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(Overwatch) Things I Am Thankful For

- Symmetra being confirmed as autistic

- Tracer being confirmed as lesbian

- Tracer being in a healthy relationship with another woman

- All of the comics that were released this year

- The releases of Doomfist and Moira

- The confirmation that Genji has a normal penis

- All of the cool Halloween event items that were added this year (specifically Symmetra’s Dragon skin)

- Junkenstein’s Revenge being added to the Custom Games creator

- Mei getting her own Cinematic

- Junkrat and Roadhog getting their own animated short

- Reinhardt getting his own Cinematic

- Getting to see Young Reinhardt

- The addition of Junkertown, Oasis and Blizzardworld to the game

- The new Blizzard-themed skins theatre coming up soon

- The return of Lúcioball

- All of the cool new Summer Games items

- The reveal of Sombra’s real name (Olivia Colomar)

- Finally being able to play Junkenstein’s Revenge

This was a good year for Overwatch. Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t get me wrong, I want new lore just as much as the next person. But for me, seeing lore we already know brought to life is wonderful in itself.

Like, I had no real concept of just how tragic and inspiring Mei’s background story is. Watching her mourn the loss of her friends, then be filled with hope under the Aurora and set off across the Antarctic to help save the world, it gave her character so much more depth, and I love that.


Give me Angela Ziegler losing her parents in the face of war and deciding there is still good in humanity by training to become a doctor.

Give me a young Hanzo Shimada being told by the clan elders that he must kill his own brother, and the heartbreak as he stands over Genji’s lifeless body.

Give me Genji Shimada’s thirst for revenge as he wipes out the entire clan that rejected him, all while he is struggling to accept his new body.

Give me Zenyatta taking Genji under his wing and teaching him to love himself again.

Give me Gabriel Reyes leading humanity to victory, fighting side by side with his best friend in the Omnic Crisis, only for him to be cast aside when Jack is given the role of Strike Commander.

Give me seventeen year old Jesse McCree giving up all hope in a small jail cell on Route 66 when a stranger walks in and gives him another chance.

Give me Hana Song being thrown into stardom, then put on the frontline to fight for her country - all when she is nineteen.

Give me a young Satya Vaswani being plucked from the slums to become one of the best Architechs Vishkar has ever seen.

Give me Lúcio Correia dos Santos, international star, using his fame to rally together his fans and fight for the freedom of this world.

Give me Fareeha Amari learning of her mother’s death and the grief that fills her as she beats herself up for drifting apart from the woman who raised her.

Give me Aleksandra Zaryanova choosing to give up all prospects of becoming a world champion to fight for her country and protect her family.

Give me a brainwashed Amélie Lacroix killing the love of her life in his sleep.

Give me the usually bright and bubbly Lena Oxton on the brink of losing all hope as she flits in and out of existence.

There is so much potential within this wonderful cast of characters, and I for one can’t wait to see who we learn about next.