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“Here is what the liberal media has taught us… And then they blame the gun for the shootings.

1) Tim Kaine asked for blood on the streets.
2) Loretta Lynch wanted bloodshed and violence against Republicans.
3) Obama asked his supporters to rise up.
4) CNN announced who would take over the gov if all elected Republicans were KILLED during Trump’s inauguration.
5) A New York play shows the killing of Trump.
6) Snoop Dog kills Trump in a video.
7) Kathy Griffin decapitates Trump in a photo shoot.
8) Madonna - "I’ve thought a lot about blowing up the WH”
9) Robert De Niro - “I’d like to punch him in the face”
10) Joss Whedon, Avengers director - “I want a Rhino to F* Paul Ryan to death”
11) David Simon, creator of The Wire - “Pick up a G*d* brick” if Trump fires Robert Mueller.
12) Mickey Rourke, the wrestler actor - “He can suck my F* D*ck” and threatens to beat Trump with baseball bat.
13) Lea DeLaria, actress, threatens to “take out Republicans and Independents with baseball bat” after Trump win.
14) YG, rapper, threatens Trump with ‘F* Donald Trump’ song.
15) Marilyn Manson kills Trump in music video.
16) Everlast, rapper, warns Trump - “I will punch you in your F*ing face”
17) Larry Wilmore jokes about suffocating Trump with “pillow they used to kill Scalia”
18) Stephan Colbert’s Late Show puts Stephen Miller’s head on a spike.
19) Sarah Silverman suggests military could help 'overthrow’ Trump.
20)Kathy Griffin promised to beat up Baron Trump (who is 11 years old)
21) Juan Thompson threatened to blow up a Jewish community center.
22) Jeremy Christian, the Portland Killer and a Bernie voter killed two.
23) The Huffington Post asked for Trump’s execution - on June 11th, Jason Fuller said in his article that impeachment is no longer enough and that Trump must face justice.“

Staring PT 3

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 You sat at the lunch table going a mile a minute. You had so many things you were procrastinating on that you couldn’t even focus on eating. You sprawled yourself on an entire lunch table waiting for Carlos to join you. “Hey.” You heard Brett’s lovely voice. You turned and saw him in close proximity but he wasn’t talking to you. Your stare lingered and before you know it he looked over and locked gazes with you. 

You looked away instantly and went back to writing some bs for your English assignment. “You should probably stop procrastinating so much.” Brett said sitting down next to you. His hands were all over the papers you had scattered in front of you. His eyes squinted looking at the things written. “Whoa, this is a lot of work. How long did this take you to do?" 

You had no idea you were staring at him until he turned to ask you that question. "Ugh. Only like two periods. And lunch.” You said looking down at your paper. You heard his laugh ring through the air. You tried hard to concentrate on what you were writing. 

You looked up when you heard Carlos say hi to Brett and you. But Carlos’ eyes lingered on Brett widening. You rolled your eyes and continued writing. Next thing you know Mason and another friend of Brett’s came and joined you at your table. And a whole crowd followed with an interrupting roar, this was what it was like for the popular crowd. I stopped and glared at them all seeing they didn’t give a damn about me sitting here trying to do work. Everyone busy talking about girls, games, and friends, making you slit your eyes at the incompetence. 

I huffed and grabbed all of my things quickly and didn’t notice Carlos or Brett, staring at me in confusion. I hurriedly grabbed my back pack and went to my car in the parking lot. I got inside and continued my work. 

With all the work I still had I skipped my last classes and finished everything so I could turn it all in tomorrow. I waited patiently for Carlos to come around as I sat on the hood of my car. I took out my phone and went through checking all of my notifications. I felt a tap on my shoe and looked up to see Brett smiling at me. “Hey.” I said sitting up, fixing my posture. 

“Hey, just came to tell you we have a new project for Government.” He said not moving his hand from where it was resting on the edge of my car. And dangerously close to my thigh. 

“Really? What about?” I looked from his hand to his face quickly. 

“Just of the specifics of the judicial branch  I have notes. We’re partners by the way.” He said seemingly getting closer. Or maybe it was just my imagination….

“Partners? How did that happen?” I ask with a smile on my face. Brett was one of the hottest guys here, and popular. How in the fuck did I become his partner?

He shrugged and smirked at me. “You know I got to pick my partner, and I haven’t gotten to work with you yet.” He let his sentence take on a whole new meaning when he winked at the end of it. I smiled brightly feeling a blush rise. 

“Okay whoa whoa whoa. You cannot walk up into AP Gov with your blonde hair, and your blue eyes, and you tall lanky body, and think-!” Carlos ran over to Brett screaming and yelling. 

“What the hell Carlos?” I asked interrupting him. Why was he getting in between me and Brett time!

“This guy stole my partner for Government! You know I can’t do anything without you!” He furrowed his brows and crossed his arms obviously pissed. “Now I’m stuck with Mason so that means I’m probably going to be too busy sucking his d-" 

"Shut the fuck up!” I laughed out covering his mouth. Brett was having a fit trying not to comment on Carlos’ gross revelations. “It’s ok, it’s not the end of the world.”

“What? This is serious Y/N! My grade depends on this. And you are the only one who keeps me concentrated enough to actually write my name on the paper.” He stated everything matter-of-factly. 

“Well too bad, now I have her all to myself.” Brett threw his arm around me and tauntingly shook his head at Carlos. 

“Watch it Brett or I’m going to put that lacrosse stick to better use.” Carlos winked at the blue eyed boy next to me. 

We both oh’d at Carlos’ blatant threat. Carlos just laughed it off like it was nothing. “So when can I go over?” Brett asked looking down at me even though I was sitting down on my car hood. 

“Ugh.” I looked around avoiding Carlos eyes. “I would say to come over today…” He couldn’t come over today, I wasn’t ready my room wasn’t ready. My house was a mess, how could I have him come over? 

“But?” Brett interjected. 

“But my mom won’t be home.” I said quickly. 

“But I will be so need to worry about mummy getting worried about a boy being over.” Carlos said with a terrible grin on his face. 

Brett’s eyebrows shot up. “Will that work?" 

I mulled it over while biting on my bottom lip. Of course Carlos is going to do this right now. "You don’t have lacrosse practice?” I asked one last time.

He smiled, and laughed threw his nose. “Not for you I don’t." 

I sucked in a breath and nodded my head. "Sure why not. You wanna follow me?” I asked getting off my car. 

“Yeah, I’ll be right behind you.” He said with a smile. 

“Okay, hopefully you can keep up cause I won’t wait.” I said with a laugh getting in my car. 

He furrowed his brows and looked at my car. “In this thing? You can’t beat me.” He shook his head. 

“Just watch me.” I said smiling at him. He smiled wider and nodded his head. 

“Alright Y/N lets see what you can do.” He started walking away from you and to his car. Carlos hopped into your car looking excited. 

“You better sped your ass to the house!” He said buckling up and waiting for you to start. 

You smirked and turned your car on. It may be an old car but you invested some money into it. Which wasn’t to expensive since it was old. But the car was meant for having power so the hum of the engine was loud. You could see Brett in your rear view mirror smirking at you. 

When you turned onto Main Street, you quickly stepped on the gas. You barely made the light that had turned yellow, and crossed the road in a quick 3 second pass. You started laughing when you saw Brett waiting back at the first turn. 

You sped like crazy to your house. Going at the very least 50, and getting home in 5 minutes. You hopped out of the car and ran inside. Carlos followed wondering what the hell the rush was. “It’s fucken dirty in here!” You yelled running around like a chicken without a head. You cleaned up the dishes in the sink, and moved all the papers from the counter. Carlos moved all the shoes in the hallway into a closet. 

“Girl lets get your room and the study.” You nod and bolt to the upstairs. You take your room and Carlos takes the study. You throw your blanket nicely down. And move around the shit on your desk. Moving your dirty clothes into the closet. 

Your phone buzzes. It’s Brett asking where the hell your house was since you lost him at the second turn. You quickly text your address and put your phone away in you back pocket. “How’s it look?” You ask walking into the study. Carlos’ hands are full and you eye him weirdly. 

“I had some stuff in there from last time.” He shrugged his shoulders and moved past you. You followed him downstairs and waited in the living room for Brett to get here. Within ten minutes he texted you and you heard a knock on the door. You open it with a smile and not say a word to him. “What’s with the grinning?” He asked poking your cheek. 

You shrugged and smiling wider. “I beat you.” And you closed the door behind him. 

“You only got lucky. You should go for a ride with me and I’ll show you how to really drive.” He turned around and was smiling down at you. 

“Whatever you say, Mr. You-can’t-beat-me-in-this-thing.” You sang walking past him. You entered the open living room and kitchen area. Not seeing Carlos anywhere, you knew he was lurking.  "Uh we should probably start. We might finish today depending on what she wants from us. Did you want something to drink?“ You look up to see Brett just waiting for you. Staring down at you like he wanted to ask you something.

He nodded not looking away. "Yeah sure.” You nod too and walk to the fridge. 

“Okay, water? Gatorade? Juice?” You look through your fridge for more options. 

“Just a water.” He said from behind you. You felt a heat emanating and you widened your eyes. He must have been right behind you. You grab two bottles and walk away. Noticing he was almost directly behind you. You walked up the stairs to the door of your room and waited for him to catch up. 

“Just go into the study and I’ll be right there.” You point to the room right across from you.

He smirked and asked. “You’re not going to let me see your room?" 

You laughed and shook your head. "Not today, maybe under different circumstances.” You laugh pushing your way through the doorway. You rushed and grabbed everything you needed and made sure you looked okay. “Calm the fuck down.” You whispered to yourself. You knew Brett was a werewolf and he could hear you if he tried. You took a few calming breathes and walked over to the study. 

You saw Brett looking around, seeing all the books and paintings. You interrupted his thinking, “There my moms. She does all the painting around here.” You put your bag on the ground and look over at him. He was staring at a giant blue canvas that your mother painted when your father left her. And blue was ruined for her because it was her favorite. But since that day that’s all she felt. 

“Their all wonderful. She’s pretty talented. So besides the tattoos and the paining what else does she do?” He asked sounding quite interested.

You crossed your arms and leaned against the couch. “She does all kinds of things. She can pretty much do any medium, and she’ll do galleries, and charity. She’s like the greatest artist I know.” Brett was staring directly at you. 

“Can you draw?” He walked closer towards you. 

You mashed your lips together, almost grinning. “Uhhhh.” You dragged out the syllable. You didn’t want to have to show your stuff, because how enthralled you’d get. You loved your art so much, and wanted other people to love it to. But your mother was the greatest artist you knew, and Brett has seen you mothers work. Which your work couldn’t compare to it. “Yes. But it is nothing like my mothers. She is absolutely gifted and she’s been doing this professionally since she was 17. So I kinda have no way to amount up to that.” You put your hands up to the sides of you. 

“I’m sure you’re really good and you’re just being hard on yourself. You seem like you’re good really artist, with the way your dress,” his hand grazed your short hem. “And the way you look,” his fingertips touched a small curl in your hair. “And just your attitude.” He pulled away from you. 

You let go of a breath you held waiting for the last touch. It never came, and you looked away feeling disappointed. “So let’s start, just so we can finish. Explain to me what happened." 

Brett and you had almost finished, by the time your mother came home. You wanted Brett out of here so she wouldn’t ask if he wanted to stay for dinner. Cause that would call for questions and implications of him being more than a "friend”. Which he wasn’t, yet. 

“Okay, so I’ll start the PowerPoint or whatever. Thanks for skipping out on practice for me, and getting me caught up.” You said to Brett on your dimly lit porch.

 "No problem.“ He said smoothly. It was weird how suave this guy seemed to be. You eyed him, and dug a hand in your back pocket. "Don’t leave me hanging in class again.” He winked at you so quickly you didn’t think it happened. 

“Don’t worry about that. I was busy finishing some stuff up. It was spur of the moment.” You nodded your head. 

He smirked and turned his body halfway. “Sorry about making you leave your lunch table by the way. It’s just those guys and my friends follow sometimes and it gets, hectic." 

You shrug with one shoulder, "It’s not your fault. I would’ve stayed under any other situation." 

He laughed and walked down the steps. "I’ll see you tomorrow then. Maybe we can have a try at that again. Show up to class so I have something worth staring at.” He continued walking to his back truck parked I front of your house. 

“Goodbye Brett.” You sang in a disbelieving tone. 

“Goodnight beautiful.” Brett called back to you. You waved and felt your heart beating fast. You tried breathing through you nose knowing Brett could probably hear it. When he finally left you rushed inside to find Carlos stuck at the window. “What the fuck?” You asked surprised. 

“Oh my god! You’re all red! That was so cute! I have to call Lydia.” He walked away with his phone in his hand. He was already talking a mile a minute on the way up the stairs. 

That night you laid happily in bed, thinking where the fuck did this all come from. How could Brett possibly think you fall under radar? 


*Buzz* your phone vibrated on your bedside table. You reached for it seeing the messages from Brett. 

Don’t skip out on me tomorrow. We have to give Carlos and Lydia something worth talking about. ;) 

You squealed at the words on the screen. He double texted right away. 

Good night beautiful. Get some sleep❤️. 

You sighed loudly, putting your phone to your chest. Okay so if Brett didn’t kiss you, or ask you out tomorrow you’d to ably die.

“Remember that?” You asked Brett, as he handed you your coffee. He smiled and sat right next to you. 

“Of course I remember that. Not only did I completely fuck it up, Mason didn’t remember the plan.” He shook his head and took a sip out of his cup. “I still remember your face when I kissed you.” He laughed and put his cup down to prevent it from spilling. “And the way Carlos was recording is the whole time." 

You nodded your head, feeling that same rush you had that day. Brett kissed you, and basically claimed you I front of the whole school. While getting detention, and community service for starting a food fight. "I don’t know why your instant reaction was to throw food? Like ‘Hey be my girlfriend. Yes? Ok.’ Let me just take this tray of food from my new girlfriend and chuck it at this innocent band kid." 

Brett was now laughing hard tearing up at the memories. He took a deep breath to calm down before explain himself. "Now, if you didn’t know I couldn’t believe you said yes to me. So of course my initial reaction was to do something crazy. But Mason wasn’t thinking straight so he didn’t bring the confetti like I asked him. And that band kid wasn’t innocent because he threw his milk at me and it hurt." 

You shook your head, "Why did I say yes? I would’ve gotten out of detention if I wasn’t your girlfriend.” You say putting your hands to your face. 

“Oh but then we wouldn’t have been able to make out when the teacher left, remember?” He put an arm around you bringing you to his side. 

“You’re right.” You lean into him feeling his warmth. He kissed the top of your head lovingly. 

“I’m sorry it wasn’t like a fairytale you deserve.” He said with a small smile. 

“It was perfect,” you turned and looked him in the eye. “No way would I want that any differently.” You lean up and kiss his lips as he smiles at you. Of course Brett was sweet enough to apologize for something that happens long ago. He had empathy like no one else. That’s why he’d be a really, really great dad.


A/N So the painting I used is obviously not the one I’m talking about. I didn’t want to use my mom’s actual painting that inspired that bit, so here’s some Monet for ya.

Oregon Update: Cannabis Audit Coming—and Jeff Sessions, too | Leafly
United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to speak with law enforcement officials in Portland, OR, on Tuesday afternoon.

While in town, Sessions is scheduled to meet privately with US Attorney Billy Williams and local police officers, including Multnomah County Sheriff Mike Reese, who heads the Portland Police Association.

The attorney general has, in recent months, leveled sharp criticism at Oregon’s legal cannabis industry, alleging, among other claims, that the state is still a major player in the country’s illegal cannabis market.

Session’s comments, which also included claims that cannabis extraction since legalization has fueled a rise in home explosions, were met with heavy criticism by Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton.

Much of Sessions’ criticism was based on a preliminary Oregon State Police report, which was still in draft form at the time. In a letter to Sessions, Brown said the document was flawed and shouldn’t be used to draw conclusions about the state’s cannabis system.

“The Oregon State Police determined that the draft report required significant additional work and revision because the data was inaccurate and heavily extrapolated conclusions were incorrect,” Brown wrote, adding that the report does not reflect the “on the ground” reality in Oregon.

While protests are expected around Sessions’ sanctuary-city speech, it’s not yet clear how or whether residents will respond to the attorney general’s threatening stance toward cannabis.

tonari-no-trico  asked:

I'm not sure if you've ever addressed this, but what do you think about Jewelry Bonney? Of everything we've seen of her, I think she could turn out to be such an intense and interesting character. What with sabaody and avoiding the marines, and watching the whitebeard war (especially her intense reaction to it), and the horrid meetup with Teach, and then Akainu. Thoughts on her, her current whereabouts/situation, and her past?

Bonney, in terms of potential character importance and the number of mysteries surrounding her, has a lot in common with X Drake (who I wrote about yesterday). Let’s see what we actually know about Bonney so far…

As we saw her crying at Sabaody after Whitebeard was stabbed by Squard and accused of betraying his allies, it’s extremely likely that Bonney has a past relationship with Whitebeard. (She could have been crying over Ace too, but it seems much more likely that her connection is to Whitebeard.)

And we also know that she used to be a prisoner of the World Gov. This has led to the rise of a number of speculations about her, ranging from “She’s Akainu’s daughter/the daughter of one of the Gorosei” to “the Gorosei are actually hundreds of years old and they use Bonney’s power to keep them young so they can continue to rule.” I really have no idea of what Bonney’s relationships with the WG and Whitebeard might be, but here’s one more interesting thing from the SBS…

Oda only estimated Bonney’s age as 22. That’s left the door open to the idea that Bonney could be any age—hell, she could be 800 years old and the sole survivor the the Void Century for all we know.

Bonney appears to have escaped from the World Gov. again, given her appearance in chapter 700, but how that might have happened, and what she’s going to do from here, is beyond my ability to guess. All I can say at the moment is the same thing I said in my Drake post yesterday—I think Bonney and Drake are going to be very important in the future, as they are the only pirates we know of who have past intimate ties to the World Gov./the Marines. But what their secrets are and what their personal agendas are is beyond me… We’ll just have to wait and find out!

There are many ways to look at the minimum wage increase in Los Angeles from the current $9 an hour to $15 by 2020 — some hopeful, some cautionary, all good.

For starters, uncharted territory is rapidly being charted. Los Angeles is the fourth city, and by far the largest, to enact a $15 minimum in the past year. The others are Seattle, San Francisco and Emeryville, Calif. (near San Francisco). A $15 minimum has been proposed in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Kansas City, Mo.

Opponents of higher wages — generally, business groups and their political allies — have raised the same objections in Los Angeles that have been raised since the dawn of the federal minimum wage in 1938: that higher pay will lead to layoffs and business closings or business migration. But experience and research involving actual minimum wage increases indicate otherwise: The added cost of higher wages is offset by savings from lower labor turnover and higher labor productivity.

Higher wages can also be offset by modestly higher prices, which haven’t proved measurably disruptive, in part because minimum wage increases make somewhat higher prices manageable. Wages can also be raised by paying executives and shareholders less. Whatever changes employers may have to make in Los Angeles, the long phase-in of the planned increase gives them time to adjust.

…On the state level, 21 states that have not raised their minimums in recent years will be forced to face up to the fact that being a competitive place to do business means ensuring fair pay. Opponents of wage increases often raise the specter of scary “wage islands” caused by businesses decamping to lower-wage areas. The outcome is likely to be just the opposite. Businesses, especially in service industries, would prefer to be where customers have money, and that’s likely to be where wages are rising.

In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has recently earned well-deserved praise for creating a wage board to help raise the pay of fast-food workers, needs to realize, and quickly, that cities in California have stolen his thunder. Establishing a wage board to look into fast-food pay is a big step in the right direction. But it is no substitute for establishing a separate higher minimum wage of $15 an hour for New York City, and no substitute for going to the mat for a state minimum wage that is higher than the proposal for $10.50 an hour currently on the table.

Workers’ share of the economic pie has been shrinking for decades as the gains from labor productivity have flowed increasingly to profits rather than pay. A result has been an economy that is less resilient and more unequal. Low-wage workers who have been demonstrating for higher pay are leading politicians where they need to go, and the real leaders among those politicians are following the workers.

—  Editorial in the New York Times“A $15 Minimum Wage Bombshell in Los Angeles”
Olly Alexander of Years & Years Talks Gov Ball, Celebrating Pride Month and Album Number 2
The Brit pop frontman talked to BAZAAR.com after his festival performance.

The weather might’ve cancelled Kanye West’s and other artists’ Governors Ball shows, but for Years & Years, the rain was just the feature their tracks needed.

When the London-based electro-pop trio took the stage in New York on Friday afternoon, they were met with some showers—and a throng of fans determined to dance through them. With an energetic set that included their hits “King,” “Desire” and “Worship,” the slight downpour soon became a non-issue. The band even slowed down with the mellow “Eyes Shut” before performing a surprise Katy Perry x Drake cover (but more on that later).

The day after their performance, lead singer Olly Alexander opened up to BAZAAR.com about the show, his rising LGBT icon status, and making new music.

How did you feel about your Gov Ball performance on Friday?

“It was really fun. I didn’t know what to expect ‘cause it was early and it was raining slightly but the crowd was really into it. That’s what you hope for, that you get a lot of energy from the crowd and that makes you perform better, and that’s what I felt like.”

How do you guys usually prepare for festival shows?

“To be honest, they’re always very last minute, everyone’s running around. Actually yesterday, we didn’t make it to the stage until two minutes before we were supposed to go on. You can’t really prepare. We’ve been touring so much that we just know that the crew is gonna do a good job and we’ve played the songs so many times, and that’s it.”

You said you’ve been touring, but you’ve also been playing at a lot of festivals. Which has been your favorite so far?

“I guess doing our own shows and doing festivals are different experiences, and they’re both really fun. We just played a bunch of shows in the States and they were amazing. L.A. was super fun, and then we went and played in Portland and Seattle. And at our Seattle show, this guy messaged me on Instagram before and was like, 'I really want to propose to my boyfriend, could I do it on stage at your show?’ So we got him on and it was all a big surprise for his boyfriend and he said yes, and it was really a special moment to have happen at our show. It was really cool. Everyone was crying and emotional.”

What’s your music festival pet peeve?

“Sometimes this stuff is out of your control, like weather. Coachella is difficult because it’s very windy and there’s sand blowing in your face and my throat gets really dry. And then you don’t want it to pour down with rain, although at times it can rally the crowd together. So I guess that’s sort of part of the fun in a way, the unpredictability. You can’t really predict what’s going to happen, it’s just part of the experience.”

What’s your favorite song to play in front of large crowds like that?

“I like to perform 'Desire.’ It goes down super well, always. It gets the crowd super hyped and it’s a really good sing-along song—I can just let the crowd do most of the singing.”

You guys also did a really cool “Dark Horse / Hotline Bling” cover, how did you come up with that?

“That actually came about for Radio 1 in London. They do this thing called the Live Lounge and you have to choose a recent cover and you get to do whatever you want with it. So we were thinking of covers to do and we were just like, 'Oh Katy Perry’ and then we wanted to include a recent one, so we mashed up 'Hotline Bling,’ and it seemed pretty weird but we I was playing around on the piano and it seemed to work pretty work pretty well. It was unexpected, but it seemed to go down well.”

Speaking of Live Lounge, have you heard the Nick Jonas cover of your song, “King?”

“Yeah I actually heard that when it was happening on the radio. I think it was playing in a car and I was walking down the street and I was like, 'Wait. What is that? Is that me? Oh no, it’s Nick Jonas. Sexy Nick Jonas.’”

What did you think of it?

“I mean I’m here for anything Nick Jonas does, especially if it brings me closer to him.”

If you guys were sticking around for the rest of the festival, who would you be most excited to see?

“Well I missed Robyn yesterday and I love Robyn. I would definitely go see Haim and The Killers today if I was there. And I would definitely check out Kanye.”

June is Pride Month—how are you guys celebrating?

“We’re actually doing a show for Pride in Wales, which I don’t think is going on this month, but I’m super excited that we get to play at Pride events. So that will be later in the year. And then I’m just gonna see what happens. I always celebrate with my friends on Pride in London, so I’m hoping I’ll be there.”

You’ve become somewhat of a LGBT icon. How does it feel for you to represent that community?

“I feel so many different things about it. I think mainly I’ve just been really amazed at the support I’ve received, which has meant so much because I think that’s been a huge part of the reason why I’ve been able to speak out on these issues in the first place. So it’s just been incredible and I feel so grateful that it happened. And at the same time, I have a lot of anxiety about the concept of representation because it can be problematic to navigate some of the challenges of trying to do what’s right and speak out for a community, but be aware of the limitations and pitfalls I might encounter, too. The community’s so diverse and I’m only one experience. So it’s just been really incredible.”

For sure. I noticed on stage yesterday you wore a sweatshirt with a rainbow on it.

“My rainbow tracksuit, yes!”

Do you guys usually wear more comfortable, cool athleisure on stage?

“It depends. I definitely always try to wear something I can move in and dance around in. I have also worn pretty crazy outfits that don’t let you move that much. I wore this pink kimono outfit in our London show and it was really difficult to move around it, but I was really feeling myself. So I  like to wear anything that makes me feel slightly excited. It’s a moment to push the boundaries of what people expect.”

Speaking of dancing, where do your dance moves come from?

“I’ve always loved to go out clubbing and I also started going to this dance class near me for a couple years, as well. All we did was do dance routines to Rihanna songs or Beyonce songs, it was amazing.”

How would you say your life has changed since your debut album Communion came out last summer?

“In some ways it’s changed everything about my life. I’m traveling all the time and I’ve been to so many places that I never thought I’d go to and I don’t get to see my friends and family as much anymore. Being able to perform and make music as my job is still very mind-blowing but at the same time it hasn’t really changed stuff. I feel like before you experience any level of success, you have this idea of what it will feel like. For me, I really felt like, 'Oh if I become a singer or musician and that would make me feel a certain way and I would feel all shiny and golden,’ and then obviously the reality is very different. I’m still the same person, I have the same insecurities.”

Are you guys already working on some new music?

“Yeah. I’ve been working on a few things, just getting ideas down and trying to do bits along the way, not really sitting down. We’ll set aside some time later on in the year, once we stop touring, to really focus on that second album.”