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Okay, so sorry in advance if this is rushed and all over the place. Long story short, my psychiatrist office failed to mention to me until today that I was supposed to be paying for my visits all along, and now I have a massive bill on my head, of which I can’t pay. So basically they got me addicted to drugs, of which I need to function anyways, and are now threatening to stop my appointments and take them away from me, of which would cause me to withdrawal and probably land me back in the hospital (of which I have crazy bills from those trips too already)

SO my solution, since I can’t in good conscience ask for money for free, I am opening up dirt cheap wig commissions in hopes to make up this money before I run out of my prescription.

The basic breakdown of how that would work is, my labor is only gonna be $50 (up to ten hours of time spent on the wig), and all you have to pay on top of that is shipping and for the wig. This is also the only time where I will take in your wigs and style them as you want them (if physically feasible). If you don’t have a wig, I will order them from Arda unless otherwise discussed.

I am literally asking for less than minimum wage on these wigs.

So please, please if you need a wig, any wig, please send me a message, or email me at a.a.morlock@gmail.com with references and what you want and we will discuss further. Or if you don’t, share this with anyone you know who does.


shots from Comic Gong! some were taken by me, the ones with me (Ariel) in them were pilfered from my friend’s dad because his camera is nicer than mine

1. guess who found a Taako cosplayer, we were both pretty thrilled that I recognised her
2. Drag Queen Ursula came runner up in the cosplay contest and that was sUCH A SHAM E she should have come first
3. Peridot’s hair was phenominal, she used like three whole wigs and a yoga mat
4. a different Peridot with a Lapis! I didn’t have enough money left to buy any of their products but I hope to see them again at Supanova and definitely buy their shit because it was rad SU themed jewellery
5. Hiccup and Jack were disappointed that no one wanted couple photos of them so I told them to go ahead and do what they liked so they just straight up made out and it was great
6. Caught that shot the second they broke apart and I thought it was adorable
7. He climbed on Toothless’ back every time someone asked them for a photo
8. Me, two of my friends as Belle and Tink, and a Jetsons cosplayer we ran into, she was super nice!

overall my friends and I were remarkably fucking popular, we had so many photos taken and said hello to an immeasurable number of little girls, some of them were so shy tho but they all came over for a hug and a photo with some coaxing from their parents

we had one girl who had apparently been hanging out for ages to take a photo with us but the moment we said hello she became so shy she could hardly even look at us

I told her it was okay if she didn’t want to talk because a sea witch stole my voice once too, my friend dressed as Tinkerbell let all the kids hold her giant coin for their photos

it was such a great day ~


Anime Boston cosplay part 3! If you see something, say something. (As in, if you see your picture, let me know so I can tag you. Or, heck, if you’d like me to remove your picture for one reason or another, I totally get that.)

@photoshoppedreality as Pokemon Go player
@paintedladyallura as Allura

(part 1) (part 2) (part 4)


Another convention down! Happy 2nd conniversary to me! Comikaze yet again has been an awesome experience and I found ANOTHER person who knows sign language! I find it appropriate that it was Ariel this time ;) Sorry Eric, this is what happens when you lose sight of your girlfriend~

Jack: @frostplayers

Ariel: @cosplaybabu

Comikaze 2015