riptv: close to home

Get a call 3AM, guess who’s on the line?
It’s gonna be you saying sorry but you gotta talk now
Cause you really f**ked up this time.
Cry out that you need my help,
That you’re breaking down, that you hate yourself
And you felt this great big emptiness
So you messed around, now it hurts like hell.
Meanwhile I’m thinking you’re weak,
I’m seeing the cracks in the logic.
Realize I resent every time we speak,
Which is all too often.
And I know that your dad was absent
And your mom sat back, let it happen.
So you spend like half of your life on your knees
And you’re looking to me for a little compassion.
All these excuses, they never stop.
Say you’re confused and I’m all you got.
I know you use me, I know it’s wrong
But when you ask me just to talk…

K.Flay | No

Dang… talk about hitting close to home.

I just got back from the Close to Home and Famous Last Words show. It was so much fun, I had a really great time! It was my first time seeing FLW and they were perfect! This was my 3rd CTH show, and they’re always so energetic and put on a good performance. Love both bands so much.

Cool things that happened:

  • I got some good shots of both bands
  • JT of FLW posed for my camera which was cute
  • I sang with Andrew of CTH for like a second
  • I got to meet everyone in FLW and tell them how awesome there show was
  • I went to give Craig of FLW a high-five but he hugged me instead c:
  • I got selfies with Andrew and JT
  • I spent a lot of money on merch O_O 
  • And probably the best thing ever, Andrew knew my name. I was looking at their merch and he came up to me saying “Hi Courtney!” Made my night :) 

I really needed tonight. I’ve been stressed to the max for the past few months because of college and work and just everything else going on in my life. It was nice to finally not spend a night doing countless hours of homework and studying. It was nice to just clear my mind and enjoy the music, while doing what I love; taking photos. I can’t wait to see them all again. <3