rise of nightmare

We’re re-reading “Guardians of Childhood” by William Joyce. And this first scene that features Pitch goes SO WELL with “Rise of the Guardians” OST “Dreamsand” at the beginning of movie!

We’re on team “MiM’s bad”.

We won’t believe that person who first destroyed Pirates and then—the greatest culture there ever was, would unintentionally loose four fights. He MUST have some plan!


Requested by Anonymous

Only an hour after you had fallen asleep, your best friend, Jack Frost, flies through your bedroom window.

“Hey, (y/n)…” he starts, trailing off when he sees the golden dream sand floating above your head. He smiles, leaning on his staff as he watches you dream.

It’s you and him iceskating together. Well, you’re iceskating, but Jack flies along next to you, occasionally laying a steadying hand on your waist when you stumble. The real Jack smiles at the dream, making a mental note to take you iceskating soon.

Suddenly, dream you slips, but Jack catches you, and setting you back on your feet before smiling and flying away. You watch him go, and real Jack frowns. Why did he leave?

Then he sees it.

Just at the edge of your dream, a small tendril of black sand is slowly growing. Jack watches in horror as the black sand slowly takes over the gold and dream you slips before falling through the ice. By now, your dream is completely black, and only a shadow of Pitch is shown.

You begin to scream. “(y/n)! (y/n), wake up, please!” Jack yells, letting go of his staff and shaking you awake.

You wake up still screaming, flailing your arms as you try to get Jack off of you. “(y/n), it’s me! It’s Jack.”

Then your eyes adjust to the darkness and you see Jack’s beautiful blue eyes staring into your wet (e/c) ones.

“Jack…” you start before finally beginning to cry. The spirit pulls you close, comforting you with his touch.

After awhile, he finally gets you to calm down. “What happened, (y/n)? I saw us iceskating together, and then you falling through the ice.”

You take a deep breath, and Jack kisses your forehead comfortingly. “It was Pitch. He showed me you and the others dying, and then he said that he would be back for me.”

Jack’s eyes widen. The thought of you in Pitch’s hands scares him. Heck, the idea of Pitch being back scares him.

He puts his arms around you and picks you up bridal style. “We have to go to the North Pole.”

Dreams 🌙 💫 🌟 ✨

Earth dreams are practical. Dreams of what the day brings, of routine. Nightmares of losing important & valuable things. Nightmares concerning realistic and troubling situations that can occur in the wakeful life.
Water dreams are magical or fantasy-like dreams, lucid. Nightmares about frightening dark figures or a daunting presence in the distance. Emotional turmoil nightmares.
Air dreams have a dash of idealism, brightness and futuristic glimpses. Nightmares of being trapped or chased. Mental eruptions.
Fire dreams are quick and explosive. Nightmares of falling then waking up suddenly. Nightmares of war with the self and being unable to express themselves.

Sun/Leo: bright and colorful dreams, pleasantly warm dreams, eternal and divine youthfulness / nightmares of losing the self, of being worthless and unimportant, being unable to express oneself
Moon/Cancer: lucid dreams, mysterious and nostalgic dreams. Forgotten memories. Dreams with bodies of water, reflecting inner emotions / nightmares of being abandoned or lost. Withdrawing into the womb and drowning, never again surfacing
Mercury/Gemini/Virgo: dreams may manifest in quick, breathless dreams, child-like curiosity dreams, dreams that can’t be remembered because they’re fleeting / nightmares of running away, of feeling desperate and not knowing what to do, nervousness that becomes chaotic anxiety. Virgo is ruled by Mercury but heavily affiliated with Chiron, their dreams may be bittersweet; the innocent child-like dreams of Mercury but tinged with the pain of Chiron
Venus/Libra/Taurus: dreams of love and connection, relaxation and luxury, beautiful things, rose petal dreams, serenity of the soul, being surrounded by pleasant people / nightmares of ugliness, losing oneself in chaos, of loneliness and hollowness, of feeling worthless or unloved, of destroyed comfort and security.
Mars/Aries/Scorpio: dreams of playful roughness, of passion, undomesticated but peacful wild animals, of intense attraction / nightmares of violence and being attacked, falling, people they care about getting hurt physically, physical pain, uncomfrotable heat
Jupiter/Sagittarius/Pisces: dreams of happiness, joyfulness, adventures, losing themselves to romanticism, nature, of rising mentally or physically, of the cosmos / nightmares of being contained and restricted, of being held back physically, of trying to escape
Saturn/Capricorn/Aquarius: dreams of enlightenment, of lead turned into gold, feeling in control, of feeling limitless and self-assured / nightmares of insecurities, no direction, of discomfort, of public embarrassment, not being good enough and rejection
Uranus/Aquarius: dreams of all things new, of discovering, of sudden but pleasant change, of friends, weird dreams, quirky encounters with strangers, of purpose / nightmares of fighting against something & losing, rejection/not belonging, of freedom being ripped away, changes that feel like inner earthquakes
Neptune/Pisces: dreams of water, of fantasy-like dreams, of dreams within dreams, hoping for the best, romance, spirituality / nightmares of feeling confused and delusional, losing themselves, inner turmoil, dissolving into nothing
Pluto/Scorpio: predictive dreams, comfort from darkness and seclusion, of growth and rising powerfully from inner disturbances / nightmares of spiteful feelings, death of themselves or loved ones, changes that cannot be handled, emotional upheavals