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Citadel News

Following a brutal attack which took place in an apartment block in New York on Earth dimension 555-p yesterday, sources have confirmed that Riq IV, Leader of the High Council of Ricks is currently in critical condition and is being treated in hospital. Medical staff at the hospital have unofficially confirmed that the High Councilman will undergo a controversial clone transplant procedure at some point today.

It is our understanding that the attack was carried out by two Terroricks, but an official statement has still to be issued by the High Council regarding this. Investigations are ongoing and transmission of any further information regarding the perpetrators of this crime has been temporarily suspended by order of the Council.   

A spokesperson for the High Council has requested that any gifts, cards or flowers for the Council Leader are left outside the doors of the main Citadel Chamber and not delivered directly to the Hospital within the Citadel grounds. 

We will keep you updated on this story as further news arrives.

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