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WOCtober Teen Superhero Parade Presents: Riri Williams a.k.a. Ironheart!

(NOTE: This is an updated version of a post from last year. Riri was in so much stuff I felt it’s better to make this post once again.)

Incredibly intelligent Riri Williams got accepted to college while still a teenager. She caught Tony Stark’s attention after using several scrapped projects to build her own Iron Man armor prototype, to the point when Tony was put into a coma after a bad fight, he sent an A.I. copy of himself to serve as Riri’s mentor and allow her to take his role as new Iron Man.

Recommended Readings:

Iron Man (2015), issues #7, #9-12, #14 – Riri’s introduction.

Invincible Iron Man vol.3 #1-11 – Riri, now using codename Ironheart, takes Tony Stark’s role.

Infamous Iron Man #8-9 - Riri meets with another self-proclaimed successor to Tony Stark as Iron Man - Victor Von Doom.

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #15 and #18 - Team-ups between Ironheart and another genius girl, Lunella Lafayette.

All-New Wolverine #19-21 - Riri helps Laura fight the outbreak of an alien virus.

Champions #11 - Part of infamous Secret Empire event, but one of the actually good parts - after HYDRA destroys Las Vegas, Ironheart, Wasp and new Patriot join Champions in search for survivors. 

Generations: Ironheart and Iron Man - Riri travels to an utopian future and to her shock meets Tony Stark, Sorcerer Supreme.

Invincible Iron Man #593 - Upcoming renumbering of Iron Man series will have Riri and Doom team up when Tony Stark’s comatose body goes missing.

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Close To You - Chrianna

Here’s a quick video I made today. I’m not happy with it, cuz I havent made one in so long + I lost my old sony vegas and this version I have now sucks lol
So many people have asked me to make a video with this song, so I hope yall like it, even tho it’s not my best video.

I hope you are not too disappointed.


10/10, page of the year.

Secret Empire: Uprising was…actually pretty good. Amadeus and Nadia infiltrate Hydra’s Youth Choir and do some spy stuff, then Freelancers show up and indeed are working for Hydra for money…but all of them are already really concerned that working with the Nazis might not be their best idea. Rest of the team - Miles, Riri, Viv and Jacquin - gets to work to get Amadeus image inductor since Freelancers know him in a surprisingly tense scene, the tone is not as grimderp as the main book since the humor comes as very natural and fitting the characters…I think Derek Landy did a good job with this one-shot, hope it will open his way to work on Marvel books that are not tie-ins to events like this one.