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MAC Lipsticks: A Starter Guide

I fucking love MAC lipsticks. For fifteen bucks, you get a vanilla scent, relative moisture, high-pigmentation, lasting color and also pure evil hot sex appeal. It’s definitely cheaper than other high-end products, too. However, every time I go to a Macy’s or MAC store I have a heart attack when I see all the colors. TOO MUCH. I’ve compiled a pretty basic starter guide to the most popular (and my fave) MAC shades, so if you are diving in you have a bit of a bright-orange-or-pink life vest:

1. Ruby Woo/RiRi Woo Retro Matte Lipstick: Best true red for dark and light skin and the classic of all MAC reds. Very matte so it does not “shine bright like a diamond” damn I make a lot of Rihanna jokes. The matte kind is the one that can dry out your lips, so make sure to moisturize before application, either with chapstick or maple syrup (kidding). I bet Rihanna wears this while smoking weed on an island in Bali, but we have to wear this while eating eggs sadly and quietly in a diner.

2. Rebel Satin Lipstick: This semi-matte lipstick is, quite frankly, my favorite lipstick of all time. It’s like rubbing berries all over your lips but in a sexy way. It’s a perfect shade of wine, which looks good on all skin tones. Don’t rub wine on your lips like I do. Soon, nobody will talk to you and you will realize you’ve been dead for years, mummified on the couch while watching reruns of Boy Meets World. What am I saying? Wine makes everything better, even if we all eventually die alone.

3. Diva Matte Lipstick: Man, Diva is a stupid word. But this lipstick isn’t stupid at all. It’s a deep, almost cranberry red. Not in the true sense of cranberry, but the color you associate with cranberry when you think of fall color schemes in tablescapes you will never manage to pull off for Thanksgiving. When I see this color, I think of meeting a man at a very expensive hotel bar, putting a gun to his back, and telling him “they’re looking for you. Come with me!” Am I good or bad? Watch and find out! You’re kidnapping Daniel Craig!

4. Film Noir: This lipstick is a reddish-brown and is exactly the kind of lipstick you would wear if you turned up dead in the 1920’s. For some reason, this appeals to me. I imagine wearing this as I enter the detective’s office where he talks about my nice gams and then solves my eventual murder.

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MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick Launches and Sells Out

Well if you havn’t logged on to purchase your own RiRi Woo lipstick from the Rihanna by MAC collection, it’s already too late. In just three hours, the MAC website will now welcome you with the following message …

Le sigh…yea I just went through it. Three hours too late, and the next shipment won’t be available until June. But in the meantime, to be the first to know when the lipstick finally makes it back in stock, you can sign up for the email list to be notified pronto.

If you haven’t checked out the rest of the goodies from the Rihanna collaboration with MAC, check it out here

Trust me, I WILL be on top of it this next time around! To all you ladies who made a successful transaction before the cut off … I’m hating lol. 

Chapter 95: Opening Night (Part 2)

Robyn stared out of the window of the posh restaurant while moving her eyes back and forth to capture the whole entire scenery. The contrast between the sun beaming through the window and the extra cool air conditioning inside of the establishment created the perfect temperature for her highly sensitive body. She sighed as a tingling sensation of nervousness continued to swirl in the pit of her stomach. She turned her attention of the half-full glass of a virgin strawberry daiquiri and she rid her mind of the thoughts to finish it off. She didn’t feel like having to get up and go to the bathroom again. Before she began to stare out of the window, she’d been tapping on the table, creating her own low budget production, for a couple of minutes. She stopped when she realized that she may have looked like an idiot while doing so. She needed another outlet to take her mind off of her bad nerves, so she rubbed her right hand over her gold bangles while staring out at the Miami streets. She watched women walk by scantily clad in swimsuits, guys on bikes and on foot chasing behind those same women like dogs in heat, friends enjoying themselves on roller blades, one or two families just walking along, and the ridiculous paparazzi that were standing around across the street waiting for her to walk out of the restaurant to give them a money shot. She wasn’t too worried about them and their hounding because Elijah, Jermaine’s security guard, came along for the occasion, per his boss’ request. Though her nerves had her feeling like she could literally crumble up into bits and pieces, she enjoyed her temporary window seat. For some reason, it made her feel humanized in the midst of the craziness that is her life.

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Chapter 45: Past and present



“Look you know I love you but this ain’t right Tae.” He said packing his luggage into the truck.

“So you really decided you were gonna break up with me right here? Right now? I knew I shouldn’t have got involved with you!” I yelled allowing the tears to roll down my cheeks.

“Baby it’s not like that! Virginia ain’t big enough to hold me anymore…. you know how much I wanna sing.” He looked down at me pulling me into his chest Stroking my long black hair.

“I know but I don’t wanna let you go. I can be here like I been doing baby! I can come see you while your on the road and everything.” I whined wetting his t shirt up sobbing harder with each word I managed to get out of my mouth.

“Its not fair. Look you gon always have the key to my heart.” He smirked touching the small gold key that hung around my neck kissing my chest.

“I love you Chris …” I whispered.

“I love you too bae.” He kissed me slowly allowing our tongues to roam each others mouths. This kiss felt so much more passionate then any other one that we had shared … maybe because it would be the last one.

Flashback Over

I reminced with the box of old photos of me and Chris that I had hidden. Ever since that day I vowed to never love anyone again especially someone in the music industry but when I met Brian that all changed until he became Kid Ink and somehow that bitch Asia got in the mix and everyone thought they were together. I hated that shit but Brian never paid attention to my feelings.i could honestly say I hated Chris for leaving because if he didn’t my life would probably be happier but if he didn’t leave his life wouldn’t be as great as it is for him. After seeing him at the baby shower I realize my feelings for this man hadn’t faded away even with the 8 year gap since the day he left me. I knew what me and Chris started behind everyone’s back especially Brian and Coochie or whatever her name is was wrong but we loved each other and it didn’t have to be right. I pushed the box back into the closet near my shoes allowing it to blend back in once I heard Brian come through the door with another familiar voice. I walked out of the bedroom to find Chris joking and playing around with B.

“Tae go sum damn clothes on!” B fussed referring to the sports bra and PINK yoga leggings I wore. I felt his eyes watching me and I could have sworn he licked his lips. It sent tingles through my spine.

“I do have on clothes!” I smirked rushing into the kitchen opening the freezer to start lunch Brian that shoulda been done for him when he came home from his early morning studio session

I could hear B come in the kitchen behind me. “Go put sum damn clothes on… I’on need no nigga to see my pussy.” He smirked grabbing my hair gently kissing my lips. ‘If he only knew.’ I thought. I kissed him back forcefully as he pushed me against the refrigerator pinning my arms up maneuvering his body between mine. I could feel his length harden up as I wrapped my legs around his body. I let out a moan as he bit my neck roughly opening my eyes to see Chris watching B caress my body. I knew he was mad by the way he stared deep into my eyes as I bit my bottom lip trying resist making sounds by the pleasure of B teasing me. Chris walked away with his nostrils flared and his fist clenched together. I couldn’t stand to see him like that so I pushed B off.

“Why you do that?” Brian asked adjusting his dick in his jogging pants.

“Because you have company … that shit is rude.” I snapped.

“He’ll be cool. I dun walked in on him and Kae fucking.” He smirked kissing my neck again. I couldn’t deny how mad I was once he said that so I pushed him again. “Damn Tae! Fuck it then … don’t come ask me for nun later!” He smacked walking away.

“Great! Now their both mad.” I whispered slowly sliding against the refrigerator to the floor. ‘What the fuck am I doing?’ I thought.


“So you really finna go back to that soft ass niggah?” Leo asked as I sat on his lap while he rubbed my belly.

“Yes … Eventually.” I smiled thinking of Trey. I couldn’t forgive him anymore that I already had but it was definitely a start. I hadn’t talk to him or Ren but then again I had shut everyone out of my life. I was ready for TJ to come maybe he could make me and Trey better.

“Why you never had my baby?” Leo asked as I moved from his lap to the sofa in the corner.

“Leo shut up. … I wouldn’t even date you!” I chuckled.

“Why not?”

“You got too much baggage love … All you know is hustle. I coulda never with loosing someone to the game.”

“You use to be in this same game Ny … Stripping like these girls.” He said looking seriously at me.

“You right but it was for a purpose love.” I smiled thinking of my father. The only snapped I loved before Trey came around. Stripping provided security for me and him after he got sick and couldn’t work.

“You don’t think they doing this for a purpose? We all do what we do for a purpose.” He spat looking a little angry.

“I know that Leo but seeing all them bills fall to your feet gets hard to walk away from over time. This shit sucks you in! And you know that!” I spat ten times louder feeling TJ move around in my belly. “Look I’m about to leave. ”

“Ny I’m sorry.” Leo said. He rarely apologized even to me and I was always his favorite even when he had a girl.

“Its coo-” Before I could let out the words his lips met with mine. “Leo what the fuck!” I barked slapping him.

“Look Nyla that niggah don’t deserve you!”

“And you think you do? Look I’m gone!” I definitely needed to be home. Trey was the one for me.


“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Aug asked for the 15th time as he laid in the bed while I got dressed for work.

“Baby yes I’m sure. I think taking the test is gonna make him realize I don’t love him nor does he matter to this family.” I smiled rubbing my belly.

“You still having dem pains ma?” He asked pulling me in between his legs kissing our baby.

“Yeah … I promise I’ll get them checked out Friday with the test.”

“This lil niggah gon be big as hell!” He smirked talking more to my stomach than me.

“Umm excuse me we’re definitely having another girl!” I giggled swatting his hands away.

“You really want another lil Seppie … I mean lil you running around here?”

“Yes me and Seppie run this domain!”

“But y’all still living outta bags at my condo cuz you ain’t moved shit outta that wack niggah house.” He chuckled. I frowned cuz he did have a point there but everything has been so hectic and drama has been everywhere we never had time.

“Shut up! I can’t even wear half the shit cuz SOMEONE is tearing everything off!” I smirked bitting my bottom lip.

“Mmmh … don’t make it sound like yo ass just be so innocent.”

“Whatever!” I smiled slowly moving on his lap kissing his neck teasing him a little.

“CoCo if you ain’t gon gimme nun don’t play.” He groaned unzipping the back of my dress.

I pushed him on the bed unzipping his pants exposing his harden length. I smiled hovering over it before kissing the tip. I loved teasing Aug like this but i always ended up making my own self horny. Gently gripping him allowing my fingers to slowly moved up and down in a circular motion.

“Fuck” He groaned as I slipped him into my tiny mouth bobbing mu head up and down. I forgot how big he was until he pushed the back of my head almost choking me.

“You so impatient.” I smirked before pulling him back into my mouth. I rubbed his chest feeling his stomach tighten up. I moved my head slower deepen the strokes my lips caused around him so he could feel each one of them be better than the last.

“Damn I love you girl!” He mumbled between the moans that escaped his lips. His keg twitched and his breathing got heavier not before I felt the smooth warm liquid hit my throat as I released him from my lips so I could clean up my mess.

“Did you really say you love me?” I giggled checking my ‘RiRi Woo’ lipstick in the mirror.

“Shut up.” He mumbled covering his face with his forearm. Yeah he was definitely finna be sleep in a sec.

“Well I love you too baby.” I smiled leaving a red kiss mark on his chest before walking into the bathroom. I hated getting sick especially after we did anything sexually related. I hovered over the toilet coughing and pressing on the bottom of my stomach trying to release some of the pressure. I tasted the mixture of last night’s food and blood.

“Co what’s wrong?” He asked coming into the bathroom holding my hair back.

“Im fine!” I slurred attempting to pull my pregnant weak body off the floor.

“Naah … you going to a hospital …. NOW!” He groaned picking me off the floor holding me in his skinny arms. “Seppie…AJ, come get in the car for daddy!” He yelled from the garage door.

“Baby I’m alright!” I fussed.

“Naah …. you carry our son. I need to know what’s wrong with him.” He smirked buckling the twins in their seats before starting the engine.


“How long have you been having the pains?” The nurse assigned to Co asked.

“About a week.” She said slowly pressing the bottom of her belly.

“Okay were gonna do a ultrasound to see if the baby is alright.” She said rubbing the blue jello looking stuff on her belly.

“I’ll be back baby … lemme go check on the twins.” I said exiting out the room.

“Daddy look we got coloring book!” Seppie giggled.

“Who gave y’all that?” I asked playing with the hair on my chin.

“The pretty lady right there!” AJ smiled pointing to a light skin women in a distance with a blue short hair style. She looked familiar but it was too far to tell.

“Did y’all say thank you?” They nodded their big heads. “Kay well I’ll be back.”

I walked back into the room to see a large lump on the screen as the nurse moved the mic around her belly.

“How you doing?” I whispered holding her hand.

“Im sad.” She smiled pointing to the screen. I looked over to see a shape resembling a miniature sized milky way.

“We having a boy?!” I chuckled kissing her belly not even worried about that jelly shit.

“Yes sir … he’s looks healthy for now.” The nurse nodded looking a bit concerned.

“What do you mean for now?” I asked looking between her and CoCo.

“Miss Mitchell needs to control her stress levels…. your only 5 and half months pregnant and your showing signs of a 9 month pregnant women about to give birth.”

“So what do I need to do?” Co asked looking concerned gripping my hand tighter.

“Lower your stress level and stop taking aspirin it’s not good for baby boy. And no more sex.” She smiled before leaving us to get CoCo’s vitamins.

“All the more reason to take the test.” She said dryly looking at the picture the nurse had captured of our baby.

“I shoulda shot thar niggah.” I chuckled kissing her lips.

“He’s taking my sex life away! Ugh! I shoulda shot him” She giggled.

“Look at you tryna be a g! I love our family.” I smirked.

“We all love you too, daddy.”


“So you telling me you haven’t spoke to her since?” My god sister Tey asked taping the boxes so I could pack the rest of my clothes.

“How many times I gotta tell you no girl!” I chuckled attempting not to show the real pain I felt.

“But I wanna know why … like she’s carrying my fucking nephew!” She smacked on the gum.

“I know and TJ pose to be hea in a couple of months if she not back I’m calling my attorney.”

“Yea … I like Ny and all but don’t fuck wit my family!” She chuckled walking down the steps. I’m guessing to the kitchen to eat again.

“Uhh bruh!” She yelled from the kitchen. I rushed down to see a short girl with long black hair facing Tey.

“Who are you!?” She snapped that’s when I realized who it was.

“Calm down! Especially when I ain’t seen you in ah week or sum!” I spat grabbing Tey talking to Nyla.

“Oooh so this ha?” Tey laughed. I always told Tey about Ny and vice versa but they never met each other til now.

“Uhh yeah I AM! AND who the fuck are YOU!” Ny asked looking from me to Tey.

“Tey … Ny … Ny …. Tey.” I introduced them dryly. “Upstairs now!” I barked at my little sister so me and her could talk.

“Cool.” She huffed walking towards the staircase.

We sat in silence looking at each other. Her looking more at me and I watched her from the corner of my eye.

“ You gon say sum?” I mumbled a little over her once she actually came back into my life. She walked towards me pulling my face gently towards her crashing our lips into each other. The kiss was passionate but it felt so unfamiliar. Shit she looked unfamiliar with the black hair and no braces.

“I shoulda told you about my past especially when you never kept anything from me.” I nodded in agreement. “I just figured why would Trey Songz want a stripper as his baby’s mother let alone girlfriend.”

“That shoulda been my option to make Ny. What I was feeling at the time isn’t an excuse for what I did but you hurt me at the time. But I gotta let the past go.” I grinned faintly.

“I’m sorry I left.” She whispered into my lips pecking them once more.

“I’m sorry I hurt you… and our son.” I pressed my lips against her round belly.