I have a fairly healthy obsession with the work of Cole Swavely, recent graduate of RISD’s MFA Printmaking program. I think the interest is seeded partially in my passion for pseudo-motivational posters and the like—ironic interpretations of classic mantras. Cole’s work has a militant edge to it, pulling its inspiration for workout rituals and other forms of training.

Anyhow, he now has an Etsy shop. I picked up a few prints and you should, too.


I feel like anyone who’s gone to art school has been here at some point.

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Katie Wendt

My Reading Machine

This is a video of me ‘reading’ to my professor, Ben Shaykin, using a device I created based off of the reading The Readies, a story by Bob Brown (excerpt below).

Though we have advanced from Gutenberg’s movable type through the linotype and monotype to photo-composing we still consult the book in its original archaic form as the only oracular means we know for carrying the word mystically to the eye. "A simple reading machine which I can carry or move around, attach to any old electric light plug and read hundred thousand word novels if I want to, and I want to.” My machine is equipped with controls so the reading record can be turned back or shot ahead, a chapter reread or the happy ending anticipated.
— Bob Brown, 1929

Trust me, you can consume hundred thousand word novels in a few seconds using my device.


Elise Fachon