ris's art

glazelazer  asked:

howdy! i really love your art especially the way u choose colours. any tips for choosing colours of drawing hair? maybe some brushes? basically anything ur arts just rly cool

uhh well

i use a regular SAI marker brush to smudge on the highlight colour then i use the same marker to erase the edges of the highlight

for colour picking I USUALLY EYEBALL IT AND GUESS then do what i think looks best but u can also use the base colour of the hair and put layer mode on Shade and then the highlight layer mode is set to Screen n it works fairly well for some lazy hair

Very creative theatrical poster for the Korean film 아가씨 The Handmaiden.

The film, Directed by 박찬욱 Park Chan-wook, is based on a Victorian-era novel by Sarah Waters (Fingersmith, 2002).

The plot? Lady inhereits money. People want her money. Stuff ensues.