My blog is dedicated to Woe, Is Me today.

Number[S] got me through the hardest and emotionally challenging time of my life. This band and that album saved my life and many others. I when I first discovered their demos on their myspace page how amazing I thought they were. I thought it was awesome that they were from Atlanta (the city that would come to be my future home). Woe, Is Me had a way of making themselves so relatable and less like rock stars, and more like regular people with deviant pasts as well. Woe, Is Me gave me the inspiration to NEVER give up on your dreams. That dealing with living in a home with an alcoholic/drug addict was not going to be the reason I fail. That it was okay that I left my home at 15 to save myself and stay focused. I know I am going to get my degree and make it as an artist, and I owe a large portion of my confidence to  Woe, Is Me for inspiring me.  And just like I have moved forward from my past, I can appreciate that this band needs to as well.

“Well that’s okay with me I think I’ll be fine.

I don’t need a shitty home to on top of the line.

This interstate is making me the prime.

Example of what it means

to follow your dreams.”

Thank you,

Austin, Tyler, Michael, Hance, Kevin, Tim, Ben, Cory, Doriano, Andrew, Brian, Mitch, Devo, and everyone else (both past and present) at the WIM camp.

You have inspired a generation of kids and young adults like myself to never loose your flames. <3