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(Shared with permission)

I got this awesome picture and message from @notslightlycreative

“ I got your design inked on me! I love it so much! Thank you for being a fantastic artist and giving me a kickass spontaneous tattoo that I could get to celebrate the end of summer. Woo! ❤️❤️❤️ and thank you as well for giving us mere humans the ability to immortalise your work! “

Thank you so much @notslightlycreative​, seeing this really made me smile you are the best!

Original art “Rise above focus on science”

I'm not sure If anyone writes you poems but you deserve one

I can still taste
you with my finger
tips when I put my
after sitting on one
hand so it feels like
I’m touching someone

how we met the semester
before we fell in love
seeing something in the other
but too afraid of each other
to let those initial feelings
rise above

I remember the art building
3AM, caramel macchiato
my triple shot americano
unventilated room
and permanent marker
highs tracing on the light table
we giggled about our head
aches and that mistake
we made

antique tea sets
trees and especially

tree houses
with rope swings

that princess cut diamond
ring you wanted
but never got

every vanilla coke
every figure drawing
every bottle of Jack Daniels
following you in the dark
Death Cab for Cutie

anytime I see an old beautiful
house that should be a landmark

like that house we drove by
you want to buy
you showed me those
places that made you
who you were

cigarettes on second story stairs
that night we fell on the kitchen
floor after dancing, how we just
laid there, how we fell into love

that night in February when
we went to your cousin’s
we watched the puppet
funny man and then
we went back and we
discovered how much
in love we were

you stayed
in your room
three days after
I waited in your
dorm courtyard
like a star crossed lover
underneath an empty

I remember a rooftop we snuck
up one night so we could drink
and see Abilene like we never did

we peed in the corner together
because of the beer
we had no fear or disgust
for each other

we laid on a blanket after drinking
and watched the stars fade away
doing other things

we learned all the Beatles songs
driving around the loop
we bought a dog named
Jude who stayed
with you

we slept in cars in parks
we showed up together
closed down bars
opened uncountable bottles
whataburger, red lobster

your nerdy short outburts
of laughter and my nerdy
neverending jokes no one
laughed at

taco bell drive throughs
and all those other places
we went to

the night I broke the key
to your heart when I ripped
it from my key ring and threw
it past you into the bathroom

cops, apologies, live shows
and our anthologies I wrote
you illustrated pictures on my
heart no one has matched since

that time on my birthday the cops
the year before when I was alone
and wrinked leopard print left
on the floor

the night I showed up
drunk to get the rest of my stuff
you tried to protect me
demanded I stayed with you
we took each other
to the ground and wrestled for glasses
and keys, never knowing the whole
time that you still loved me

I did too that’s why I was drinking

I went home that night and lined
up on the side of highway I-20
and felt the eighteen wheeler wind
blow by me as I debated being
an Olympic gold medalist about
to lose a race

the look on your face in my bedroom
that summer afternoon when I tried
to kill us and you tried

how quickly regret can turn hearts
from Juliet and Romeo
to Joker and Harley Quinn

how we sped down that alleyway
slamming gears and watched the
wall approach with no fear

I was with you and I was fine
with whatever

all these billion pieces
of evaportaing molecules
that build homes in my heart
and commute to my brain
on a soul highway

how they show themselves
with simple phrases we trade
and our somewhat awkward hands

as we reach out with text messages
touching fingertips.


anonymous asked:

I hit a rough path and lost my passion for drawing... Can you help me or give tips of how to get it back? Your art is amazing btw!

1) Thank you! I blushed.

2) I know the feeling, and it isn’t the best in the world. As you might have already guessed, most people will have cases like this that rise a little above ‘art block’.

For me, I tend to get disillusioned with my art when a sort of rigidity comes to it; a tired sense that, god, this is the same ¾ profile that I always draw, all the time, in just the same way. It almost feels like my drawing hand is straight-jacketed. 

How to snap out of it? Sometimes I take a break, (which my workload begs me to do anyway). I simply don’t force myself to draw; I read instead, go for a walk or a day trip, watch a good film, casually explore different sources of inspiration. For me, if a subject captures my imagination I often find that I’m drawn back to the sketchpad and need to draw it out. It’s hard to find that desire sitting fruitlessly in front of your tablet/canvas getting more and more exasperated with pose skeletons.

If I want to be more aggressive about getting back in there, I go to a gallery with a sketchpad, a mechanical pencil and a large bottle of water. In this sense I’m privileged, as I live in London with access to all the museums and galleries I could ever hope for. Since I’ve been doing this since I tiny, I’m also immune to the social anxiety of drawing in public- I’ve been filmed and photographed by the masses as an adorable and nerdy kid too much to let it fluster me anymore.

Doing studies from masters also gives you insights into other techniques. You can start to see where their emphasis lay in the construction of faces or depth, and by going around drawing in different way to your usual method it affords you more flexibility. It’s liberating to think outside your usual box and be guided by their hands rather than your own. For me at least it broadens my horizons and my methods. 

Obviously for some people this is a classic version of Hell~! So not for everyone. If the thought of tourists giving you well-meaning comments on your sketches gives you a cold sweat, there’s other stuff. One thing I tend to do is give myself tasks. ‘OK Nerf, too many faces recently. Let’s do some loose emphasis on lighting.”

“Right-o, that’s revised. Now let’s get some anatomy in.”

Also just finding tutorials and following them through helps me kickstart an interest. If you have an artist you admire, try to see their art through their eyes and you might just find a way to avoid that particular irritation or inadequacy that you’re currently struggling with in your own work. (Need to take this advice myself, damn).

I guess it always comes down to just learning more, widening your horizons, and not forcing yourself.

That’s enough rambling. I hope you get through this! Hopefully see you on the other side~


HENSE’s Spectacular Down Under Street Art Rises Above The Rest

Amoeba-like shapes bubble across a curved, concrete structure, gracing the functional building with a playful air. The pink circles seem to dance across a yellow background, and the effect is both natural and energizing. The design is certainly an upgrade from what its canvas looked like before –- a drab row of grain silos towering above the ground. The upgrade is the work of Alex Brewer, aka HENSE, whose street art has been popping up on streets and Apple storefronts everywhere.