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AKB48 49th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo: Confirmed DNPs

A: Iriyama Anna (18)
B: Kashiwagi Yuki (5), Kizaki Yuria (37), Tanabe Miku (DNP)
4: Murayama Yuiri (DNP)
8: Tani Yuri (U), Hamamatsu Riona (U), Fukuchi Rena (U)

S: Goto Risako (100), Futamura Haruka (49)

N: Yamao Rina (U), Yamamoto Sayaka (4)
M: Kamieda Emika (U), Kinoshita Momoka (DNP)
B2: Muranaka Yuki (U), Yagura Fuuko (33)

H: Inoue Yuriya (48), Okamoto Naoko (U), Kodama Haruka (9), Komada Hiroka (60)
TII: Tsutsui Riko (U)

Chikano Rina (DNP)

Previous DNPs: 4

Previous Rank-Ins: 10

For reference:
2016: 30 members did not participate (19 graduations within the next 12 months of announcing DNP status)
2015: 21 members did not participate (10 graduations within the next 12 months of announcing DNP status)
2014: 14 members did not participate (9 graduations)
2013: 29 members did not participate (25 graduations)


SKE’s absolute ACE Queen Matsui Jurina standing at the 3rd row in Team S PV? Only in Sakae 48!! Make non-senbatsu as the center, put them also new face on 1st row, then put the ace and usual frontman at the back row. This is a very good movement for SKE48!!

Dear AKB/NMB/HKT, do you dare to try put Mayu/Sayanee/SakuRuppi in 3rd row? SKE already did pffft

Fyi the center of each teams, Team S: Yakata Miki Team K II: Obata Yuna Team E: Takatera Sana

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Could you help me find a Japanese faceclaim (mid-teens)? Thanks so much, your blog is super helpful!





AKB48 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo Preliminary Result (15-05-20)

1位 指原 莉乃 rino sashihara 38151票

2位 柏木 由紀 yuki kashiwagi 33426票

3位 渡辺 麻友 mayu watanabe 29924票

4位 松井 珠理奈 jurina matsui 26901票

5位 山本 彩 sayaka yamamoto 22532票

6位 高橋 みなみ minami takahashi 21900票

7位 島崎 遥香 haruka shinazaki 17921票

8位 兒玉 遥 haruka kodama 15722票

9位 柴田 阿弥 aya shibata15667票

10位 北原 里英 rie kitahara 14476票

11位 谷 真理佳 marika tani 14324票

12位 宮脇 咲良 sakura miyawaki 13169票

13位 宮澤 佐江 sae miyazawa 12225票

14位 松村 香織 kaori natsumura 11746票

15位 渕上 舞 mai fuchigami 11637票

16位 高柳 明音 akane takayanagi 11382票

17位 坂口 理子 riko sakaguchi 10516票

18位 渡辺 美優紀 miyuki watanabe 10090票

19位 二村 春香 haruka futamura 10054票

20位 横山 由依 yui yokoyama 8667票

21位 大森 美優 miyu omori 8655票

22位 古畑 奈和 nao furuhata 8540票

23位 高橋 朱里 juri takahashi 8377票

24位 森保 まどか madoka moriyasu 8313票

25位 加藤 玲奈 rena kato 8182票

26位 岡田 奈々 nana okada 8130票

27位 田島 芽瑠 meru tashima 7698票

28位 後藤 理沙子 risako goto 7566票

29位 神志那 結衣 yui kojina 7136票

30位 朝長 美桜 mio tomonaga 7069票

31位 木本 花音 kanon kimoto 7051票

32位 須田 亜香里 akari suda 6866票

33位 鎌田 菜月 natsuki kamata 6757票

34位 上西 恵 kei jonishi 6742票

35位 茂木 忍 shinobu mogi 6709票

36位 武藤 十夢 tomu muto 6652票

37位 込山 榛香 haruka komiyana 6609票

38位 石田 安奈 anna ishida 6573票

39位 加藤 夕夏 yuka kato 6515票

40位 岡田 栞奈 kanna okada 6325票

41位 田野 優花 yuka tano 6201票

42位 岡田 彩花 ayaka okada 6110票

43位 篠崎 彩奈 ayana shinozaki 6018票

44位 沖田 彩華 ayaka okita 5860票

45位 東 李苑 rion azuma 5615票

46位 加藤 るみ rumi kato 5610票

47位 磯原 杏華 kyoka ishohara 5467票

47位 秋吉 優花 yuka akiyoshi 5467票

49位 日高 優月 yuzuki hidaka 5414票

50位 佐々木 優佳里 yukari sasaki 5264票

51位 梅本 まどか madoka umemoto 5255票

52位 下野 由貴 yuki shimono 5005票

53位 熊崎 晴香 haruka kumazaki 4972票

54位 向井地 美音 mion mukaichi 4944票

55位 冨吉 明日香 tomiyoshi 4915票

56位 小嶋 菜月 naysuki kojima 4908票

57位 木崎 ゆりあ yuria kizaki 4904票

58位 松岡 菜摘 natsumi matsuoka 4895票

59位 岩田 華怜 karen iwata 4843票

60位 峯岸 みなみ minami minegishi 4719票

61位 大矢 真那 masana oya 4624票

62位 矢倉 楓子 fuko yagura 4565票

63位 薮下 柊 shu yabushita 4540票

64位 内山 奈月 natsuki uchiyama 4520票

65位 大和田 南那 nana owada 4376票

66位 江籠 裕奈 yuna ego 4355票

67位 駒田 京伽 hiroka komada 4265票

68位 宮前 杏実 ami miyamae 4244票

69位 斉藤 真木子 makiko saito 4226票

70位 酒井 萌衣 mei sakai 4218票

71位 大島 涼花 ryoka oshima 4126票

72位 惣田 紗莉渚 sarina soda 4121票

73位 北川 綾巴 ryoha kitagawa 4003票

74位 後藤 泉 izumi goto 3942票

75位 渋谷 凪咲 nagisa shibuya 3906票

76位 高城 亜樹 aki takajo 3886票

77位 福岡 聖菜 seina fujuoka 3845票

78位 竹内 彩姫 saki takeuchi 3836票

79位 宮崎 美穂 miho miyazaki 3640票

80位 大家 志津香 shizuka oya 3635票

Members who got in Top 80

AKB48 28 members

SKE48 27 members

NMB48 8 members

HKT48 16 members

NGT48 1 member ( 2 Actually if you include Yukirin )

Source : twitter n akb wrapup

Kinoshita Yukiko - BUBKA Magazine - SKE48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Special Report

The Miracle of Ajinomoto Stadium who rose from being unranked in the preliminary results.


At the time of the announcement

Kinoshita :
I did it!! I ranked at 40th! Kyaahh!!

── Congratulations! (LOL) Before the voting period of the elections ended, I had interviewed you and published that interview on our website in two parts, right?

Kinoshita : Yes. And right after that, I appeared in “Ichi kome da”, and Kaotan went on asking questions, and even I answered all the questions with my true feelings as usual. On Bubka magazine’s interview also, and on Kaotan’s Ichi kome da also, I talked about all my, you can say, frustrated thoughts!

── Was there any impact?

Kinoshita : The impact was huge. Even in the interview, since I was told that “Lets do everything that we should”, I was really happy. That’s why I had no regrets, but on the day of the sousenkyo, when they were announcing the Future Girls (Ranks 49 to 64), and when my name wasn’t called out in that category, I thought “It was no good this year as well…..”. And right when I thought that, I suddenly started freezing so I pulled up the blanket and thought “Now I wonder how many people will come and ask me my comments about this…….” and my heart broke.

── Because the names of the SKE48 members who had ranked in the preliminary results were being called out one after the other, right?

Kinoshita : When Non (Kimoto Kanon) was called out, I suddenly noticed that she had received “16000 votes”. And after that when the Next Girls (Ranks 33 to 48) were being called out, I was thinking of what to write on my blog. That I would be writing “This year also it was no good” on my blog later.
I was feeling really regretful that even though so many people had cared about me, I couldn’t make it.

── The time you thought that this is when you might be called out was at ranks 56 to 54 when three people from Team KII were called out right? At Rank 56 was Oba (Mina)-san, 55 was Furuhata (Nao)-san and 54 was (Yamada) Mizuho-san.

Kinoshita : That’s right! That part when they were calling out all the Team KII members’ names, I was just so nervous, and then “Uwaa~~ I didn’t get called”. And after some time they again called out Team KII, and I was looking around who it might be. And then they said “Kinoshita” and I went “Hyaaa~~” and because of that I tripped (LOL)

── You totally panicked, right? (LOL)

Kinoshita : I was so happy that my mind went completely blank actually. But since I could hear the cheering so loudly, my tears weren’t stopping. I couldn’t even comprehend what my ranking was also!

── Did you head towards the stage without even knowing what place you ranked at?

Kinoshita : I didn’t know it until I received the trophy (LOL). And when they handed me the trophy, there was Rank 40 written on it, and then I went “40th! Hyaaa~~~”. And I was almost flying while giving my acceptance speech.

── Had you thought up of a speech, just in case/  

Kinoshita : I wanted to make it funny and thought I should leave an impression. Something like “Even though Matsumura Kaori ranks 9th in the preliminary report, I always thought it was strange that I still don’t rank at all”.

── That would just become more publicity of Matsumura-san, so it’s better that you didn’t say it (LOL)

Kinoshita : Ah!! You’re right! (LOL) So I said “Everyone are wearing raincoats, so I am very happy”. Which is something even I couldn’t understand even as I was saying it.

── You’re right about the speech though, but wasn’t it because you showed yourself trembling also without hiding it, is why you could convey yourself?

Kinoshita : That’s right! Exactly! The biggest thing that I learnt in this year’s sousenkyo, is how important it is to convey my feelings.

Her duty, which she realised

── Until now, Kinoshita-san was “bad at showing your true feelings”, as we discussed in the interview which I took the other day as well, no?

Kinoshita : That’s right! But this time, really without changing, without trying to hide or conceal anything, I properly said all my feelings, and because of that I was able to change something drastically. And that is not just the result which I got in this sousenkyo, I was able to change something very important to me as well. That was, right after the event ended, I confided in Ishida Anna. Because I have similarities with Anna, like even if she’s selected for the SKE48 senbatsu, she doesn’t rank in the sousenkyo. That is something really frustrating and really painful, you know.

── There is this side that because she is expected to show results is why she’s in senbatsu, right?

Kinoshita : I told her directly without beating round the bush, you know. “In that cold, what did you think when you saw the members ranking in and rising up? You couldn’t stand not being ranked right?”

── ……. That was intense.

Kinoshita : And Anna said “I want to rank as well, but it can’t be helped.” And that’s why, “Anna is a person who definitely has to rank. You have to rank in and prove yourself, you know! That’s why if there’s a sousenkyo next year as well, just break out of your shell and say out the things you want to say. Because this time I understood how important that is.” is what I told her. And that is the same for the members like Miyamae Ami and Kitagawa Ryoha as well, who had ranked in the preliminary results. That’s something that I know more than anyone else, because I really understand that.

── Idols have the presence of fans who support them, right? I think that it is the first thing which you have to establish. And that’s why, you have to bring out the things what you’re happy about, what you’re frustrated about, and share the feelings with the fans. And a person who is able to do that will be loved as an idol is what I think.

Kinoshita : I really think that’s true. That’s true about the members as well, and I’m really very happy that after it had ended they all said “Congratulations!!” to me and shared my feelings with me. And Akarin also had read my entire web interview the other day, and because that was there too, she felt really happy for me.

── Suda-san stood up in happiness when you were called, right? And Kizaki-san also was crying when you were giving your acceptance speech. These scenes were broadcasted on TV, you know.

Kinoshita : We three were able to stand on the same stage! And Yakata Miki too! I’m really so happy that all the 3rd gen members who had registered to participate for the elections, everyone had their names called out. That’s why next year I definitely want Goto Risako to rank in as well! She was also saying that she will absolutely participate next year also, and this year’s one also acted like a trigger for her, and I’m really glad about that. That’s why definitely, I will make sure that she will stand on that stage next year, along with us. The girls who feel frustrated about this, I want them to focus their frustration on something. I want to change that girl’s feelings. And if I am able to do that, SKE48 will absolutely never come to an end! Because I think it is my duty to do that.

What she has regained now

── I feel like you have changed a lot since the time I interviewed you last week, haven’t you? At that time, you had completely lost your confidence and were really worried about it though (LOL)

Kinoshita : But now I’m really happy, you know~~!! Since these 5 years after joining SKE48, I have been slowly losing confidence, and now I feel that all that confidence has come back in me. Without boasting about this, I intend to make this a fresh starting line, and I really want to do my best. Now of course, there are “Next generation” members and all right? I’m not that young now anyway. But at the time when we 3rd gen members were called the “Next generation”, the amount of experience that we have piled up within us, and because of that, we are one step further than the current “Next generation” members, is what I believe.

── Because you are all still alive right?

Kinoshita : That’s right! Who are being called as the “Next generation” right now, we don’t know how things will turn out for them after this, right?
There might be members who would decide to graduate as well. And that’s why, me along with the others from 3rd gen want to appeal to the fans so that they also can say “The 3rd gen is awesome! SKE48 is awesome!” And the Next gen members should see that and think that “We should also do our best!”, I think that this is the best example that we can give them. Because with that, it will be our real victory!

── That “we’re not yet handing over this position to our juniors!”, right?

Kinoshita : Of course, we’re not! Because in this year’s sousenkyo, the people who weren’t my fans also voted with a feeling that “We can’t leave Yukko alone!” and “Think about SKE48 as well!”. And even though if we think about handing over our position to our juniors, it will be a matter of disrespecting them.

── Now I feel that we have got the original Kinoshita Yukiko back, right?

Kinoshita : In this year’s sousenkyo, being able to rank-in has really become an asset for me. It’s still a long way away for me, but when the time comes for me to move on to my next step, I will surely be able to gather the courage to work more harder when I think back of that day. It has become something that important to me. Ah~!! I feel like I’ll start crying again now~~!

── Your faucet is really leaky, isn’t it??

Kinoshita : My tear glands are broken since a long time now, I guess. They are completely destroyed already I guess (LOL). That’s why, in my own way, I want to become a Kinoshita Yukiko at who people would say that “I’m glad that I voted for Yukko”, both for my own sake as well, and for SKE48’s sake as well.

── At first what do you think you’ll try your best at?

Kinoshita : I guess it’s about appealing myself at first. My own feelings, and how I present myself. Because that was what I was always kept being worried about. Since all the uncertainties have cleared up now. Right now I feel really refreshed.

── Because I think that from now on is your real showdown, I shall keep my expectations on you. And did you go to report this to that “Girl with a small face”? (LOL)

Kinoshita : I got a message on LINE from Ogiso, you know!! She said “Congratulations! Thanks for your hard work!”. I’ll go over to meet her shortly! All the people who have kept supporting me, thank you so much! I love you!

(Interviewed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area on 9th June)

SKE48 Sousenkyo 2016 Appeal Videos Collection [ENG SUBS]

Team S

Team KII

Team E

Team KKS