rise as we rage

Pandora opened the box
and let evil rampant
Eve ate an apple
and fell all of men
Persephone hungered for power
Helen made war for her love
Cleopatra reigned immortal

They wept for Icarus
But shed not a tear for Medea
So she burned them to the ground, and god,
How she burned

History reviles us
And why shouldn’t it
It was never ours

We, the scapegoats blamed for the cruelties of unfit
Gods and pathetic men

We inherited the ocean and all her rage
We will rise from the ashes of the fires you set
We will crumble your kingdoms and build our own
We will rule with iron fists and open hands,
Wearing pearls and battle scars

We, the girls who sleep with knives under our pillows
We, with diamonds on our knuckles and blood in our mouths
We molded the past
We are the future
—  the boy always said my teeth were too sharp for my pretty little mouth
so i ripped him apart and kissed him goodnight
// s.b. (via inkedknuckles)
If you listen closely, you can hear it; your heart trying to break free. It pounds away at the cage containing it, every single second of the day, following while simultaneously denying natural order. So don’t you dare tell me that humans were meant to submit to a higher being while staying still and meek, don’t you dare tell me to be silent. I was not made to bow my head and smile when ordered to. I was made to create hurricanes and arouse curiosity. I was made to love as I see fit and live how I want. We aren’t flowers to fall apart at the winds whim and bend whichever way it blows. We rage against the winds and rise when we fall. We are strong, it’s time we start believing that.
—  oscarsins
Dangerous Liaisons Teaser

Coming up in the next chapter, Eric finally discovers his unknown obstacle when it comes to Jade :)….

“Because a decision I make for my own fucking body, is none of your Goddamn business, that’s why!” I scream, feeling white-hot fury sear through me. 

Eric glowers at me incredulously, rage twisting his features. “None of my business? How the fuck is this none of my business? You’ve been lying to me for months-” he snatches a plate sitting on the counter. I jump as he spikes it on tile floor, shattering it into a million pieces. 

“-and you dare to say this is none of my fucking  business?” he roars. 

Fire begins to burn in my eyes, as I feel my wrath rising. Confusion battles with rage, as I have no idea why we’re even having this argument…this isn’t something he should be upset about…and it’s not his decision anyway. 

“What….was that supposed to scare me? You’re so fucking pathetic. But you know what, let me try it…” 

An almost maniacal laugh escapes me, as I snatch an empty beer bottle on the counter. Hurling it with all my might, it crashes on the wall behind him. 

“Oh, is that how I can get what I want? Throwing things like a fucking toddler? Are you afraid of me now?” I snarl, as Eric shields himself from the spray of glass raining down on him.  

His face is mottled with rage as he finally looks up. Our collective fury radiates in an almost physical force around us, as we face off. My eyes narrow as my fists clench at my sides, as Eric’s chest heaves in anger. 

“How long Jade? Why’re you taking it? How are you even getting it?” he demands .

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And then, in brilliantly emotional animation, Edward screams in rage as we see all seven Homunculi rise up and pass the screen by, ending with Father, looking pure and clean compared to this fantastic artstyle…

And then the Dwarf version of Father appears in front of him. And in his eye, we see the reflection of all five Sacrifices. Edward, Alphonse, Izumi, Hohenheim, and Mustang.

Boy. If I saw this when I was still watching the show, I would think something really bad would happen to Winry. Well, technically, something bad did happen.

I’m not sure if I would have caught on that the true form of father here wasn’t just the Dwarf in the Flask form, but I do think I would have realized that all five of those Sacrifices together cemented who would be sacrificed.

To those who say our lives won’t be different post-election? Our lives already are different. We have lost family. We have a heightened fear of coming out or staying out. We are facing elected officials and members of their transition team who have said clearly and repeatedly that we should not be entitled to basic human rights.

To those who counter our fears by saying that words are not the same as actions? Words fuel action. Words incite action. If a person in a position of power has expressed that women are pigs, that Muslims should be sent out of our country, that disabled people are to be used as a joke, others in our country hear that message loud and clear. Even in the impossible scenario that the person speaking those words weren’t to ever act on them, those words have already acted as a catalyst for the actions of millions of others. Words are powerful.

It is also possible that those who say we are overreacting are afraid of what our reactions might mean, what they might do. This is where the truth lives, because often sadness and fear mix together to form a rage rising up inside of us — a rage that we can harness, collectively, to demand better.

—  What Scared Young LGBT People Need To Hear Right Now | Kristin Russo for BuzzFeed 


All of Hindu and classical Zen literature is full of the principle of reclaiming power - taking whatever energy we are given and altering it to its opposite component. For example, pleasure and rage are two coexisting potentials in the first chakra. By allowing ourselves to experience the ecstasy of “hedonistic” pleasure, we actually create the synaptical capacity for converting rage. Then when rage rises up within us, we can move that energy, that rage, into the pleasure center by tilting the pelvis slightly forward and moving the energy up. It is then used to regenerate our bodies instead of causing destruction. One of the classic Tibetan drawings of the chakras has a yin and yang in each chakra; this drawing is a precise representation of the refocusing of power and allowing it to turn back into its opposite, should one choose not to use it in its original form. In this way, there is no suppression of power. It is a much healthier process.

It often seems that there is no appropriate place for expressing many kinds of feelings. To avoid experiencing those feelings in the second chakra, many of us tend to hold back the power of the first. The result of this suppression is a first chakra that runs counterclockwise. By running this chakra backward, we do not lose those unexpressed feelings but keep them suppressed. As a result, we do not have access to their power. In other words, instead of sending energy up the system, it is dissipated into the ground. We are losing a vast amount of energy and power. If we can turn the chakra around, then energy will again begin to flow appropriately, giving us access to our power once more.

Power is ours, but to understand it we have to use it. “Use it or lose it” is a contemporary adage that applies here. This cannot be an intellectual process; we have to feel the fire, use the power safely and wisely. We must be conscious of how and where we use it, and while doing so, we must also give that same life force back to others. We have to allow others their own power and their own use of it. Until each of us has more power, the success of one will threaten another. We can change this dynamic if, in our success, we empower others, particularly our friends, by giving them energy. This is the secret to energy work. We must always remember that the universe is the source of unlimited energy. This source is inexhaustible, and we can always tap into it to keep ourselves from being drained by others.


So I’ve had this thing in my head for a while, that I wanted to draw all the Warcraft mothers I could think of easily, doing mother things. Since Blizz seems to have such a problem with moms even existing, there are very few that are still alive and have any sort of story. Blizz seems obsessed with father/son relationships at the moment, so I wanted to show some mother… also son relationships. They’re all sons. Only boy children born on Azeroth. :\ Just realized that.

First up we have Vareesa and her twins, Giramir and Galdarin. In game Vareesa is so grr grr kill Horde that I wanted to show her being gentle with her children. I imagine the boys want to spend as much time with her as they can when she comes home from warring, so they crawl into bed with her.

Next is Moira and her son. I know from The Shattering that she keeps his crib in her room, so I wanted to show her waking up to comfort him back to sleep in the middle of the night. Moira seems to be a very hands on mom, she even keeps her baby in the throne room in Ironforge.

Then Aggra, the poster child for moms left behind. I really like her in the books. It’s a shame in game she is Thrall’s occasional background presence and son producer. From beta spoilers apparently Draka gives Thrall shit for leaving her behind, so, we’ll see where that goes. I hope she smacks him up the head for pulling a Twilight name combination and naming their kid “Durak”. (Durotan+Draka. Because Aggra has no relations of note to name her kids after. Hur dur, rage rising.)

And last is Tiffin. Poor Tiffin, we never really knew ye, other than you were nice and pretty and good with peasants and had a very thin skull. I like to imagine that when Anduin got crushed by the bell he heard his mom whisper that it wasn’t his time yet.

I don’t know if I’ll ever color all these. I just had the idea in my head and had to get it out and ramble about mothers in Warcraft. :\

I write this with near tears in my eyes. Not because Trump had won or because the state of the world has been thrown into further chaos, but for the fact no one had listened to our warnings. Liberals and Democrats want to blame everyone but themselves, If Democrats put a half decent candidate up, and not a repugnant war-mongering crooked criminal up they would’ve won. Blame them, not third party voters or people who chose not to exercise their ‘right’ vote. Blame them for putting a profoundly untrustworthy candidate, and not African Americans, Russia or Palestinians who were sick of this. Blame your incredibly flawed democracy, that only gives you the two party choice that allowed it to be Trump or Clinton. I’m angry because we had absolutely warned you. You laughed in the face of young communists and anarchists at the idea, but we TOLD YOU that white fascism was rising, we TOLD YOU that white rage was real and was going to turn the world upside down. We TOLD YOU that your white neighbours may smile to your face, and not have the Trump signs in their back yards but they voted for him in the ballot, just because it’s not in your face doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, but liberals were so convinced by this idea of their false unity and disposable disingenuous allism that you did not listen. And this isn’t about political point-scoring, but it’s about the fact that liberals love to compare our mobilisation and support of violent resistance to Nazis. The very people who fight against them the most, the ones who show up at protests the most. And now look what happened. The choice was between a sexist racist bigot and a woman who caged black people like animals in their millions, bombed and deported brown people in their millions and has decades of political corruption and sabotage in her past. This wasn’t an option. We have to make racists afraid again, we have to make them FEAR. Black panthers, brown power, yellow peril, all these political groups in the past taught you that this non-violent shit will get you killed. This is not a question. We have to hold our younger brown and black brothers and sisters and protect them. Protect them from the fear of persecution, deportation and rising attacks against minorities. You cannot afford to go into a four year political hiatus again, and only get mad during the presidential elections. Continue fighting. MOBILISE, MOBILISE, MOBILISE. It doesn’t have to end here unless you allow it to, and we can continue to go up from here now that everyone who was sleeping on fascism finally know it exists. We have to create a radical alternative to this, we have to have better representatives, we have to mobilise for men like Corbyn or even people far more left than him. It’s in our hands.


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∟The Rage Of Caliban [1x06]
With the rising darkness, we got to stop this thing before it has a mind to kill again.