rise & shine!


summer is approaching gangnam quickly these days  — the temperatures are rising and sun is shining. for many of gangnam’s residents this hardly means anything at all except for longer days and less clothing, but for the younger adults this means the annual summer music festival. after all, what better way to spend the evenings than under the sun with loved ones and good music ? make sure to grab your closest friends for an unforgettable weekend !

this event will last from wednesday 11 pm bst until sunday 11 pm bst, but take however long you need to wrap up threads. remember to tag all your starters with #gnstart and to reply before making your own ! please give this post a like once you’ve seen it !

The perfect visual to match this perfect line

What the Signs eat for Breakfast
  • Aries: The Blood of their enemy's
  • Taurus: English muffins
  • Gemini: doughnuts
  • Cancer: red rum + chocolate chip pancakes
  • Leo: tears of ex-lovers
  • Virgo: scrambled eggs
  • Libra: coffee
  • Scorpio: the purest of souls
  • Sagittarius: bananas and peaches
  • Capricorn: spaghetti tacos
  • Aquarius: alien slime
  • Pisces: Fangirl energy