Utopia is a game of balance that challenges you to deeply consider the choices you make and why as you attempt to construct the impossible.

Designed as a total experience, Utopia explores my sometimes naïve, but always optimistic view on concepts of teamwork and the future. The game features two opposing goals of community and self, with the option to participate in one or both and each preventing the other from reaching completion. Intended to be self aware, builders are given the option of wearing rose-colored glasses which prevent them from seeing possibilities for personal gain by hiding points for individual scoring as well as camouflaging the colors of the different players’ blocks.

When you play Utopia, there is no right way to win other than what you decide. Though it requires you to make many choices, Utopia is not a choice. Builders are asked to consider what it means when you play with or without your rose-colored glasses and the possibilities that arise when you choose to or to not to take a side.