rise against song

Because you still need to stay punk during the holidays

I made a playlist of all my favorite punk rock christmas songs featuring many songs from Nightmare Revisited. sure some of them aren’t technically punk but who cares? they’re fuckin great songs

So here is Jingle Bell Punk in pretty much no particular order

1. Merry Frickin’ Christmas - Frickin’ A
2. Oi! to the World (original) - The Vandals
3. Oi! to the World (cover) - No Doubt
4. I Won’t Be Home For Christmas - blink-182
5. Yule Shoot Your Eye Out - Fall Out Boy
6. Happy Holidays You Bastard - blink-182
7. What’s This? - Fall Out Boy
8. Kidnap the Sandy Claws - Korn
9. Making Christmas - Rise Against
10. All I Want For Christmas Is You - Bowling for Soup
11. Merry Flippin’ Christmas - Bowling for Soup
12. Things I Want - Sum 41 and Tenacious D
13. Unwritten Christmas - Sum 41
BONUS: This is Halloween - Marilyn Manson (because honestly, it’s from a Christmas movie and who can ever get enough Halloween anyway?)