rise of gurdians

Fast drawing for photo ticket. My favorite character in Kung-fu panda series, Oogway.

Today I saw kung-fu panda 3. Second time of watching.

I love Oogway vs Kai battle scene in the first five ( I guess five…) minutes. The lightings are wonderfull and camera walking is so good. Dizzy. Good.

Finally Dreamworks arrange their stories, I think. I was sad when I saw HTTYD2′s story was not that clean…There were too much stories in one film, so it was hard to get the story at once. (I don’t hate HTTYD series. I love them! ) I felt this in Rise of the Gurdians, Home…etc. It seemed like they lost the way to write a good story-Easy to get it, and do not lost the message what they telling throughout the film. Kung-fu panda 3 is better than 2, but not better than 1. But also, the best film among the dreamworks’s recent films. And their technology of lightings, CG, scene to secene transistion is awesome. They did well to put china-or asian- character in film. I love Po, I understand Po’s dads, and I love the jade zombies. I love you Dreamworks.

So make Jade zombie necklace or choker immediately, Dreamworks!!!(which kai always had it!!!) You guys can be rich!!!!

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I want another Rise of the Gurdians movie, a prequel in where they explain who the guardiana were before they became guardians and how they became guardians. And their strugles of being a guardian for the first time.

At least for DWA to make 5 short films of the back story of each character (North, Tooth, Bunny, Sandy and Pitch).