rise of the guardians


Requested by mira-mage-mira and bad-new-girl

You let out a scream as a sudden chill painfully shot through your body.

“Oh no, I really didn’t mean to do that!” you heard a youthful voice comment. You opened your eyes as a white-haired boy floated in front of you.

“Who are you?” you asked, your breath visible on the chill.

The boy seemed surprised. “Wait, you can see me?” he leaned in so his face was close to yours.

“Yes, I can see you,” you replied, taking a step back. “People usually don’t? And you can fly?”

You had been sure the pain and the chill would go away after a night’s rest. The pain did eventually subside, but you couldn’t warm up no matter what you tried. The flying boy made sure to visit each day, to see if you were getting better. You learned that he was Jack Frost, as in the spirit of winter. And he seemed to feel really guilty about hitting you with the ice.

A few days later, the cold still was persistent. You tried to combat it by drinking hot tea, but your tea suddenly turned into an ice cube right as Jack flew in to greet you.

“Very funny,” you commented to Jack.

Jack, however, seemed genuinely confused. “What do you mean?” You turned over your tea mug, the block of ice that was once your tea falling out in a chunk. “That… wasn’t me. And it’s not cold enough for water to freeze, let alone hot tea.”

You were puzzled at first, but then looked at Jack with a look of realization. He returned the same look.

“I think I know why I can’t get warm,” you stated. “Do you always feel cold, too?”

“I am just always cold, I don’t feel it,” Jack explained, taking the blanket off of you. “Try letting out the cold instead of trying to warm it up. Close your eyes, take a breath, and release the energy.”

You did as Jack asked. A chill went up your spine, and it felt like pieces of ice flew off your skin in all directions, but you did feel a little warmer. You opened your eyes, shocked to find the entire room covered with ice. Even Jack seemed to have a bit of extra frost on him, not that he seemed to mind.

“Yep, you for sure have ice powers,” Jack unhelpfully commented. “Now you just need to learn how to control them!” He took your hand in his and pulled you out of your house. He seemed rather excited to have someone to share his powers with for once. You, however, were focusing mainly on how cold his touch was, and how it felt surprisingly nice.

“Where are we going?” you asked.

“To the woods. Best place to practice ice powers. That’s where I learned mine,” Jack replied.

By the time Jack let go of your hand, you were breathing heavily. Jack was hard to keep up with.

“So, I’ve never taught anyone how to use ice powers before,” Jack admitted. “And I just kinda did it. So, just touch things and try to get a feel for letting the cold out.”

“Uh, okay,” you said, before touching the trunk of a tree. You tried to focus the cold you felt out your hand, and an ice block formed on the trunk.

“Not bad. More focused than at the house,” Jack commented. “But let’s see if we can get a little more precision in it.” He floated over to you, planting himself behind you. He stood very close, you could feel his jacket on your back. He took your hand in his and pointed both at the tree. You blushed at the contact. “I want you to try to just get a thin layer of frost on there.” he said. “A light touch like this,” he gently touched your fingers to the tree before pulling them back, “usually does the trick. You can’t focus too much on any one area.”

Jack stepped back from you, and you tried what he asked. However, instead of the frost staying on the tree, an icicle formed from the tree to your finger.

“Well, we’ll have to practice some more,” Jack commented. “I’ll be learning how to teach this stuff as much as you’ll be learning how to do it. I’m sorry there’s not a better teacher.”

You gave Jack a quick hug, which seemed to surprise him briefly, before he returned the hug. “You’ll be a great teacher,” you told him. “And, hey, I don’t mind a few extra lessons if it means seeing you more.”