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So I decided to make a click and drag considering i have never seen one in this fandom before : / 

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it was a pain in the butt to make (two days!) so if you repost what you got, please link it back to this! plus, i really want to see what you got lol


» astronaut (cartoon multicrossover & au: b-day collab)

who did what:
me (Nod x Marianne; Epic x Strange Magic)
DannyPhantomSG1 (Hiccup x Anna; How to Train your Dragon x Frozen)
Dzhelina (Kristoff x Rapunzel; Frozen x Tangled)
asorti495 (Hiccup x Merida; How to Train your Dragon x Brave)
Mad Valentine (Tadashi x Elsa; Big Hiro 6 x Frozen)
Animefreaknya (Flynn x Anna; Tangled x Frozen)
me (Hans x Elsa; Frozen)
Callthisanything (Hiro x Vanellope; Big Hiro 6 x Wreck-It Ralph)
me (Pitch x Emily; Rise of the Guardians x The Corpse Bride)


CGI Princesses in non-disney costume! Click to see who’s who!
Halloween icons part 1

Bonus one of Anna as Anastasia I made earlier this year and fits the theme:

10000% Done with the Big Six

I’m extremely sorry for ranting but I have to get this out of my chest.

Istg i can’t take this Big Six thing going on. The Big Four fandom is rapidly becoming just a shipping fandom and no longer because Merida, Hiccup, Jack and Rapunzel share deep friendships because of their personalities that makes the whole group beautiful and the reason why they were merged in the first place. It’s not about shipping, alright? It’s about four people who could connect with each other because of their experiences, stories and journeys that made them who they are. 

I love Frozen I really do, but adding Elsa or Anna just for the sake of Jack or any of them having a love interest or smth is just tragically pathetic. It’s quite redundant because Anna and Elsa’s personalities just match some of the other people in the Big Four. Their appearances even look like them. Elsa is Jack. Anna is a mix of Rapunzel and Merida. It just doesn’t balance at all.

If we’re going to keep up being like this, this fandom is going to be the Rise of the Epic Brave Frozen Tangled Knights of Valour Dragons Lego Planes every single animation for the damn sake of pairings. 

We are not a shallow minded fandom that overlooks the true meaning of the reason why we became a fandom in the first place. These four people were seen to spark a deep understanding of each other’s characters. They may share different problems, but beneath the facade, they’re the same. They could see through each other. They’re good friends. And not just shipping materials. 

Yes I do consider the fact Elsa and Jack relate to each other because they both lived a life in seclusion but I just don’t think it balances the essence of Rotbtd. There’s a reason there are many things that include only four. Hogwarts Houses, Seasons, Avatar, groups like Fantastic Four, Scooby-doo, the Four Horsemen, i could go on forever. If we were to add Anna or Elsa what would that make them then? 

I know if you’re an avid rotbtfd fan nothing I say can change your mind about this but this is my viewpoint. This is how I feel whenever people lose sight of what really matters in my fandoms. I apologize if i am overreacting or pondering about this thought too much. But I can’t help it. 

You can ship Jelsa, Hicanna or draw fanart with the two girls hanging out with the big four or write fanfic about them meeting or anything at all. I’m perfectly fine with that. Go feel free. Do anything you want. But no matter what happens, they are still the Big Four. No other animation is going to change that. If you’re saying that Rise of the Brave Frozen Tangled Dragons only makes it more epic, you are wrong.

A new animation can’t make The Big Four better, because its already perfect.

I really hope you guys understand and I don’t mean any of this disrespectfully. 

“ What would they’re kids look like ? " 

It’s basically what if each of these following ships had children.

anonymous asked:

Since you are such a big Jarida shipper i was wondering what is your opinion on why they work?

I’ve made a askbox post about this before. But i guess I can try to answer more details on why ;w;….since people keep asking me in my inbox like it’s a secret only I know. 

Let’s start shall we? We have a lot to explore over. Yes, this is going to be a long answer anon, so bare with me xD. Especially for those who’ve been wondering the same.

People make this fake accusation that Jack and Merida are too similar to be together, which is not true at all. Yes, they’re both free-spirited and stubborn idiots, but that’s what makes them such an amusing couple. Jack and Merida can be in a relationship in a way that can allow them to be THEMSELVES. Which is something every relationship should have. It’s a comfort zone that is hard to achieve, because it makes them have no secrets against each other, or their feelings; besides maybe being in love until the last minute. They’re not overly sweet or romantic people. They can flirt in a way that gives them permission to tease and poke fun at the other. True, there may be times of tension, but that’s what makes them such a refreshing duo. Jack is very patient and clumsy in a way that he makes trouble wherever he goes. Merida is stubborn, and selfish at times, that makes her hard TO control. 

Let’s think about it this way also. These two aren’t the type of people who would JUMP into a relationship. They’re the type to test the waters first and pretend they have no effect in being in love. Jack is very playful, while Merida, she just wants someone who can be her friend first, not think of her as a wife or even a lover yet. Jack could literally wait for a girl like Merida to be ready for something like that. The guy waited for 300 years to be seen and be believed in, while Merida, all she wants is someone to wait and be patient with her. People think Jack won’t be able to handle a girl like her, or find her a pain, but that’s quite the opposite. Honestly, every couple have their shares of thinking the other is a pain in the ass. It’s what being in a relationship is ABOUT. Someone who can make you feel weak, but strong at the same time. Who can expose you and make you change. Who you don’t have to be afraid in allowing yourself be who you are with. 

These two have such a strong chemistry and chance in showing that. Even if modern times, or they knew each other since they were children. Jack and Merida would challenge each other, and try to win over the other in proving to be the best, until one of them might lose the other that they realize it’s not worth it. As kids, Jack and Merida would even be the sweetest childhood/best friends ever before growing older and having something complicated grow between them. 

One thing I notice with Jack, he always gets shipped with attractive female characters, not saying Merida isn’t attractive, because she’s BEAUTIFUL. However, because of her tomboyish exterior and lack of ladylike appearance, people might think she’s not good enough for a handsome stud like Jack. For, Jack is the pretty boy type that all the girls fawn over, i mean, we can’t blame Tooth for crushing over the guy. But that’s also what makes this pair so unique, especially on Merida’s part. She wouldn’t be the one willing to admit for falling for a guy like him, given his reputation. She would deny it as MUCH as she could, feeling she’s too good to lower herself. Even so, this is something that will probably draw Jack to her, because of her stubborn character and the fun and challenges she brings into his life. 

Moving on to other reasons.

Jack has a lonely past, and had a family long time ago, something which is longs for again. Merida, on the other hand, grew up with a big family, nearly tearing them apart and losing them because of her selfishness. I think Jack needs a family like Merida’s. A father who can treat him like a son, in a way North does, and a caring mother like Elinor, who can advise him in his wrong doings. And how can you forget the triplets? They would have such a blast together, playing pranks and everything, it be hard for them not to get along. Jack would adore them to bits for that reason as well. It’s sweet and ironic too that Elinor tells Merida to believe in such magic, and spirits, something Jack Frost is, a legend. And then you have Fergus who doesn’t believe in such things, so I can also see Jack playing pranks on Merida’s father for that reason until he does xD. It’s what makes them a perfect family and him being a part of her life.

Plus, let’s think about it. Merida would probably be the closest people to believe in Jack for the fact how her mother told her stories about such things like magic and fate. She wouldn’t easily forget him, or turn a blind eye over his existence. 

These two are so similar and such polar opposites at the same time. Merida literally strives for the life Jack carries himself in having, which is freedom, no responsibility, or rules. She was actually willing to cause a war and change her own mother to have it, something I see Jack not liking; the fact being she has what he longs for. It’s what makes their relationship so complex, and yet perfect. They can learn and grow with each other, appreciating new things from the other’s perspective. 

They can literally be amusing, sexy, tragic, and everything else mixed together into one. And the best part is, they wouldn’t have to be OOC about it. They can literally be the same person we saw them when we first watched their films, to a couple with many possibilities and challenges. They’re going to have their share of bumps, and happiness. And I think that’s what makes them REAL to me compared to other ships with them. You just got to take in all the facts that are there. It’s something that isn’t obvious but is there, which is what makes them special. Safe to say, they do have a possibility in becoming a love/hate relationship, but not necessarily. They’ll have their tension and disagreements, but that’s what makes them grow stronger i believe. I mean, look at Jack and Bunny for example. Or even OTHER love/hate relationships. Plus, how cute will it be if Merida was mad at Jack, that she call him a “Jackass”. And Jack, would have the most amusing nicknames for his girlfriend, that’s for sure. Lol, not I’m getting in touch to their cute side :3. 

Plus, with all these AU I make, it explains so more on why I ship them so hard together. They are literally the tension of best friends who can lead in becoming lovers. And that’s the thing I love about Jack and Merida, they have so many possibilities either becoming more, or not. It’s what makes them painful. It’s why you don’t see much friendship of them with other ships, because it seems like all they have is romance. Which isn’t what love is all about. It’s about someone you can treat as your family, your best friend. Someone who won’t bullshit you and will be honest with you despite the fights that may follow. It changes your perspective with each other that you never expected before. 

Their love wouldn’t be a epic one out of some romance fantasy or delusional background, it would be epic because of who they are. 

I feel like there’s more for me to say, but I’ll end it here. 


Theses aren’t my gifs i found them on google :b

If I wanted a super six. This is who i would want it to be.

I appreciate the one with Nod form Epic and i hate the one with both Anna and Elsa in it, and I have this big thing where the movie should be equal like the Big Four were. Two Disney two DreamWorks movies. With Nod being a blue sky characters it didn’t work out, but this one equals out :)

Rise of the Brave Tangled and Crood Frozen Dragons???


Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons - Suite for Piano

All the brilliant music condensed into 15’ of epicness! See how much you can pick out.

This is how I ship.