A Not So Average Day in Brisbane City by two very funny girls and there friends!

This blog is one of those girls http://riryfish.tumblr.com/ they are really amazing and awesome people! :)

Good day in the city with Emmeline and Lily, we bought a shizload of bubble wrap, balloons and Lily got a kid’s spiderman costume, we laid the bubble wrap on the ground and started jumping on it. A few people joined in, a few others pulled out their cameras and recorded it. I started blowing up the balloons and wrote affirming quotes on them and “tasks” on the other side (:
They were things like “Smile, because you deserve to” and on the other side “Your task: Hug a random person(: ” and we were giving them to people who we thought would appreciate the balloons. The cutest one was “You’re beautiful” “Your task: Believe what’s written on the other side of this balloon.”
We got moved along by the city council and a few people got shitty at the council, but we moved along anyway. We picked up the bubble wrap and dressed ourselves in it and walked around the city and across to southbank in it. It was a great day and we made many people happy… if not confused (: 
I think we should have a national bubble wrap day. 


Dear people on Tumblr, one of my best friends http://riryfish.tumblr.com/ who is really just like my sister, is starting up a youtube video thingy with her friend. This is a video she made promoting it, you should all watch it as she is really funny and quite amazing and I love her to death (in a sisterly way), I can’t emphasise enough how awesome and amazing she is and how much I do love her… actually I guess I should say I love her to life, cause love her to death just sounds depressing! I’d rather her live then be dead! But anyway, watch this video! You will not regret it! You will laugh I promise! and you too will understand how awesome and amazing Lily is!
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Planking… Irish Dancing…. Awkward moments…. And well, some rather innapropriate noises…. this is an incredibly awesome video! You should watch it!