rise for peace

  • Aries Rising: a fierce, spirited, electrifying type of beauty
  • Taurus Rising: a calming, peaceful, irresistible type of beauty
  • Gemini Rising: a bright, awe-inspiring, playful type of beauty
  • Cancer Rising: a soft, endearing, angelic type of beauty
  • Leo Rising: a glamorous, powerful, magnificent type of beauty
  • Virgo Rising: a delicate, innocent, enchanting type of beauty
  • Libra Rising: a charming, elegant, darling type of beauty
  • Scorpio Rising: a striking, alluring, magnetic type of beauty
  • Sagittarius Rising: a remarkable, charismatic, gorgeous type of beauty
  • Capricorn Rising: a captivating, ravishing, stunning type of beauty
  • Aquarius Rising: a unique, fascinating, exquisite type of beauty
  • Pisces Rising: a sweet, heavenly, picturesque type of beauty

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Jimon headcanons?

i’ve never really created any jimon content but here goes

  • simon’s been asked dozens of times if he’s okay with the fact that his ex-girlfriend and ex-girlfriend-slash-current-best-friend are getting married. and he is!!
  • he’s assured clary and izzy that he’s not jealous, but simon doesn’t exactly think they believe him.
  • ergo, thus, therefore! the only course of action is to show up to their wedding with a hot date !
  • this is a lot easier on paper. calling his other ex-girlfriends would probably be a good place to start, but he can’t. maia is out of the country with lily, and maureen already has a date to the wedding: rebecca, simon’s sister. #awkward
    • he knows that you can’t turn people gay, but it’s still a bit of a blow to his self esteem that all his exes are dating women now
  • anyway, his remaining list of hot, single people is pretty short
  • he’s not thrilled that jace is the only person left to ask, but not exactly disappointed, either
  • jace looks so happy when simon asks him to the wedding that he doesn’t finish his sentence, swallows the part where he was supposed to say it was to show clary and izzy he’s moved on.
  • simon feels a little bad about stringing jace along, at first, until jace shows up at his door on the day of the wedding with a sloppily tied bowtie and a 100-watt smile, and simon realizes that he wants this, too
  • it’s a beautiful wedding. luke and jocelyn give really nice toasts and no one mentions the fact that maryse and robert didn’t make the trip from idris
  • after clary and izzy have been pronounced wife and wife, they all dance for hours. simon lets jace lead; it seems like what captain america would want.
  • (”does this make me peggy carter?” “who the fuck is that?”)
First Child (cuz i suck at titles) :P

Flicking an ear, Inuyasha heard shifting in the room. One golden eye creaked open. He would’ve groaned in exasperation if it weren’t for the only sleeping occupant in his home that he had built with the villagers. He looked over at his wife in the darkness. Light had barely crept in the windows yet and the birds were making their morning chirps and calls, telling him it was the hour to rise.
It was peaceful for the moment. His wife has finally caught more than two consecutive hours of sleep. Each time, all he could do was make sure she was comfortable, her back snug against him as she fed the whiny pup every few hours. He didn’t need the sleep anyway. A few hours every once in a while was enough to rejuvenate him, and he would deal with it for as long as he had to.
Kagome’s body was still changing, according to Kaede, her belly contracting back to its old size ever so slowly. It was painful but normal, but if he’d known this process that she would endure … No. There was no way he could’ve accepted being married to her without doing the activities they did, which, on occasion, would produce their offspring. He didn’t regret it, any of it, not one bit, and never could. He shook his head at the thought, pulling his attention back to the shifting of blankets nearby.
He wasn’t sure if the baby would understand any youkai things yet. When she was born, he was surprised at the softness of her skin. He was surprised at a lot of other things too, and that didn’t even include the dark ears that peeked out the top of her head amidst the super soft black locks. He was surprised at how responsive she was to her surroundings, instantly quieting when she heard someone’s voice until she got hungry and cried for her mother, of course.
When he heard her begin to whimper, he slowly got out from his shared futon with Kagome, hoping he could make it to their child before she would wail and wake up her protective, sleepy mother. Not bothering to fully stand, only to have to bend down again, the shirtless hanyou edged over on his knees towards the sound. He found her twisted up in the blankets near the wall, towards the end of their futon. Her legs kicked about as if she were stomping the air. She had spit bubbles oozing from her small smiling lips.
He had no idea that a child could make so much loud noise without even opening her mouth. He found that out the other day when she became fascinated with his hair. She was a grabber all right. He sighed at the thought of even possibly cutting his hair. He put up with having it up in a tail on hot days when he was working in the fields with the other village men. He even let Rin braid it ONCE, but cutting it? He didn’t have a sensitive scalp or nothing, but who knows how long he’ll being having his hair pulled? Years? Kagome had already said she was going to cut hers next time she wasn’t busy with the baby or sleeping, which could be a while. After all, there was no “formula milk” to switch the baby to, like they had in her era, and it won’t be until next spring till they could possibly get the baby on to mushy foods. She’ll be breast feeding for longer than her mother had for Souta.
At the sight of him, she gave an open smile. No teeth yet. Though he imagined her canines would be coming in long before the others. He sniffed her belly, checking her without peeking to look. She smelled clean, though he already knew before he’d even abandoned the warmth of the sheets. He just enjoyed her giggles when she felt his exaggerated exhale on her skin. She thought it was funny for some reason.
A sudden jolt shot through him. As he remained completely frozen, as he had learned previously that quick movements would upset the pup beneath him, he realized that she had grabbed his right ear. Her tiny stubby fingers pinched it slightly. He had refused to let Sango’s children even near the child, in fear of them going after her ears, but now he was debating if she was old enough for him to demonstrate just why he was protective of her ears in reprimand of touching his. However, the thought drifted away when he gave a soft whine and she let go. He sat back. Perhaps she was even more perceptive than he had expected. Her puppy ears were still droopy and Kagome would go on and on cooing at her about her cute floppy little ears. It hasn’t even been a year since the day he swears his hearing was permanently damaged somewhat by being next to Kagome as she yelled for him to “Get this baby out of me now!”
He had simply remained calm as Miroku had instructed him before, holding her hand and offering encouragement here and there before she told him to shut up and he did. Miroku had told him that what was most important of all was to do whatever the lady wishes within reason.
Towards the end, when he had felt his demon rising at the strong scent of his mate’s blood, she had asked him to wait outside. When he had refused to leave her side, she grasped her hand from his grip and sat him. They told him later that Kagome had become afraid since his demon marks had appeared and his eyes had tinged red.
His marks had never dissipated since then. When Sesshomaru had been passing through once again, Inuyasha had demanded an explanation. Apparently it was simply a sign of becoming a father. He could’ve sworn he heard the bastard breathe “congratulations” as he flew away. A squabbling and confused Jaken grasped onto his moko-moko confirmed it.
Hearing her shifting around again, his mind returned from those memories. Her arms were reaching toward him, fingers wiggling.
“Alright come ‘ere you.” He whispered with a smirk. She made that gasping open-mouthed happy sound that all babies make as he pulled her to his chest, arching his neck back slightly so that he could watch her.
In her weird baby musings, she stared at him and he stared back with a gaze full of love. He didn’t even flinch until she did something unexpected. Her small hands placed themselves on his face. One on his nose and the other on the mark of his left cheek. He was absolutely still, not wanting to ruin the moment and also because his brain was broken. Normally he could think, he could reason. But in that moment, all he could do was stare at the power this tiny creature held over him. Her hands rested there as she was mesmerized by his face for whatever reason. Her fingers pushed and rubbed at his mark.
He felt a warmth at his back and, a few years ago, he would’ve jumped at the unexpected sensation. But now, when he could become so absorbed with the little one, he wouldn’t even hear Kagome asking him to do something, much less her shifting out of bed.
Her arms wrapped around his waist since he had a baby in his face and he felt her lips turn upwards on his skin as she exhaled contentedly on his bare shoulder. She could fall asleep right there and he knew it. She’d fall asleep while standing up with the baby in her arms if he weren’t around to watch her twenty-four-seven.
A crow decided to croak right near their window and the pup’s attention whipped towards it. He nearly whimpered when the tiny hands left him. She looked all about, her golden eyes seeing more than most. He watched her attention flutter about the room, until they zeroed in on the dozing form beside them on his shoulder. Her lip started to tremble and he pinned his ears down as a precaution as he moved his shoulder slightly, trying to nudge Kagome awake before things escalated. His mate had become a very light sleeper thanks to this little one. When the pup murmured slightly Kagome lifted her head and she nudged noses with her daughter. “Good morning, you two” she said softly, still somewhat lethargic.
“Mmmuh. Mummmmu muh muh. Muummaaa!”
Kagome nearly squealed in delight. Inuyasha smiled as her wiggling hands reached out towards her. “She knows who has the goods, of course.” He chuckled handing her off to be fed.
Kagome smiled at her mate, but rolled her eyes a little, “Mama is always the first word, Inuyasha. I dunno though. She’s never touched me like that … … … Not without pinching me or sticking a finger up my nose anyway.”
As she sat, adjusting her kimono, he crawled around behind her and dragged her into his lap once again. The whole time she suckled though, her big golden orbs were latched on him, and he was pretty sure Kagome was right.

I’m sorry it was so good I didn’t wanna rush it as the plane was taking off! So yeah they say “write what you know” so I did. My sister’s first child came to visit this weekend and little Kelly became so absorbed with me! Oh gawd she was so cute. I haven’t dealt with babies in about 10 years (which is more than half my life), so I HAD TO WRITE INUKAG OMYGOD THIS WAS TOO PRECIOUS. YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THE URRGGGGEEEE!!!

Libra and Their Rising/Ascendant

Libra with an Aries rising/ascendant seems like a firecracker, is extroverted, and dynamic but then has a softer, more elusive core. They want to dominant the social sphere and needs plenty of attention and confident boosters.

Libra with a Taurus rising/ascendant is highly likeable, attractive, and is the best host. They see the world through calm, level-headed lenses but is also cautious about relationships.

Libra with a Gemini rising/ascendant spreads the word faster than anybody, thrives in the social world, and always speaks their mind. They truly experience the world through human connection and communication.

Libra with a Cancer rising/ascendant has a peaceful aura, seems a bit mysterious at first, and has goals that revolve around their love life. They want to make you feel but hates it when others get under their skin.

Libra with a Leo rising/ascendant wants admiration, drama, romance, and glory. They can be a prima donna, won’t settle for less, and likes comfort and luxury. They can attract others with their theatrical persona.

Libra with a Virgo rising/ascendant appears to be reliable, organized, and a person who has their life together… if that’s true or not depends on other factors. They are easygoing and sees the world as a place to improve.

Libra with a Libra rising/ascendant is highly charming, artistic, and tactful. They can talk anyone into doing anything and they can get addicted to relationships. They see the world as a place to not be alone.

Libra with a Scorpio rising/ascendant has a whole lot of sex-appeal, can be lustful, and might always appear to have a secret agenda. They see the world as a place to master the art of love or at least the art of courting.

Libra with a Sagittarius rising/ascendant explores the world through many different types of relationships. They are quick to get to know others and easily gets caught up in the freshness of new people or relationships.

Libra with a Capricorn rising/ascendant is a more grounded Libra, they are reasonable, wants people to trust them, and seems fair. They let others come to them on their own time and is good at giving advice.

Libra with an Aquarius rising/ascendant can seem a bit radical at times, has charisma, and won’t turn down telling a story or gossiping. These guys make their own social rules and norms.

Libra with a Pisces rising/ascendant has a poetic and even dreamy exterior, they spout charm, and is easily impressed by others. They appear to be super laid-back, doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but has a subtle manipulative side.