RISD Drawings:

These are the two drawings that are part of the RISD Application. I’m applying for the Illustration program for this Fall! 

The first  (Make a drawing that uses both sides of the sheet of paper) is my view on people - a myriad of complexities make up each person, but what I can see is only ever skin over flesh over bone. 

The second is the ubiquitous RISD bike drawing, and I confess, the hardest part (to me) was the brainstorming bit before I actually decided to draw something, because any google search of “RISD bike” yields so many amazing, interesting (and intimidating!) takes, and I kept second guessing my own ideas and dismissing them as not good enough. I think that’s very damaging as an artist, to keep doubting and disparaging your own work. 

In any case, I’m rather pleased with how these turned out. I’ll be mailing them out tomorrow, and the rest is out of my hands. Or rather, the rest is some rather frantic essay writing. 

The best of luck to you all, especially my fellow uni-applicant-hopefuls! Let’s all try to not hate our own work so much - we’re collections of imagery and ideas that are unique to us, our childhood homes and stories and cultures make up a visual identity that cannot be replicated, so never feel like your art is worth nothing.

Lots of love!~

Critiques Would Be So Helpful

So, so helpful…when I’m finally getting things together.

I mean, yes I do think it’s one of my better pieces but it’s also really underwhelming.  Especially when you look up “RISD bike drawing” and see cray-cray stuff like…

External image

External image

External image