rise above plastics


I was shopping at Publix today (Publix is a very big supermarket chain based in Florida that can also be found in Georgia and up to North Carolina), and I noticed these in the produce section, and instantly became furious.

If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know how vehement I am about plastic pollution, so this just drove me up the wall. Why and how did we reach the point as a society for the need of vegetables individually wrapped in plastic?! Potatoes individually wrapped in plastic? I’m aghast.

Not only is this horrifying from an environmental perspective, but I also do not understand what the goal is. It’s not going to make the veggies last any longer, and it’s just going to get cut up and thrown in the trash.

This was probably my last time shopping at Publix. They should be ashamed to sell this stuff, and their “Green” department should not only get a reality check  but also really educate themselves on plastic pollution and the impacts it has on the environment, the marine life, and our own health.