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Netflix’s ‘Death Note’

So, I recently watched the new ‘Death Note’ movie that premiered on Netflix. Now usually I’m a very open-minded person when it comes to remakes, reboots, etc., but this? This was just an absolute disaster. Everything was just wrong. The writing, the acting, the pacing, the setting…all of it was extremely unsatisfying. The only decent part was Willem Dafoe’s portrayal of Ryuk, but even that couldn’t save it, especially when you barely get to see him. Not to mention his makeup work just wasn’t up to par. 

Other than that I can’t find a single thing I liked about it. Aside from Ryuk, none of the characters kept in line with their anime/manga counterparts, and most of the time the things they did didn’t make a lick of sense. If you’re gonna make an adaptation then you really need to brush up on the original source. 

Now look, I understand there has to be changes and such, after all it comes with these kind of jobs, but at least put some effort behind it. Hell, even the Japanese live action adaptations of the series made a good attempt. All in all, 99% would NOT recommend, whether you’re a fan of the original or not, unless you just wanna laugh at how godawful it is :/ 

Oh, and that 1% only applies to Dafoe’s parts.