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Love Live! Ships Wallpapers! (P.2)

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🔮✨☕ Feel Better Tea Spell ☕✨🔮

For when you have general aches & pains or a slight cold.

🍵 1 part Rosemary (aches & pain relief)
🍵 1 part Fennel seeds (pain relief, digestive aid)
🍵 1 part Chamomile (nausea, helps calm you down)
🍵 1 part Eucalyptus (congestion, mood lifter)
🍵 optional: sweetener (honey/sugar/agave)

How to:
☕ add all ingredients into a strainer/tea bag and pour boiling water over them, steeping 5-10 min
☕ as it steeps I like to imagine all of the good stuff from the herbs seeping into the water, filling it with my intent to feel better. (If you’re into verbal spell work, I very much enjoy @awakenedchaos “Universal Healing Spell” chant.)
☕ remove strainer/bag and add sweetner if you wish, stirring clockwise
☕ as I see the steam rise before my first sip, I thank my deity for the relief I will be given.

✨Snuggle up in your favorite cozy blanket and enjoy!✨

‘Morning Coffee’

Even in modern au, Cullen is an early riser. Up before the sun, he sets out and acquires his fuel, his go-to, his blessed morning coffee. There’s nothing quite like the first cup of the day.

He’s at the door when the shop opens, always the first in line. The baristas know him by name and have his drink ready when he walks to the counter. There’s a quaint little park near the cafe he’ll often find himself strolling through just as the sun is rising. He takes a sip, watching as the first rays of light peek just over the horizon. It’s reliable, reassuring even. His morning ritual that he wouldn’t have any other way.

"A what?" ||| Dad Sirius Black

(Y/D/N)your daughters name (Y/S/N) your sons name


You sat in the kitchen, a mug of hot apple cider in your hands watching the sun rise. You took a small sip, smiling into your cup as a soft voice filled the house.

“Father’s be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do,” Sirius sang quietly from down the hallway.

 You stood from your seat, slowly making your way to the nursery. Standing in the doorway you watched your husband cradling your daughter, singing her back to sleep. He swayed on his feet, rocking her gently as he continued the song.

“You’re amazing with her,” you whispered to him as he laid her in the crib, turning to leave the room.

“I’ve always had a way with women you know,” he teased, pressing a kiss to the side of your head. You shook your head, laughing lightly.

“You’re a dork,” you decided, looking up at him fondly.

“You love me anyways,” he smiled, his grey eyes filled with love.

“That I do.”

“I bet you ten galleons they end up dating,” James nudged Sirius, the two of them watching Harry and (Y/D/N) race each other on the toddler brooms. You rolled your eyes, sharing a look with Lily.

“Men,” she huffed, smiling the entire time.

“I bet you ten galleons Harry ends up with Narcissa’s boy,” Remus snorted, everyone erupting in laughter as James spluttered.

“He will not! If he ends up being gay that’s fine but not with a Malfoy!” James rambled, his eyes wide.

“I can see it Moony,” Sirius laughed, stepping out of the way as the children flew by just a little too close. “What do ya think Y/N? Maybe (Y/D/N) will settle down with a Weasley if we’re lucky, Molly makes the best pies!”

“Oh a Weasley pie at every occasion,” Peter hummed happily, closing his eyes in bliss, receiving a small chuckle from you.

“As long as they’re happy, I don’t mind who they end up with,” you smiled, taking Sirius’ hand in yours when he moved to stand beside you.

“Me too love,” he whispered, laying a kiss on the crown of your hair.

“Just run right at it, here I’ll go with you,” Sirius beamed, placing a hand on your daughters shoulder.

You watched them disappear onto the platform, your son babbling for his dad in your arms. Following after them, you caught sight of (Y/D/N) talking to the Malfoy boy, Sirius watching from his spot with the Weasleys. You shook your head, smiling softly.

“He’s not going to avada kedava her,” you nudged him, smirking up at him.

“I know, but I can’t help it,” he huffed, taking (Y/S/N) from you, balancing the toddler on his hip. “What do you think buddy? You think Malfoys boy is good enough to be your big sisters friend?”

“They are cousins Sirius, it’s only natural they would be friends,” you reminded, tickling your sons tummy lightly. “Not everyone in your family is as crazy as your parents were. Give your nephew a chance, would you?”

“He’s not technically my nephew,” Sirius pouted, refusing to admit defeat.

“You know what I meant Sirius Black,” you chided, glaring half heartedly at him through your lashes.

“Mom! Dad! This is Draco, we’re cousins, did you know that?” (Y/D/N) smiled up at the both of you, a very nervous Draco standing behind her.

“Hello Draco, I’m Y/N and this is Sirius,” you greeted warmly, shaking his offered hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, mother told me you were good people to make friends with,” he admitted, causing a bright smile to break out across your face.

“Did she? Where is your mother anyways, I haven’t seen her since we were in school,” you gushed, remembering how nice Narcissa was to you, usually when no one else was around.

“She’s waiting with father by the train,” he stated, his nervousness slowly disappearing as he nodded towards the platinum blonde couple.

“Come Sirius, its time you mend family ties,” you decided, bidding the Weasleys goodbye and dragging your reluctant husband with you. You nodded at Lily as you passed, resisting the urge to smirk at James’ wide eyes.

“Narcissa Lucius, it has been a while,” Sirius greeted coldly, earning a nudge in the ribs from not only you, but your daughter as well.

“You have raised a very polite boy,” you praised, smiling down at Draco before turning back to the couple before you. “Wouldn’t you say its time we put the past behind us, if nothing else for the sake of the children having the chance to know each other?”

“You are still a dork Y/N,” Narcissa laughed, both men gaping at her. You tried to hide your amusement, the sides of your mouth quirking up.

“You’re just as I remembered,” you said fondly, pulling her in for a hug. “It’s been far too long.”

“Blame these two idiots,” she snorted, gesturing to Sirius and Lucius, who were still in a state of shock. “Honestly, you think they would learn how to get along.”

“Well dads going to try, right dad?” (Y/D/N) spoke up, staring up at her father with a very familiar look. The look that dared him to disagree.

“R-right,” Sirius spoke slowly, furrowing his eyebrows in confusion. “Um, you did good with the kid Lucius?”

“Your children don’t seem nearly as bad as you were,” Lucius allowed, wincing when Narcissa smacked his arm. “Right, maybe we can get drinks after this?”

“Count us in!” James cheered from behind you, Lily and Harry in tow. You rolled your eyes, waiting for the other two to catch up.

“We’re kind of a package deal,” Sirius shrugged, glancing over his shoulder as Remus and Peter walked up.

“Just like the old days huh?” Lucius laughed, clapping Sirius on the shoulder. “I think I can make this work, why don’t we get the children off to Hogwarts first eh?”

You began your goodbyes to her, kissing her forehead lightly as you pulled away from the hug. “We love you very much (Y/D/N) regardless of what house you are sorted into, understood?”

“Ugh mom I know,” she huffed, rubbing the place you had kissed her with annoyance.

“We mean it, make sure you write everyday and don’t break my detention record,” Sirius advised, ruffling her hair lovingly.

“Dad, stop,” she whined, dragging out the vowels. He chuckled, removing his hand. “I love you guys.”

“We love you too darling,” Sirius smiled, pulling her in for a quick hug.

You both watched her run onto the train, Lily finally releasing Harry who followed after. You leant against Sirius shoulder, sighing happily as you watched the train pull off, your content feeling only being interrupted by (Y/S/N) grabbing a fistful of Sirius hair and yanking, causing him to yelp. You let out a loud laugh, slowly untangling his fingers.

“My boys,” you giggled, shaking your head. “You two will be the death of me.

"She’s a what?” Sirius barked from his spot on the bed, his eyebrows disappearing into his hairline.

“I know it’s not Gryffindor, but you’ll be fine,” you teased, crawling onto the bed and into his lap. “Slytherin was my house too love, I’m not sure why you’re surprised.”

“I just, (Y/S/N) better be a Gryffindor, I can’t be the only Gryffindor in the family!” Sirius pouted, his bottom lip protruding slightly.

“My poor baby,” you cooed, dipping your head down and peppering kisses across his neck. He gripped your hips gently as your lips ghosted his sweet spot, a small smirk forming on your lips. “Do you need cheering up?”

“Yeah, cheering up, definitely,” he mumbled as you rocked your hips forward gently, brushing against him.

“Pancakes then?” You pulled back, smiling down at him innocently. He gaped at you, betrayal evident in his eyes. “I’m just teasing you dork, ravange me dear husband!”

“Anything you wish my lady.”

My younger brother finally started reading Red Rising last night after me trying to persuade him to give this series a try for approximately six months. By this morning, he was halfway through Golden Son. He is now, by my estimate, about 30 minutes away from finishing Golden Son. So I have, naturally, taken this opportunity to pluck Morning Star off my shelves and hide it.

Some Lily Evans things:

watching the sun rise at the kitchen table, sipping tea, dipping your toe in the water to test the temperature, knee high socks that won’t stay up, cable knit sweaters and leaves in your hair, gel pens and a new journal, a map pinned to the wall with all the places you want to go, lists on the back of receipts;  books to read and baby names, closing your eyes when you laugh, hating the way your voice sounds when it is recorded, leaves tangled in your hair, cherry stained lips and sweet shampoo, freckles on your stomach and dreams of collarbone kisses, rage as fierce as your smile and a heart that won’t back down. 

i’m just kinda imagining the Shadowbinder throwing a bunch of Nocturne eggs out into the flight rising community and while everyone scrambles over them she’s just sitting next too the flight rising server box sipping soda and watching and she just looks at the server and pours her soda out on it

After everything, after all the tears I fed the earth and the secrets it has kept in return. After all the people I have lost and memories I have found. After all the broken pieces of me that still wonder why you are no longer around. I still think that there is someone really amazing out there who wants to know me better. In fact, I am certain they are watching the sun rise, writing words, and sipping tea. Probably wondering what it would be like to love someone like me.
—  3am by jwjb