rise against album

So, i think we should talk about how important the black market is. It’s about damn time, i know (aaaayyyy)

Tbh at first i didn’t think much of it, obviously i was hyped that rise made another album but i wasn’t really worshipping it from the first listen. But i finally got it (like 2yrs late i know). It’s definitely grown on me, and its a work of art!
I have a habit where after i buy an album i sit down to listen to it just reading (ok singing..) along with the lyric booklet etc.. Idk if anyone else noticed but it literally tells a story of like.. Life? Almost like a battle we all have to fight. Not even just one song but the whole album. The Great Die-off is this rage you feel and wanna fight the world. Then straight after is I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore, like a realization of how helpless you feel and how difficult it is to fight. Tragedy + Time acknowledges that but tells you not to give up bc there are battles that we’ve won and it is worth going and fighting whether on a personal level or otherwise.
(im not gonna make this an essay)
I can’t believe it took me this long to make this post but yeah holy shit

signs as rise against albums
  • <p> <b>the unraveling:</b> capricorn<p/><b>rpm10:</b> cancer<p/><b>siren song & counter culture:</b> scorpio, gemini<p/><b>sufferer & witness:</b> sagittarius, pisces<p/><b>appeal to reason:</b> aries, leo<p/><b>endgame:</b> virgo, aquarius<p/><b>the black market:</b> taurus, libra<p/></p>