaching out towards Sandy.

Few years passed by and she grew up. Now, she was around 6, running around with her friends. They were searching around their town for Easter Eggs. She slipped away from her friends to the hidden trees and crawled around a familiar hole. She peeked around and then saw something furry on her right. She carefully went there and jumped, wrapping her arms on Bunnymund’s furry legs.

“Bunny bunny! I caught you again!” She laughed and Bunnymund leaned over and lifted her easily. She wrapped her arm around his neck. “I missed you bunny!”

“Did you, kid?” Bunnymund asked, smiling at her. Little Y/N nodded her head vigorously. She then huffed and crossed her arms against her chest stubbornly.

“Bunny.” She pouted. “You should call me Y/N. I’m not a kid anymore! I’m now a Lady. I can find Easter eggs and catch them while they are running around on my own!”

“Are you?” The Easter bunny raised his brow at her. “If you are a Lady, then you’re not going to receive gifts from North—I mean, Santa anymore when it’s Christmas.”

“Ah! No! I take it back! I’m a kid! I’ll stay a kid forever so I can play with you and Tooth Fairy and Ice man and Sandman and Santa Klaus!”

Bunnymund snorted at what little Y/N calls Jack Frost. She played around the Easter Bunny for a while until she yawned. Bunnymund picked her up again.

“Okay, Y/N. It’s time to go home so you can sleep.”

Y/N nodded as Bunnymund picked her basket and little Easter eggs ran inside her basket until it was full. Y/N clapped in delight as she watched her basket get full of Easter eggs again.

“Bunny, I’m going to see you again next year okay?” She grinned and Bunnymund nodded. “Can I see you if it’s not the Easter?”

“You see me even if it’s not Easter, Y/N.” Bunnymund pointed out.

“Yeah but you don’t play with me when it’s not Easter.” Y/N pouted again.

“I’ll try and play with you, okay? And you won’t see me when it snows because that Ice man will be the one around.” He ruffled her hair and tapped on the ground. A hole soon opened as he put her down and then she held on her basket.

“That’s a promise, okay? See you around, Bunny!” She grinned and then jumped to the hole. She found herself outside her house after a few seconds. Bunnymund stared at the hole where she disappeared on. The guardians didn’t know why she can see them unlike any other child. She can even feel them when they’re around and she always finds them easily and then wave at them crazily. Her parents passed it off as she, having imaginary friends.  

Y/N’s feet swayed as she waited for a certain someone to come inside the window. She is already 10 years old. She heard jingles beside her and found the Sandman there.

“Oh! Sandy!” She exclaimed and gave the guardian a big hug.

You aren’t going to sleep yet?  Sandy asked her through the figures he formed from his sand.

Y/N shook her head. “I’m waiting for Tooth.” She grinned and showed him her own tooth. Sandy can see the gap on the side of her front teeth.

She jumped when the Toothfairy flew inside her room excitedly. “Y/N! Let me see it!”

“Tooth Fairy!” She exclaimed but then kept her tone down to prevent her parents from hearing.

“Your baby teeth are all out!” Tooth told her and cradled her tooth like a new born baby.

“I knew your reaction will be like that!” Y/N laughed giddily.

Y/N ducked as a snowball sailed over her head. She laughed and dived for cover before making a snowball for herself and threw it at a certain spirit. The ball had hit Jack Frost at his forehead.

“Take that!” She shouted in delight and ducked again when snowballs sailed over her head again.

She is now 19 years old, still full of energy like a child. She is on an empty lot, away from the prying eyes of the other people from her town. She is known there as a person who is always positive and always ready to give help whenever needed. She volunteers to a lot of charity events and an active student in school. No one knows that she can see the guardians and had become friends with them.

She learned of their names. That Ice man isn’t really ice man and he is named Jack Frost but she still calls him Iceman when she feels like it. He is always fun and games. That Easter bunny that she always clings to when she was a child isn’t called ‘Bunny Bunny’ but Bunnymund. Santa Claus has a name and it’s North and he didn’t have just little cute elves but also large fluffy Yetis too. And the Sandman is the warmest guardian she ever met and he’s called Sandy. Tooth fairy is called Tooth and she likes it when she babbles about teeth to her.

“HEY! NOT FAIR!” Y/N screamed when Jack used his powers and made her slip and fall on her back in an awkward pose. She stayed laying there and staring at the sky, spreading out his legs and arms. She can still hear Jack laughing on the background. She stared at the moon. She didn’t know but she always loved looking at the moon ever since she was a child.

“Come on, stand up Y/N. You’ll catch a cold.” Jack pulled her up and she dusted herself. She frowned at him then as they started walking to the bench and she sat there.

“It’s fun being a guardian, huh?” She muttered, glancing at Jack.

“You think?” Jack smiled, standing in front of her while leaning on his staff.

“Yeah. I mean, Tooth watches over children’s teeth and memories. I love her expressions every time I give her my tooth.  Bunnymund is in-charge of Easter which is really fun, all that searching of Easter eggs when I was a kid but it is the Easter bunny himself I find. North being Santa Claus which every child look forward to every time it’s Christmas. Sandy never let nightmares get to me, which I am really thankful for. And finally you, Jack. You’re like children’s guardian for snow adventure and fun, things like that. It’s never boring when I’m with you. And even if I’m in the last year of my teenage years, I will never stop believing in you guys.”

“You serious about that? I’m not even a guardian yet.”

“Oh really? I thought you are—um Nah—I believe you are guardian.” She shrugged. “I really really believe you are a guardian, Jack Frost.”

Y/N stood, smiling at Jack. Jack didn’t know what he was feeling. He is beyond touched by what she is saying and he is very much thankful to know that someone out there believes in him and that someone is standing in front of him. Y/N waved at him and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t be too surprised, Jack.” She laughed loudly and started walking to her house’ direction. “I’m going to go home now. I’ll see you again tomorrow. I am guessing North will pass by our house later to drop my little brother’s christmas gift. You’re welcome to come by though.”


Y/N snapped awake when she heard the familiar jingle of bells. She wiped the sleep from her eyes and looked at the clock on her bedside table. It was already midnight. It’s already Christmas.

She tiptoed from her room down to their living room and then sat at their sofa. After a few seconds, a familiar man appeared with bag full of gifts slinged on his back.

“Merry Christmas, North!” She greeted, waving at him as he put the bag down.

He laughed loudly. In his case, that wasn’t a problem because they have some kind of magic that prevent other people from hearing the sounds they make. In her case, it’s not that simple. She needs to quiet down a bit.

“You know, I miss the time back then when you were as tall as my knees and then run at me saying: “Santa! I’ve been a good kid this year!” North told her. She raised her eyebrow and rant at him in a second, jumping at his large body for a large hug.

“Santa! I was good this year! Give me a present!” She tried to mimick a child’s voice before she jumped down and then laughed. “It’s pretty awkward when I do it. I’m like, Jack’s height now.”

“You’re heavier too.” North added as he pulled out the present for Y/N’s little brother.

“My brother had been really good this year, huh?” Y/N told North and went back to the sofa. She was surprised when North pulled out another box and gave it to her. “Whoa. I have a present, too?”

“Yeah. You’re still a kid for me though. I watched you grow you know. That gift, my dear Y/N, is for your future adventures.”

“Wow. Thank you, North! You’re the best!” She jumped at him again and gave him another tight hug.

“I thought I was the best?” Jack commented, leaning on the wall.  Y/N and North looked at him before laughing.

It turns out that what North gave her is a sketchbook. She is pretty good at drawing and she had a lot of sketches of the guardians. And then other pages contains of pictures she took when she goes to other places or countries, some contains photograph of her family.

School and work took most of Y/N’s time when she graduated high school.

She had become part of the guardians when Pitch attacked. She helped them even though she doesn’t have any powers and did everything she could to bring them all back together again. She was the happiest when Jack finally accepted the post of being one of the guardians.

The guardians visit her once in a while and they can notice how every time they visit her, she becomes thinner and thinner.

Until the day they learned about her sickness.

It was Jack who first learned about it. Jack was surprised when he went to visit her on her room and found her lying on the bed with a lot of machines beside her bed with some kind of cords sticking on her wrist.

He stepped back, thinking he went to a wrong room.

“Jack?” The voice was scratchy but it was hers. “Is that you?”

Y/N forced herself to sit-up and lean back on the headboard. The little action made her out of breath, sweat easily formed on her forehead.

“What happened to you?” Jack asked, his voice full of fear. He sat beside her bed, running his hand on her face. She looked so tired. She reached out her free hand and gripped his.

“I have terminal sickness, Ice man.” She smiled sadly. “I don’t have much time left.”

Jack just stared at her, shocked. Y/N pulled out her sketch book, the one North gave her as a gift. “I want you to have this, Jack.”

The guardians visited her to tell them their goodbyes. It made their heart ache to see the child they watched grow to become a happy and positive woman who touched a lot of lives being eaten by a sickness they couldn’t understand. Jack was hurt most of all.

He became her best friend and she is the very first person who believed in him and could see him. Jack can’t let her go that easily. He just can’t.

They received the news that she passed after a few weeks.

They grieved for her for a long time.

A hundred years passed and a certain spirit was summoned by the man in the moon.

She looked up and smiled warmly before bowing a thank you and then flying to North’s home.

The guardians were together at North’s home. They gather together every time it is the anniversary of Y/N’s death. The sketchbook she left is there still looking like how she left it.

Imagine their surprise when that certain person landed behind them, smiling at them.

“Hello, guardians. How have you been?” She greeted.

All of them faced her in a second, she looked healthy again.

And she was sporting that familiar grin they all loved.

Jack's personal space / comfort zone / interaction / physical contact - Analysis

(Because I wanted an excuse to make some RotG screenshots/edits AND do a thorough analysis that’s been on my mind for a while. I’ll be referencing the frames I’ve posted in my discussion below, though I’ll also mention a bunch of other instances or scenes.)

This is inspired by a post I saw a while back that pointed out how Jack stood separately from the Guardians in the Warren when Bunnymund had Sophie in his arms – how even after helping them reconnect with their love for children, he still wasn’t truly a part of their group. So then I thought, this is a theme that carries strongly throughout the entire movie - and it pivots around the fact that Jack has been essentially alone for 300 years and unable to touch or interact with anyone.

At first, of course, Jack doesn’t get too close to the Guardians. (The only reason they caught him in the first place was because he let down his guard, acting cheeky and casual around Bunny. Of course he didn’t like being manhandled by yetis, shoved in a sack and tossed through a magic portal, but that was the only way they would’ve gotten him to the Pole with minimum fuss. North may have no concept of sarcasm, but he’s always practical.)

At the Pole, the closest Jack voluntarily gets to one of them is Sandy, when he kneels down to pay attention to Sandy’s symbols. (See the post I made here earlier today discussing their relationship.) Otherwise, he stands fairly far apart from them. Except for, of course… when they themselves invade his personal space, which in Toothiana’s case is just plain weird, in North’s tense (when he backs him up against the door) and also weird, and with Bunnymund, just plain tense. Jack doesn’t oppose it - after all, he’s not used to it and tends to just go with the flow anyway, even with the Tooth Fairy’s fingers digging around in his mouth or the Easter Bunny breathing heavily into his face - but he’s not exactly over the moon about it. (Pun intended.)

He reluctantly agrees to the sleigh ride, and doesn’t mind the company there, as he’s in his element (literally - wind and cold), plus he gets to poke fun at Bunny too. Once they’re near Punjam Hy Loo, then the first voluntary physical contact he makes with someone so far in is Baby Tooth. I find this pretty symbolic, believing firmly that she’s his sister reincarnate and all. She’s the first one he willingly reaches out to and assists – which is, of course, the reason why he was chosen by MiM in the first place.

Then at the palace, after Baby Tooth leaves his side, Jack’s relatively alone again. He doesn’t feel comfortable joining the others in comforting Tooth. The distance is palpable; he’s a whole level lower, a platform away, even Pitch ends up closer to him than the others are at that point. Until, that is, Bunnymund jumps forward right after Pitch insults Jack, actually pushing Jack aside to get at the Boogeyman. It’s hard to tell how Jack feels about this, but as Pitch said, he’s currently a ‘neutral party’. He feels no less poorly about Pitch compared to Bunnymund right now.

Down at ground level, it’s the first time Jack actually tries to understand and connect with what it is the Guardians do – specifically, Tooth. He crouches a little closer to her, walks along with her on the water as she explains the meaning of the mural and her job, and even lets her touch his shoulder. North, Bunny and Sandy are currently very far away, just a blur in the distance; it’s a pretty personal moment for him right now, learning that he may really have memories after all. Once excitement sets in, though, he flies off - perching an equal distance from all of them, but still separate by being on that rock.

Come tooth collection time, things really start to change. He’s pledged himself to their cause in exchange for getting his memories back (which is actually a problem in and of itself; he should really have done it in a purely selfless way, which is why he’s had trouble being seen/believed for so long). So of course, he chats a bit with Tooth, competes with Bunny, and by the end, is in cramped quarters in Jamie’s bedroom. Tooth gets pretty close to him and touches him again when they again share a quiet moment together (note - these sort of moments are a big reason why I ship them, I could go on about Rainbow Snowcone all day but nvm). He seems to be part of their group when Jamie awakens, until reality harshly sets in again and it’s like he’s really not there at all. He’s still so different from the Guardians, even while standing in their midst.

True to character, he’s happy to dive into the fray all by himself when he spots the lone Nightmare – except this time, he’s not alone; Sandy makes the choice to follow him, and Jack’s incredibly comfortable flying and fighting alongside him. And again he charges forward alone, with nothing but his sheer will powering him, when Sandy - perhaps his only friend amongst the Guardians - falls, and then he’s back on the sleigh again after having his full weight lifted by Tooth (think about it - he most likely weighs more than her), Bunnymund actually clustering closer to him in concern. He’s not properly conscious, though, and by the time we get to Sandy’s memorial…

… Jack is nowhere in sight. This always surprises and confuses me - but I guess Jack is just too hurt and alone, and again too much of a stranger, to be able to share such a personal moment with the Guardians. It’s the only scene with the Guardians (after he meets them) where he’s completely absent, feeling terrible about the fact he couldn’t do anything to save Sandy.

He’s understanding more now. He’s walking forward with Tooth and North, agreeing pretty readily to go ahead with helping out for Easter. He charges forward in sync with them when they’re surprised by Sophie, but then moves quite far away again to perch on a mossy boulder when he realises just how clueless they are about kids. He only gets close to them some time later when he sits next to Bunny; I suppose he also wanted to give them space, give Bunny the time to connect with Sophie without interfering. And then as North and Tooth crouch around Bunny and admire the sleeping girl as well, Jack’s distance is pronounced. He didn’t seem so far away when just sitting beside Bunnymund, but with the others there, the contrast is striking; he’s still alone.

He willingly carries Sophie all the way back to Burgess (I know he’s technically not supposed to be able to touch her, but it’s my headcanon that he can still physically interact with beings like animals or very small children, especially if they’re unconscious/sleeping, as children don’t yet have the necessary level of awareness; it’s why so many kids have an 'imaginary friend’. Anyway.) And Baby Tooth is still with him at this point. Again, symbolic for the sibling-connection. She always flies close to him, right until Pitch distracts him and snatches her away. It’s almost like… she’s his last lifeline, his only connection to what he is and what he can possibly be, and in one master stroke she’s taken away from him and replaced with his memories. (Same difference, no?)

He finds the Guardians, Bunnymund comes an inch within punching him in the face. An understandable reaction, but still, it really, REALLY stings, even if it didn’t meet its mark. The knowledge that Bunnymund actually could have laid a hand on him and really hurt him, that he accidentally let down one of the only beings in the world who had started to have faith in him… of course it’s shocking. Of course Jack sheds a tear in this scene and nowhere else. His happy facade has finally broken.

He abandons the miniature North-doll, and all he has left on him is the tooth-box. But the tooth-box is cold and empty to him. Everything is cold and empty to him, so he goes to the coldest, emptiest place on Earth – Antarctica. He doesn’t activate his memories – either he doesn’t want to, or doesn’t know how to. Again, same difference at this point. And the next person who tries to get close to him (both physically and emotionally) is met with harsh screams and icy blows. Jack’s had enough of being close to people, maybe it would be better off if he was alone after all; what’s the point in friendship and trust if he never fails to screw things up?

Until Pitch reveals Baby Tooth and returns Jack’s purpose to him. If anything, Pitch’s two biggest mistakes were a) giving Jack his memories in the first place and b) giving back Baby Tooth. Together, they held the key to unlock what Jack needed in that deep, dark crevasse in Antarctica. Even in gingerly sheltering Baby Tooth in his hands, Jack regretted that he couldn’t make her warm. Even in holding the most important person in the world to him, in his very hands, he felt regret and disappointment at himself. This, guys, is what I call heart-wrenching character development. The boy who hasn’t been able to hold someone he loves for three hundred years still feels bad, even when he can.

What he did for Baby Tooth - giving up his staff for her - was pretty selfless. It’s the only material possession he has. If she couldn’t already see him, I bet that act would qualify as something for him to be believed in for. But that true moment comes soon after, when he saves the very existence of Bunnymund in the nick of time. He doesn’t make Jamie believe for himself. He does it for Bunny. He does it for the Guardians. Because he is still overflowing with compassion, even after he let them down. That is why he rejected Pitch Black’s offer, and that is why he finally earns himself a believer; he’s finally worthy of being believed in. I wonder now if it’s actually partially under the Man in the Moon’s control whether or not Jack could be seen.

From then, Jack is close to Jamie like he was (and still is) close to his sister. He stands beside him and playfully nudges him, he stands protectively in front of him as Pitch Black threatens him. And the Guardians cluster worriedly around him after Pitch knocks him out of the sky; he’s proven his worth, and he’s now their only hope. They have nothing left to lose, and he now has everything - a shining happy future in particular - to lose if they lose to Pitch. From hereon out it’s not 'him’ and 'them’, it’s 'us’. He stands beside them every step of the way and nearly is killed fighting (if it were not for Sandy’s resurrection). And he really is a part of their team as they huddle joyfully around Sandy.

There’s one more step to go, though, and it’s mere minutes away as the sun starts to rise on Easter Monday. Toothiana tacklehugs him - he’s truly at ease now, he automatically places his hands on her waist and probably has some cute thoughts running through his head (at least until Baby Tooth separates them. Imagine her squeaking “Ew mom, hands off my brother!”). And then of course North hugs Jack as well and kisses him on both cheeks, leaving the poor thing pretty dazed but no longer weirded out.

And the best moment of all - we all know it, it’s been analysed so thoroughly - when Jamie runs at Jack but doesn’t run through him. The shock on Jack’s face is plainer than the day that’s just started. He’s finally - finally - able to accept that maybe he’s worth believing in, worth loving, worth being trusted. It’ll still be a rocky road for a while - it’ll take a while for three hundred year’s worth of fear and disappointment to fade away (WHICH IS WHY I NEED A SEQUEL SO BAD GDI DREAMWORKS), but for now, Jack is able to cherish the hug from his first believer.

*rolls around in the eternal feelings RotG gives him*

This is one of my favourite moments in the movie. Why? Let’s discuss. This is the happiest Jack looks in all of RotG. Besides the fact his face is literally lit up, the way it actually lights up emotionally kills me in such a good way. He would recognise Burgess on a globe because it’s his birth town both as a spirit and as a human (and he’s JUST discovered those memories). Nonetheless, there could be some error in where the light is appearing on the globe. But he instantly recognises it as Jamie. A kid whose name he remembered because - it’s my headcanon that Jack remembers the names of every single kid he meets, even if they never saw him. If he was bitter and spiteful he wouldn’t have remembered. But Jack does. Even though Jamie was the most recent kid to prove to him that he was still invisible. And just - the way he says Jamie’s name like he knows him personally, the way his eyes widen and Jamie’s light is reflected in them - it’s perfect. (And this is why Bennefrost is my OTP - just imagine that feeling multiplied a hundred times over once both Jamie and Jack start growing up. It’s an irrevocable connection as deep as the universe.)


Progressional post for “Still Dream”. (Link to complete piece with quote: http://jngarrettart.tumblr.com/post/76167280322/well-as-promised-heres-my-now-completed-rise)

Ok, so there was a LOT of work that went into this piece. I don’t always go through every single step I’m showing here, but this composition was so complex, I needed each stage to be a solid foundation for the next. This is going to be a longish post, but I hope it will also be interesting, so here we go!

•Image 1. My very rough thumbnail for the piece. Essentially just marking in the basic shapes from my head, and where the characters were possibly going to be placed. This was about 3x4 inches.

•Image 2. Beginning layout and design, placing key components of the composition. Roughly 8 1/2 x 9 inches, the size I would be working in for the rest of the piece.

•Image 3. Tracing paper layers showing the adjustments I made to Jack and Jamie’s position in the composition, and dolphins replacing the school of fish.

•Image 4. I used a light box to trace the lines I wanted from the previous stage onto graph paper. I rarely use graph paper for my projects, but with this level of complexity, I wanted a guide to help ensure I was placing the structural parts of the piece in proper symmetry and alignment. Once I transferred the lines I had already established, I finished drawing the characters and refining the details of the piece freehand.

•Image 5. When the drawing was done, I made a quick photocopy and used a dark layout pencil to rough in where I thought the general tones would be. Some of these changed as the actual painting progressed.

•Image 6. Once I was satisfied with the level of my drawing, I again used a light box, this time to trace my pencil drawing onto watercolor paper using a limited selection of color pencils. I use this method for a couple of reasons. One, I get to work out any kinks on a different surface, ensuring the paper for my final piece is never overworked before I start painting. Two, the color pencils are wax based, which allows my lines to remain intact even when I run paint over them. I try to keep my artist’s thinking cap on when I make these transfers. I am never just mindlessly tracing; I am re-drawing using my previous layer as a guide, but also giving myself permission to make small alterations as I go that will bring it closer to my vision for the piece.

•Image 7. Final piece, done in watercolor and color pencil. I use the paints and pencils freely in any area I feel they are needed. However, the final piece is definitely more paint than pencil. I also used a small amount of white crayon to create the frost on Jack’s hoodie, breeches, and staff.

Some final notes on the composition: I first had the idea for this piece when I re-encountered a quote by G.K. Chesterton shortly after I saw RotG, which said, “At the four corners of a child’s bed stand Perseus and Roland, Sigurd and St. George. If you withdraw the guard if heroes you are not making him rational; you are only leaving him to fight the devils alone.” I thought how well it fit the whole concept of the story, and I wanted to make a piece of fan art based on that. The inner frame is meant to resemble a bed, and I have tried to include many details that tie into the story and characters, from Sandy’s little ocean dreams and dinosaurs, to the phases of the moon and the nightmares. The quilt pattern that runs along the sides of the central image is called “flying geese”, and so is a subtle nod also to the books on which the movie was based. Beside the movie itself, I tried to reference the flowing lines of Mucha’s art nouveau, and the detail of The Book of Kells as inspiration.

Well, there you have it, and I hope you enjoy seeing the progress! Thanks everyone who has liked and shared my painting over the last few days! I have loved reading your comments and tags and I will try to reply to some of them soon, but I am thoroughly delighted you are all enjoying the piece. :)