rise of the guardian cosplay


Happy Throwback Thursday! I’m tired of these long GIFs, I’m working on making them smaller ^^” Btw, this is from WonderCon 2015. Excited to meet up with everyone for Anime Expo this year! There’s actually gonna be a Rise of the Guardians cosplay gathering. This is a milestone MOMENT! If you wanna see me and a bunch of other characters then we shall be meeting at 3pm on Thursday (day 1) over by Staples Center (not the main entrance to the con but the other door) outside. Come visit! :D

Oh, and we already have FANART for this! WAT!? NO WAY. Check it out here!


Jack Frost is more than a Myth! Rise of the guardians Live action coming soom!!

Ok just kiding uahauhahu one more epic photo! Jack frost on São Paulo Brazil.


I really like cosplaying disney/dreamworks guys :D

In order: Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians), Hiccup (How to train your Dragon), Hiro and Tadashi (Big Hero 6)

who should I cospplay next? maybe Flynn Rider…?


Another convention down! Happy 2nd conniversary to me! Comikaze yet again has been an awesome experience and I found ANOTHER person who knows sign language! I find it appropriate that it was Ariel this time ;) Sorry Eric, this is what happens when you lose sight of your girlfriend~

Jack: @frostplayers

Ariel: @cosplaybabu

Comikaze 2015

Here’s to another Winter! :D

(So Winter officially started which means it’s time for Zephyr Frost to come back, and even his pet, “Bit,” is getting into the spirit! Beware the Snowballs!)