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The restriction of LGBTQ+ videos on YouTube isn’t only affecting those content creators, it’s affecting those people who watch them.

Those people, many of them children, watch LGBTQ content because they feel connected to these people. They look at these content creators, look at what they’ve struggled with, look at how they can help themselves, and look at how that it really does get better.

At home, they may not be accepted or they are fearful of what would happen if they came out.

I haven’t come out to any of my family except my mom and even still, I haven’t gone into detail with my sexuality with her. She’s the most caring person I know but she just doesn’t understand. Maybe one of these kids feel like me. I have overly religious family members and the only ones that would understand would be my cousin and maybe my two younger siblings.

LGBTQ YouTubers are what helped me come to terms with who I am like Tyler Oakley, MilesChronicles, Gigi Gorgeous, and many many others.

They are what helped me see that I don’t need anyone’s approval and acceptance but my own.

If you’re reading this and are feeling depressed or anxious or confused or whatever, message me. I know what it’s like to struggle. We stick together in this community.

Rick: *Meets Jessie, Starts Having Feelings For Her & Contemplates Killing Her Husband*

Shane: *Rises From The Dead*  I, as an artist who respects creative integrity and intellectual property, I am disgusted at how much you have copied me. Do you not have ANY value or respect for originality??? You’re a laughing stock. It’s cheesy, It’s disgusting, I personally find it artistically atrocious.

Nowhere to Hide

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SUMMARY: Sam Winchester has known his share of heartbreak, he lost his fiance in a house fire. He moved back home to help his brother with the family business but he won’t let anyone get close to him. Y/F/N Y/L/N was finally free from an abusive relationship or so she thought. One night while driving home, he sees the remains of an accident. Sam rescues a beautiful, unconscious woman from the suspicious looking car wreck and the first chink in his armor appears. When secrets are revealed about her it brings Sam’s protective side roaring to the surface. He swore he would never love again, but will this timid, broken woman heal his heart. Will they rescue each other?

PAIRING: Ex-wife!Reader x Ex-husband!Shane Walsh

WORD COUNT: 601 (this will be the only short, short chapter)

WARNINGS: Language, Mentions of past domestic abuse, mention of rape, vague mention of future domestic violence

A/N: This is the first part of my new SPN AU, “Handle with Care.” I have had this idea for some time now, especially with Season 12 starting out like it did and how as usual everything that happens to Sam is pushed under a rug (that’s a different post altogether :P) This story is going to be very dark in places, I will tag it appropriately though, because I know there will need to be trigger warnings. I did “borrow” a character from TWD, but he was the only one douchey enough to fit the part. I’m not sure how long this story is going to end up so I hope you all stick with me till the end. It will be a slow burn for Sam and Reader though.

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Bitch. His hand crumpling the paper he held in his fist, he couldn’t believe that she had done it. Divorced him, while he sat in prison serving the sentence for domestic abuse, rape and for assaulting the prick cop who had tried to stop him from disciplining his wife. He closed his eyes, tilting his head back he slowly rolled his head from one side to the other, trying to loosen the tightly coiled muscles in his shoulders and neck. He knew that the release officer had handed him the divorce papers along with the protection order, just to get a rise out of him. But, Shane wasn’t stupid, he had bided his time, had gotten in no trouble, working the system to his advantage.

He wasn’t even supposed to be eligible for parole until next February, but thanks to overcrowding and his impeccable good behavior, they were releasing him today. If he was lucky, Y/N wouldn’t even have been notified, as the decision came down yesterday afternoon. He smirked at the guard as he listened to the man drone on and on about what would happen if he disregarded the protection order. It was just a piece of paper, that wouldn’t keep him from showing her what pain was.

Shane Walsh was a free man, after serving roughly 586 days in prison. He breathed in the fresh air, thankful to be free of the smells of unwashed bodies and lousy food. The sounds of normal everyday life were something he was glad to hear again. He would take the bus back to Wall, find Y/N, and then it was a matter of settling scores.

He felt his anger spike at the thought that you had left him. Hell, you should be grateful for the attention he had paid to you in school. You didn’t know how to cook, or how to keep your goddamn mouth shut, which was why he had to discipline you so often. You should have been grateful for the attention that he paid to you, period. He took you in when no one else would have, put food on the table for you, decided what you deserved. It’s not like you were pretty, hell, you were skinny, had no tits to speak of and you sure as hell couldn’t satisfy him in bed. The only thing you had going for you was an ass that wouldn’t quit and this time, he was going to take advantage of that, he thought as he palmed his growing erection. Quickly, he walked to the bus station, he was eager to be home.

Once back in Wall, he walked from Main Street to the corner of Fifth, and stopped at the park that was across the street from the house. He made sure to stay in shadow of the trees, he didn’t want to spook you, yet. The car wasn’t in the driveway, which pissed him off even more, God help you if you were driving it, he thought.

Shane settled in to wait, his anger and rage building slowly. You would be back and then well then he would have some fun. You were going to pay for the cops showing up that night, for testifying against him and for divorcing him. Once he was done with you, no man would ever want you again. He was going to make sure of that. He tore the divorce papers and protection order into tiny pieces, “Like a piece of paper would keep you safe,” he muttered, “Tonight there won’t be anything but pain, that’s a promise Y/N.”

Our Time (Rise Against Hate)

By Shane Robitaille

We’re gonna rise up against hating.
It’s our time now, no more waiting,
for somebody else to do,
for somebody else to say.
They’ve had their chance.
We own today.
Generations have tried.
We’re sick and tired of lies.
Enough with greedy politicians and celebrities,
telling us how it’s supposed to be.
We’re gonna punk rock this world,
gonna scream, gonna shout.
We’re gonna be who we really are,
tell the world what we’re all about.
Some might be offended
by our attitude and fashion,
but if they look a little closer,
they will see truth and passion.
Things might get crazy along the way,
as we break the old rules,
as we fight to find our way.
Step back and watch
as we shake the status quo.
We won’t stop until all the haters go.
We’re gonna punk rock this world,
until everybody,
young, old, near and far,
can wake up and dance
and be who they really are.


NEW MUSIC: Silverstein - “Milestone”

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okAY but imagine Shane and Ian??


-one year for Halloween, the HB and NB guys all went as each other. Ian went as Shane and vice versa. Ian thought it would be hilarious to hardcore flirt with Shane to get him to break character. The problem is Shane stubbornly refused to break character and this escalated into making out and no one was surprised. (Shane was the instigator of the kissing and now Jared owes Hana ¥500)
-two words: strip poker
-despite Ian’s seeming indifference, he actually does find quite a few of Shane’s video game facts really interesting. He’d never admit it tho
-they’ve developed a frightening ability to communicate through facial expressions alone (Hana is bffs with Ian tho so if she’s around she can understand at least half of their facial conversations and sometimes she has to scold them for being rude)
-Ian likes to mimic Shane’s accent really badly just to get a rise out of him. (Shane does that floofed-up indignant thing that cats do and it’s hilarious)
-Shane’s doodled Ian on multiple occasions. When he’s stressed out, he’ll try to draw Ian’s face from memory and it helps get his mind off of whatever was bothering him

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Prompt (s2) where karmy is in class or having lunch and karma subconciously pecks amy's lips and everybody just stares silently at her and amy is like paralized and then karma realized what she did and is like: OMG im so sorry its- I just-- stuttering and blushing and amy is like: its okay karma calm down, im okay and then shane or lauren says something like: well that was interesting

I actually could have kept writing this for the rest of my life oh my god I have a disgusting addiction to these two someone please help me…….I hope you like it :) x

“I’m exhausted already and we haven’t even started this project yet” Amy groaned as she walked out of history class with Karma and Shane. 

“On the bright side at least we get to work together” Karma smiled and Amy just sighed.

“On the brighter side it’s finally lunch” Shane added and Amy glanced over at him the corner of her mouth tugging up. Shane had become somewhat of a beacon of light for Amy in recent months and she found herself wondering how she would be handling her life at all if he wasn’t around.

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Spin Me 'Round Just To Pin Me Down//Dirty Picture!Verse

Words: 2561 Words
Characters: Amy Raudenfeld&Lauren Cooper
Summary: “Dance with me…” Lauren eventually whispered, pulling away from Amy just a little before she wrapped her arms around the other girl´s neck and pulled her towards the middle of the room. There was no resistance on Amy´s part, because this was nice, nicer than it should have been, but right now she wasn´t caring, not one bit.”

Warning: NSFW.

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